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80. Yes there is a very big reason
Sun Jan 31, 2016, 01:25 PM
Jan 2016

"There's no reason why so many deep blue states should be electing so many corporatist ConservaDems."

It's called money.

In my own district a few years ago, Jared Huffman (not yet an incumbent) ran a well-financed campaign against the farther left and ideologically much closer fit to this district (one of the most progressive districts in the nation) Norman Solomon. Huffman got the slick mailers in every mailbox, the fancy signs posted everywhere, the endorsement of the local newspapers (they aren't really local, they're owned by the same giant media conglomerates), and what little T.V. time there was. Solomon had a lot of very enthusiastic volunteers backing him, doing grass-roots organizing, knocking on doors, but in the end, with a great candidate, an extremely progressive electorate, and energized support, the progressive candidate lost handily to the fauxgressive Huffman.

Huffman isn't the devil, but this district is way farther left than him, and we had a rare and excellent candidate who was unable to overcome the obstacles of money and corporate institutional support.

Our real challenge is to learn to defeat money with progressive values. Bernie's campaign is a great attempt at this. We have to stigmatize candidates accepting corporate money, and not support them, or we'll never get anywhere. Defeating money is really hard, not impossible but unless we as a constituency swear off corporate politicians, we will continue to get our asses handed to us, and our jobs handed to the most desperate and least regulated labor forces on the planet.

Unfortunately..... daleanime Jan 2016 #1
The question remains.... NYtoBush-Drop Dead Jan 2016 #118
Bernie. nt ablamj Jan 2016 #119
I love how Hillary supporters insist on framing the issue.... daleanime Jan 2016 #121
100% agreed!! nt hifiguy Jan 2016 #133
fivethirtyeight.com NYtoBush-Drop Dead Feb 2016 #166
All you need to know kcjohn1 Jan 2016 #2
Agreed WestSeattle2 Jan 2016 #23
In terms of quality, America doesn't have a two political party system, ladjf Jan 2016 #55
Well said! mother earth Jan 2016 #112
+1 kristopher Feb 2016 #158
Thank you - those of us with perspective through the years see this laziness of intellect masking whereisjustice Jan 2016 #3
"An epic betrayal of its constituency" Exactly Armstead Jan 2016 #4
I often feel like a consumer and labor unit rather than a citizen- Bernie is the cure... Snarkoleptic Jan 2016 #20
we are commodity units, like corn and pork belly. And by the way, with "big data computing"... whereisjustice Jan 2016 #68
This is one kick ass statement ... Trajan Jan 2016 #51
With roots in Oregon, I understand your frustration. Who is willing to stand up for working people whereisjustice Jan 2016 #62
Bonamici's my rep, too. Lizzie Poppet Jan 2016 #65
Oregonian here. The only one who hasn't disappointed me is Merkley. Arugula Latte Jan 2016 #87
Thank you. Best case that I've read about what's behind my dread. ancianita Jan 2016 #100
Don't worry, they'll just blame the kids for not voting. Again. jeff47 Jan 2016 #5
Those pesky kids....yep it's all their fault. Gotta blame someone Armstead Jan 2016 #8
Well, they drove my generation into apathy. Time to start on the Millennials. (nt) jeff47 Jan 2016 #9
Heck the kids in their cradles will never even hear the word liberal if ConservaDems have their way Armstead Jan 2016 #10
Oh sure they will. Notice how many of our ConservaDems like to claim they are liberals? LondonReign2 Jan 2016 #150
Yep, but the truth is it's the people who for some reason I can't figure out, are hoodwinked into trillion Jan 2016 #25
I'm sure they will give the liberals their share of blame too. n/t A Simple Game Jan 2016 #113
lol - exactly. Nothing gets out the vote by stamping out the idea of a better America. whereisjustice Jan 2016 #154
That's why I I haven't donatedto the Dem Party org. in YEARS! napi21 Jan 2016 #6
If you have billions of $ to spend on lobbyists, why buy only one party when you can buy both? GoneFishin Jan 2016 #7
Country Govt for sale: 2 parties for the price of 1! RiverLover Jan 2016 #71
Agreed, my opinion of the Democratic party has never been lower jfern Jan 2016 #11
We don't have the infrastructure that cares about the progressive ideas. Gregorian Jan 2016 #12
I hope that happens Armstead Jan 2016 #13
+trillions dreamnightwind Jan 2016 #74
Democratic Party has been investing in Wall Street messaging at neglect of working Americans whereisjustice Jan 2016 #155
Well said malokvale77 Jan 2016 #14
I sported this cartoon as my sig for years Oilwellian Jan 2016 #15
It's gotten worse. At least they pretended to care before. Armstead Jan 2016 #17
Well summed up Populist_Prole Jan 2016 #67
IMO it's worse than the cartoon portrays. The Party Leadership works for the Oligarchy rhett o rick Jan 2016 #101
Perfectly illustrates the point of the thread. Duppers Jan 2016 #123
The party is dead on its feet. No soul left whatsoever. willing to turn away millions of young Doctor_J Jan 2016 #16
Ridiculous Tea-Left HYPERBOLE. RBInMaine Jan 2016 #36
ridiculous corporate stooge response. hobbit709 Jan 2016 #48
I'll agree it is hyperbole, but there is a large kernel of truth in it. BillZBubb Jan 2016 #89
It is hyperbolie -- I'll admit it Armstead Jan 2016 #98
hyperbole? paleotn Jan 2016 #138
This post deserves 300 recs. eom jonestonesusa Jan 2016 #18
k and r nt Dems to Win Jan 2016 #19
Best OP in quite a while, bar none. n/t bvf Jan 2016 #21
Best OP I've yet to read here. RiverLover Jan 2016 #32
And yet, sadly, the message that is most likely to be ignored by the very people we need to truedelphi Jan 2016 #124
Cut it out! passiveporcupine Jan 2016 #22
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Jan 2016 #24
K&R for this excellent post!! nt haikugal Jan 2016 #26
Great post, nt. Broward Jan 2016 #27
K & R! beam me up scottie Jan 2016 #28
The "THIRD WAY" is simply a formula for turning John Poet Jan 2016 #29
Oh hey that third graphic navarth Jan 2016 #136
It's sick. It's nothing but an exclusive country club that we ain't in. nt mhatrw Jan 2016 #30
Kicked and recommended a whole bunch! Enthusiast Jan 2016 #31
The party is riddled with corruption cali Jan 2016 #33
We, the people democrank Jan 2016 #34
You assertions are wild-eyed hyperbole. Here is why: RBInMaine Jan 2016 #35
This is where HRC stands during election season as if these were seasonal allergies. sorechasm Jan 2016 #38
Really? angrychair Jan 2016 #99
Keep this checklist handy. Remind us each time these get 'done and done.' ancianita Jan 2016 #107
Why, simply because based on the record of Corporate-Controlled Politicians, we have truedelphi Jan 2016 #125
Only because.... paleotn Jan 2016 #139
This is the party that brought us ACA, toughest financial regulations since WW2, saved the economy DanTex Jan 2016 #37
You are echoing exsctly whst I am referring to Armstead Jan 2016 #39
Who says nothing needs to change? A lot needs to change. DanTex Jan 2016 #40
Not true. These things started long before Bernie campaign Armstead Jan 2016 #44
Wow, epic fail in that post dreamnightwind Jan 2016 #77
This isn't about President Obama. He was the right President for the last 7.5 yrs. Now it's time to jillan Jan 2016 #131
Oh, calm down you guys. Bernie may well win Iowa. Hortensis Jan 2016 #41
Win or lose, it's the nature of the reaction that is so distressing Armstead Jan 2016 #43
Nonsense. EVERY time I come back to find new long angry threads Hortensis Jan 2016 #57
You and I have both seen variations of this played out over and over again through the years Armstead Jan 2016 #59
Contempt for the opinions of others Hortensis Jan 2016 #60
Partisans on all sides get passionate and worked up..That's human nature and social dynamics Armstead Jan 2016 #81
No, all "partisans" do not get worked up. Hortensis Jan 2016 #91
2 brief responses Armstead Jan 2016 #94
Brief? US? :) That blue thing's cool. Hortensis Jan 2016 #105
I will halfway agree with you Armstead Jan 2016 #108
I love the idea of decentralization as Hortensis Jan 2016 #120
I think you are seeing a growing unrest from years, decades of the corrupt DC government rhett o rick Jan 2016 #127
Of course. Please. I'm part of the "unrest." Hortensis Jan 2016 #132
so fix it already. Blue_Adept Jan 2016 #42
You make a good point -- However, the elites put up so many roadblocks to that too Armstead Jan 2016 #50
I don't think the biggest problem comes from elite roadblocks. Everytime progressive candidates lose Chathamization Jan 2016 #54
And how. Hillary wants automatic voter registration Hortensis Jan 2016 #63
Yes there is a very big reason dreamnightwind Jan 2016 #80
I remember that, donated to Solomon's campaign. ancianita Jan 2016 #110
as did i. thanks for doing so! are you in this district? dreamnightwind Jan 2016 #111
No, I split life between Illinois and Florida. I send $ to progressives in runs outside my states. ancianita Jan 2016 #114
even better, thanks again, we need all the help we can get. dreamnightwind Jan 2016 #115
Happy to help. Also sent $100 to some gal in San Diego who won against an incumbent neocon! ancianita Jan 2016 #116
Good points, and I've seen something similar play out a lot. I do think we can overcome the money Chathamization Jan 2016 #142
I've been posting threads asking for support for a Norm Solomon approved candidate. No replies. Gregorian Feb 2016 #159
That's awesome, thanks for supporting him dreamnightwind Feb 2016 #160
It's not the party of FDR anymore, that's a fact. Vinca Jan 2016 #45
Outstanding OP! Le Taz Hot Jan 2016 #46
It's amusing that people believe this mythology Jan 2016 #47
The GOP rank and file are uprising for the right-wing version of the same thing Armstead Jan 2016 #49
We don't want our country back. We want our party back from the carpetbaggers Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jan 2016 #52
The Democratic Party has always included Hortensis Jan 2016 #69
Little things. Smarmie Doofus Jan 2016 #53
Having lived in DC for a while, there is an element of careerism at play Armstead Jan 2016 #56
But it's true in local politics as well. Smarmie Doofus Jan 2016 #137
not only are you a great writer olddots Jan 2016 #58
More bashing of the Democratic Party on a forum meant to support the Democratic Party oberliner Jan 2016 #61
This is in response to the bashing of one segment of the Democratic Party by another Armstead Jan 2016 #72
The party has become "Democratic" in name only. Arugula Latte Jan 2016 #86
We do have two parties. The Corporatists vs. the Awakening Revolutionaries libdem4life Jan 2016 #64
K&R for change! whereisjustice Jan 2016 #66
K&R. Well said! liberal_at_heart Jan 2016 #70
K&R CharlotteVale Jan 2016 #73
We don't need another "I Got Mine To Hell With You" Party... KansDem Jan 2016 #75
+100000000 whereisjustice Jan 2016 #78
This realization came to me during President O's first term... wtawilltaw Jan 2016 #76
They revealed themselves when they had majorities in both the Senate and the House Matariki Jan 2016 #79
Exactly wtawilltaw Jan 2016 #84
Yep. I'm still furious. Arugula Latte Jan 2016 #85
We need to study the tactics of the far right and the tea party. Matariki Jan 2016 #82
But in terms of getting their candidates elected, they got swindled. truedelphi Jan 2016 #126
The problem is money Deny and Shred Jan 2016 #129
Trickle-Down is WhaTHellsgoingonhere Jan 2016 #83
mass imprisonment, too--sure it surged under Ronnie, sure he replaced asylums with prisons MisterP Jan 2016 #109
Of course Hillary is discouraging our dreams of a better America Jack Rabbit Jan 2016 #88
I feel beyond sad. avaistheone1 Jan 2016 #90
I understand your bitterness and anger Jack Rabbit Jan 2016 #104
"follow the money" is an investigation heuristic, not a command! MisterP Jan 2016 #92
Corruptocrats Plucketeer Jan 2016 #93
K&R! Duval Jan 2016 #95
They aren't worried Red Knight Jan 2016 #96
The scenario you suggest has happened many times in off year elections. BillZBubb Jan 2016 #103
This hurts. Like being shown good evidence that your love has already left you for another. ancianita Jan 2016 #97
I hear you. RiverLover Jan 2016 #147
That is the New Democratic Party in a nutshell. Really sad jwirr Jan 2016 #102
K & R mountain grammy Jan 2016 #106
Excellent post!!! JDPriestly Jan 2016 #117
Raising taxes is not a winning strategy capitolalb Jan 2016 #122
Doing nothing is not a winning strategy Armstead Jan 2016 #135
Not raising taxes is why we keep having to cave to cuts to social services during budget deals. liberal_at_heart Jan 2016 #148
The PTB have no clothes at this point felix_numinous Jan 2016 #128
DNC is ashamed of RDR. He raised taxes on the rich, those who NCjack Jan 2016 #130
Just a little historical lesson here. tasgator Jan 2016 #134
Bernie wants to move the party further to the left and that would be a recipe for disaster. dubyadiprecession Jan 2016 #140
Wake up dubya RiverLover Jan 2016 #141
Perhaps you might change your avatar pucture Armstead Jan 2016 #143
Good catch Armstead! RiverLover Jan 2016 #145
This message was self-deleted by its author postatomic Jan 2016 #144
Well I guess you put me in my place...Gosh I feel so ashamed Armstead Jan 2016 #146
Where will you find those "100 new Democratic voters"? RiverLover Jan 2016 #149
You won't get them. You have no awareness of Hillary Clinton's agenda. Past legal activism ancianita Jan 2016 #151
Hard to believe, but I joined DU about two months after it was founded, and Lydia Leftcoast Jan 2016 #152
My God...LL...One of my old DU political soulmates Armstead Jan 2016 #156
I'm not around much anymore, maybe once a week Lydia Leftcoast Feb 2016 #161
I come and go over time...but got hooked on the primaries Armstead Feb 2016 #162
That's just so sad. Its true though. We need our party back. RiverLover Feb 2016 #157
So true! Nt Logical Jan 2016 #153
If I attribute this to you, can I copy this to facebook Heddi Feb 2016 #163
Check your DU Inbox Armstead Feb 2016 #164
They and their Republican counterparts were paying a price for their betrayal of the people sabrina 1 Feb 2016 #165
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