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12. She's Goliath. But she moved to her comfort zone: being defensive
Fri Feb 5, 2016, 08:03 PM
Feb 2016

Hillary let's us know time and again that her greatest quality is her defense. She's been in so many storms and she's fought off all the attacks, and "Look at me, I'm still standing and ready for more!"

That's not leadership.

For the first time, she has the upper hand. She's Goliath. The war can finally be fought on her terms. But she kept drifting and drifting from her spot, closer to bedrock, Bernie Sanders. Bernie's demonstrating leadership, here, and she's finding she's fighting on his terms and, as a result, been doing what she does best: play defense.

Her supporters want to make her "defensiveness" all about sexism, but she never fought the fight on her terms, she fought it on someone else's terms. That was her decision.


Because she moves away (flips and flops) from her past positions, Hillary reminds me of that guy who gets caught in a lie, and on the fly has to make up another lie to cover up the first, and so on...

It doesn't look "presidential."

I find bernie not the extreme left, about were I am would be good. FDR all the way! juxtaposed Feb 2016 #1
Same here, I see nothing at all extreme left about Bernie. He represents to me what this country RKP5637 Feb 2016 #3
it's the pie, They never show the pie... from what it was to what it is today? Wealth should juxtaposed Feb 2016 #6
In today's political climate Glamrock Feb 2016 #8
More and more people are FINALLY waking up to the ripoff that's been called equality for several RKP5637 Feb 2016 #17
Yep, there's a level of outrage that is topping the old establishments. Millions and millions of RKP5637 Feb 2016 #2
I'm left of Bernie n/t Bjornsdotter Feb 2016 #4
The system has been gamed to the breaking points. And the strain is beginning to show. immoderate Feb 2016 #5
Personally, I don't think she is the most qualified candidate ever Punkingal Feb 2016 #7
She's not the most qualified candidate ever. Glamrock Feb 2016 #11
She's Goliath. But she moved to her comfort zone: being defensive WhaTHellsgoingonhere Feb 2016 #12
I agree Glamrock Feb 2016 #14
Exactamundo. Plus, the Party's attempts Bernin4U Feb 2016 #15
Amen sister. Mind if I sit beside you? I brought popcorn - Hiraeth Feb 2016 #16
She is "over" qualified. earthshine Feb 2016 #9
If she wins the nomination, I will be giving Clinton my "qualified" support. mhatrw Feb 2016 #10
I'll agree she's about as qualified as Henry Kissinger is. last1standing Feb 2016 #13
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