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62. Don't give Social Security to those that are rich, yada yada yada. Post-secondary education
Fri Jan 22, 2016, 11:13 AM
Jan 2016

(at public institutions) should be available to everyone free and on demand, much like elementary and high school is now.

spoken like a true greedy vulture capitalist 1% er restorefreedom Jan 2016 #1
I despise people like this. Whether it's some GOP a-hole nc4bo Jan 2016 #2
a secular amen! sing it restorefreedom Jan 2016 #14
But, he felt our pain! merrily Jan 2016 #34
Yeah, he felt our pain and laughed it off. Still In Wisconsin Jan 2016 #73
!!!!! nt restorefreedom Jan 2016 #78
"The era of Big Government is OVER!!!"--- Bill Clinton bvar22 Jan 2016 #175
They are talking about not paying rich kids to go to school free yeoman6987 Jan 2016 #39
the wealthy kids won't be interested in free 2-yr community college secondwind Jan 2016 #59
Sanders is proposing making tuition, but not room and board it should be noted, dsc Jan 2016 #61
Let's be honest pinebox Jan 2016 #64
No it isn't dsc Jan 2016 #67
And what does Hillary's plan do to help those "poor, inner city kids Autumn Jan 2016 #86
As noted before....That's the silliiest attack I've ever heard Armstead Jan 2016 #174
How does free tuition PREVENT poor kids from going to class?? arcane1 Jan 2016 #179
And with free tuition they would be able to attract.... daleanime Jan 2016 #181
What you don't get is means-tested programs are targets jeff47 Jan 2016 #83
yes, the "trumps kids don't need free" comment. so are we going to start taking medicare and ss away restorefreedom Jan 2016 #87
Sanders has advocated free tuition sulphurdunn Jan 2016 #100
Should we kick them out of K-12? GeorgeGist Jan 2016 #134
No, the rich should be forced to obtain their educatation the same way us poor folks do nolabels Jan 2016 #144
excellent point! liberal_at_heart Jan 2016 #152
So what if rich kids get educated as well. TM99 Jan 2016 #155
First, that's not what was said. Second, remind me of their plan for middle class kids to go to merrily Jan 2016 #180
It's a red herring. Rich kids only go to state schools if they can't get into JDPriestly Jan 2016 #185
That is how it sounded to me, too... awoke_in_2003 Jan 2016 #190
what else would you expect from someone who, while governor, presided KingCharlemagne Jan 2016 #44
When I watched the extra footage on the dvd movie "Sometime in April" about the Rwanda genocide Skwmom Jan 2016 #55
And now the Rwanda genocide is Clinton's fault too! bluestateguy Jan 2016 #166
FYI Skwmom Jan 2016 #188
Oh here we go bluestateguy Jan 2016 #118
You are now in record as defending the execution of someone with an KingCharlemagne Jan 2016 #120
Of course. He's an operator.... paleotn Jan 2016 #58
The Clintons have been out of touch with average Americans for a long time. liberal_at_heart Jan 2016 #3
i am sure they will be good burger flippers restorefreedom Jan 2016 #16
Oh, the promising young minds? R. Daneel Olivaw Jan 2016 #48
If you read the article bluestateguy Jan 2016 #113
I know what he meant. Hillary is against tuition free college, and she also wants liberal_at_heart Jan 2016 #149
If I had gone from "dead broke" to $200+ mill in 15 years I might say the same. hobbit709 Jan 2016 #4
Hey now, as Bill says "He has to pay his bills." Skwmom Jan 2016 #7
As NYT expose of Clinton foundation noted, the Clintons don't do boundaries. Divernan Jan 2016 #11
But the degree to which they take it boggles the mind. n/t Skwmom Jan 2016 #22
Not surprising, but saddening... Tien1985 Jan 2016 #5
Swirling the drain PDittie Jan 2016 #6
OK then I'll say it: the Clintons are acting like Bushes. Still In Wisconsin Jan 2016 #70
Wisconsin, heh? Le Taz Hot Jan 2016 #91
Feingold is up about ten points on Ron Johnson. Still In Wisconsin Jan 2016 #105
Thank you. Le Taz Hot Jan 2016 #130
Tone deaf Hill & Bill continue to tightly embrace the establishment. Divernan Jan 2016 #8
No amount of spin would make people believe the Clintons are not establishment! n/t Skwmom Jan 2016 #17
Tone deaf suggests that's unfortunate phrasing that is not the real Bill Clinton HereSince1628 Jan 2016 #20
I'm convinced it is the real Bill Clinton. Punkingal Jan 2016 #26
Penultimate narcissist - all superficial charm, no true empathy. Divernan Jan 2016 #30
I assume that is an accurate quote Tom Rinaldo Jan 2016 #9
Sorry, but his statement - we can't afford to help everyone while they have a LONG HISTORY of Skwmom Jan 2016 #12
I think you fundamentally misread me Tom Rinaldo Jan 2016 #38
LOL ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #80
What he was saying is "Don't give that free college to people who are rich." MADem Jan 2016 #15
Really? Since when did Hillary support free college for those who are not rich? Skwmom Jan 2016 #18
Bill is the one talking...BILL! He's the one saying "Don't give free college money to RICH people." MADem Jan 2016 #27
Are you advocating for means testing for a free public high school education? Tom Rinaldo Jan 2016 #25
No, I'm not. I agree with Bernie's approach. In criticizing Bernie's plan Clinton said he Skwmom Jan 2016 #37
We agree, I was replying to MADem in that post. n/t Tom Rinaldo Jan 2016 #40
Wow, are you in pain? MADem Jan 2016 #42
Now, now... Tom Rinaldo Jan 2016 #45
Here's what I'm saying. You can want something that is not going to happen. MADem Jan 2016 #123
Thank you for this substantial post Tom Rinaldo Jan 2016 #138
Brilliant! This should be an OP with its themes elaborated upon. - nt KingCharlemagne Jan 2016 #52
Thank you. I have a busy schedule today but maybe tonight or tomorrow I will try to n/t Tom Rinaldo Jan 2016 #139
No it isn't dsc Jan 2016 #60
I had a relative (RIP) who taught her entire career in one of those shitholes. MADem Jan 2016 #132
Don't give Social Security to those that are rich, yada yada yada. Post-secondary education KingCharlemagne Jan 2016 #62
I urge you to lobby Congress with that thought, starting right now! MADem Jan 2016 #82
What's your point? - nt KingCharlemagne Jan 2016 #88
Read it slower, this time. There are a couple of rather direct and simple points in the post. MADem Jan 2016 #145
Yes I find fault with that jberryhill Jan 2016 #72
You know, all the fuck, God-dammit, dickhead, and fucking doesn't improve your argument. MADem Jan 2016 #77
i think the poster makes an excellent point restorefreedom Jan 2016 #94
A kid with "less than supportive" parents can separate from them entirely. MADem Jan 2016 #143
i get what you're saying restorefreedom Jan 2016 #164
Once they're 18, all they need to do is file their taxes and claim themselves. MADem Jan 2016 #167
well that sucks restorefreedom Jan 2016 #173
We must deny college education to millions who can't afford it jberryhill Jan 2016 #200
and they probably would not even benefit restorefreedom Jan 2016 #201
I'm cranky today jberryhill Jan 2016 #112
Well said. azmom Jan 2016 #140
Now, I do feel for you, but you do know there are people for whom a trip to the Caymans MADem Jan 2016 #142
I usually vape jberryhill Jan 2016 #157
Ah, it's a WORK trip! MADem Jan 2016 #169
Yeah, the charm kinda wears off when you don't get actual vacations jberryhill Jan 2016 #171
And, yeah, I forgot my patches jberryhill Jan 2016 #163
I hope things look up for you--a day in the sun should help, when you finally get there. nt MADem Jan 2016 #168
Oh, yeah... jberryhill Jan 2016 #170
I think people deserve help. I got through college with loans and scholarships and grants, myself. MADem Jan 2016 #182
Other countries don't find it impossible jberryhill Jan 2016 #184
Germany manages by giving us bases in exchange for the "cover" of our military prowess. MADem Jan 2016 #193
Aw c'mon... jberryhill Jan 2016 #203
I don't miss the Cold War....now it's a different version of the same old tensions, though. MADem Jan 2016 #204
And he's wrong. jeff47 Jan 2016 #89
I don't think he's wrong at all. MADem Jan 2016 #194
Largely because you still don't seem to understand jeff47 Jan 2016 #199
I understand perfectly that people who cannot afford things, but who get them, treasure them. MADem Jan 2016 #202
I didn't used to agree with that. jberryhill Jan 2016 #205
If we audited the Pentagon and cut the massive fraud, waste, and abuse there we could Dustlawyer Jan 2016 #51
I agree Old Codger Jan 2016 #81
I'm not so sure he thinks his comment needs clarification Oilwellian Jan 2016 #127
The "twist" I've seen in the OP re: Clinton's words is remarkable. MADem Jan 2016 #10
Its amazing the kind of bullshit folks come up with on DU anymore. JoePhilly Jan 2016 #21
Seriously. And of all the billionaries to complain about, they pick George Soros? FSogol Jan 2016 #24
The manufactured outrage won't just make itself. JoePhilly Jan 2016 #31
George Soros is HATED ..... by the RIGHT WING. MADem Jan 2016 #43
Yup, Support for Drudge & Palin on DU while people rip Rachel Maddow & George Soros FSogol Jan 2016 #50
Wells Fargo, which Hillary's buddy Warren Buffet LOVES engaged in predatory Skwmom Jan 2016 #28
Yes indeed--they most CERTAINLY do!!! MADem Jan 2016 #49
Of course Sanders' plan covers public colleges and not ITT Tech, so if people had the option of a Bluenorthwest Jan 2016 #32
Guess what? That 158K worth of loans that guy took out would have been ACCEPTED at MADem Jan 2016 #47
The point that is sailing over your head is there is no real difference jeff47 Jan 2016 #96
I'm sorry, that makes no doggone sense. MADem Jan 2016 #196
"Let them eat cake" ... aggiesal Jan 2016 #102
??? MADem Jan 2016 #195
I believe he's saying ... aggiesal Jan 2016 #197
Well, when I was in college, you could buy a mansion for less than 30K. MADem Jan 2016 #198
Thank you bluestateguy Jan 2016 #192
Yeah, Hillary cares about jobs all right...H-1B visa ones. CharlotteVale Jan 2016 #13
and outsourced ones. nt antigop Jan 2016 #19
The world needs ditch-diggers, too, right, Bill? deutsey Jan 2016 #23
Bubba's wiki says he went to college with the help of scholarships. merrily Jan 2016 #29
No. They won't. Both of HRC's presidential campaigns point to that. nt stillwaiting Jan 2016 #36
. merrily Jan 2016 #41
That's something I might expect Hillary to say before Bill Jarqui Jan 2016 #33
WTF?!?!?! RoccoR5955 Jan 2016 #35
They can't attack the messenger because when they do it is perceived as attacking the message. I Ed Suspicious Jan 2016 #68
You are quite correct RoccoR5955 Jan 2016 #129
This line of attack is total bullshit. blackspade Jan 2016 #46
Plenty of rich kids go to public colleges bluestateguy Jan 2016 #121
You missed my point or are ignoring it. blackspade Jan 2016 #122
No, I was addressing one of your points bluestateguy Jan 2016 #128
OK, so very few. blackspade Jan 2016 #165
Yeah, because the rich will send their kids to free community college instead of Harvard, Yale, etc. magical thyme Jan 2016 #53
But should the money they'd have gotten for Community College go to Harvard instead? KittyWampus Jan 2016 #92
Sure. jeff47 Jan 2016 #99
I'm guessing the "hopey changey" thing was not MuseRider Jan 2016 #54
But, But, But, Punx Jan 2016 #56
I'm sure Bill enjoyed all the grants and scholarships that were out there, including the Rhodes secondwind Jan 2016 #57
Shit like this is EXACTLY why Hillary is tanking. pinebox Jan 2016 #63
What is wrong with everyone? He's been making this point for years. Bleacher Creature Jan 2016 #65
Except Hillary also said something similar Oilwellian Jan 2016 #136
If Bill Clinton ever took time to use common INdemo Jan 2016 #66
Bill and his pal Phil are why he thinks there's no money for you. Octafish Jan 2016 #69
Not everyone by any means belongs in college Gman Jan 2016 #71
College tuition is a heck of a lot more than it use to be. nt Skwmom Jan 2016 #95
You solve that problem with admission standards jeff47 Jan 2016 #103
Works for me Gman Jan 2016 #108
When working 40 plus hours a week at min wage Stargazer99 Jan 2016 #117
Wrong. liberal_at_heart Jan 2016 #156
Some people are better off getting Microsoft certified Gman Jan 2016 #162
You have admission standards jberryhill Jan 2016 #172
This message was self-deleted by its author Hiraeth Jan 2016 #74
wow, more "yes, we can't". Javaman Jan 2016 #75
Bill used to have such a knack for politics. Now he's lost it. What happened? Money. thereismore Jan 2016 #76
Shame what they're doing to their legacy Not Sure Jan 2016 #79
This probably shouldn't..... daleanime Jan 2016 #84
You there peasants, you don't need college. Can't have you people getting educated, you might peacebird Jan 2016 #85
You nailed it! Stargazer99 Jan 2016 #119
The Clintons took advantage of their "public service" jobs... raindaddy Jan 2016 #90
What a stupid argument DefenseLawyer Jan 2016 #93
Everyone doesn't have the ability or want to go to college. I could have gone doc03 Jan 2016 #97
I think we should give up the loan model treestar Jan 2016 #98
I'm a Bernie person all the way, but this OP is misleading. noamnety Jan 2016 #101
For profits like ITT Technical Institute prey on LibDemAlways Jan 2016 #104
Funny. Shadowflash Jan 2016 #106
The govt can't help everyone. AlbertCat Jan 2016 #107
Back when they were 'dead broke' how was Chelsea going to go to college? Omaha Steve Jan 2016 #109
Ugh. Shadowflash Jan 2016 #110
I agree with him bluestateguy Jan 2016 #111
why would a kid with bad performance in HS retrowire Jan 2016 #116
It is assumed a bar of discipline, work ethic and organization skills harun Jan 2016 #148
In the old days - Democrats Nanjeanne Jan 2016 #114
ha-- good point Fast Walker 52 Jan 2016 #133
And this is why there is a Third Way..................................... turbinetree Jan 2016 #115
Millionaires advising people to "work hard and play by the rules". Rules set by the wealthy. Tierra_y_Libertad Jan 2016 #124
OH goody! More propaganda from the NO WE CAN'T Campaign. SoapBox Jan 2016 #125
Either he wants to undermine Hillary or he is losing his marbles. snagglepuss Jan 2016 #126
Democrats are voting for this attitude? That not everyone deserves healthcare or education? LittleBlue Jan 2016 #131
Then don't go to public college, Bill. GeorgeGist Jan 2016 #135
College should not be based on affordability as much as aptitude for higher learning. Hiraeth Jan 2016 #137
We don't do that for K-12 education. If we did all the special education students would be liberal_at_heart Jan 2016 #159
I think we are in agreement. You can lead people to information but, you can't make them think. Hiraeth Jan 2016 #161
From the "I tried to care about money" dad. azmom Jan 2016 #141
Yay for Inequality! That should sell well with 2-3% of the voters. harun Jan 2016 #146
Sorry for Mr. Villalba...pursued his dream, and now is paying for it. EndElectoral Jan 2016 #147
WTF??!! xynthee Jan 2016 #150
Whatever Bill "meant," the fact remains that Clinton operatives twist Bernie's words every day. last1standing Jan 2016 #151
"Establishment calling on lines 1 and 2, sir." n/t Orsino Jan 2016 #153
WTF Bill! a TV ad should be aired with Bill saying that Rosa Luxemburg Jan 2016 #154
"we can't go back to 1988! the country would collapse!" (pic-heavy) MisterP Jan 2016 #158
He is right. Dawson Leery Jan 2016 #160
I assumed he was making a means test argument, which I strongly oppose because when randys1 Jan 2016 #178
Strange how you don't understand how "universal" things work Armstead Jan 2016 #183
Something is missing, he wouldnt say he could afford college and then say we need more jobs randys1 Jan 2016 #176
Well Skwmom Jan 2016 #189
Just one of Hillary's speeches would pay for a college education The Velveteen Ocelot Jan 2016 #177
Hey Bill...that was before you signed NAFTA! ViseGrip Jan 2016 #186
My God, I thought you were paraphrasing/interpreting. SusanCalvin Jan 2016 #187
College Costs Should Be Adjustable Based On Need colsohlibgal Jan 2016 #191
the Gilded class speaking amborin Feb 2016 #206
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