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37. Well, the word may hav lost much of its sting in the 25 years since the collapse of the USSR. But
Sun Jan 17, 2016, 03:59 PM
Jan 2016

I'm sorry to inform you that Sanders, bless his soul, is as capitalist as the day is long.

I like him a lot but let's be honest: Most Americans don't have the slightest idea what socialism is or what it means.

Wow. That is amazing. K&R nt Live and Learn Jan 2016 #1
my grandpa owner of FAIR DEAL DAIRY would be happy. He was an avowed socialist and proud of it roguevalley Jan 2016 #8
Oh, hell yes.... daleanime Jan 2016 #2
Comrade passiveporcupine Jan 2016 #45
That is 43% that won't vote for Hillary. He just needs 8% more. Motown_Johnny Jan 2016 #3
Oh I don't know I have seen a few Hillary supporters at DU claim to be socialists! m-lekktor Jan 2016 #5
Yeah, and I'm guessing.. cannabis_flower Jan 2016 #17
Actually, a third of Iowa Democrats who call themselves 'socialists' are for Hillary Clinton. Eric J in MN Jan 2016 #16
Oops! nt MADem Jan 2016 #19
In the words of Mr. Dylan... Punkingal Jan 2016 #4
and in regards to how we finance our elections.... Motown_Johnny Jan 2016 #6
Great album... mimi85 Jan 2016 #29
IMO, Iowa Democrats are among the most highly informed of all Democratic primary voters. Green Forest Jan 2016 #7
thank you for the compliment as an Iowa Democrat rurallib Jan 2016 #20
Thanks for the welcome! Green Forest Jan 2016 #28
sent you a private message so we can talk rurallib Jan 2016 #49
Aw, thank you! Green Forest Jan 2016 #52
Iowan's take pride in being the first and they do the research jwirr Jan 2016 #33
They sure do. They also hate negative campaigning and have a finely tuned bullshit meter. Green Forest Jan 2016 #40
" " " " n/t MBS Jan 2016 #63
I trust Iowa caucus-goers, too MBS Jan 2016 #68
I agree. MBS Jan 2016 #42
How true and how I wish that were so. Green Forest Jan 2016 #54
agree!!! MBS Jan 2016 #61
I would say the younger generation is even higher pro-socialism Fast Walker 52 Jan 2016 #9
swing wide, sweet pendulum eShirl Jan 2016 #10
the revolution bus is coming restorefreedom Jan 2016 #11
Agree. His interviews with HRC and Bernie were far more even-handed than the other three shows. hedda_foil Jan 2016 #18
i didn't care for the ftn one either. restorefreedom Jan 2016 #30
I hate to admit it, but I had on Chuckie Toad as well. Bohunk68 Jan 2016 #34
rubio is a spoiled brat lunatic. and yes, chuckie is surprising restorefreedom Jan 2016 #36
Hot under the collar, "Little Man Syndrome" . . . Utopian Leftist Jan 2016 #41
Jesus that is a scary thought. restorefreedom Jan 2016 #50
Rubio is a lunatic, all right. MBS Jan 2016 #66
too bad the boy wonder is the establishment fave restorefreedom Jan 2016 #69
Socialism for the BANKS! capitalism for YOU! ish of the hammer Jan 2016 #12
Another version: We privatize the profits and socialize the losses. libdem4life Jan 2016 #51
Shut up with that Commie talk and pay your share, Citizen! Ikonoklast Jan 2016 #65
LOL...I'll settle for a Unicorn. libdem4life Jan 2016 #70
That reinforces my view, that Bernie is dispelling that antiquated paranoia "Eek he's a Socialist!!" 99th_Monkey Jan 2016 #13
He's doing what dems have been needing to do for a long time passiveporcupine Jan 2016 #46
Yup. And it IS sticking, as Bernie's overall trends keep rising, as people hear & study him. nt 99th_Monkey Jan 2016 #48
Fascinating karynnj Jan 2016 #14
Prior to 1980 those midwestern states were heavy labor - TBF Jan 2016 #15
+1000. We, the people, are not the winners when corpoations and churches JimDandy Jan 2016 #22
Keep in mind that the people who hate socialism are anti-social. Spitfire of ATJ Jan 2016 #21
And that is Iowa! Enthusiast Jan 2016 #23
Have to pick up mine first, hedda-foil! Duval Jan 2016 #24
I'll pick up yours and you pick up mine and we'll trade! hedda_foil Jan 2016 #39
K&R Katashi_itto Jan 2016 #25
Modern Capitalism - Where The Powerful Get To Kill Anyone scottie55 Jan 2016 #26
from your second link questionseverything Jan 2016 #27
The problem is that we now serve Wall Street. PatrickforO Jan 2016 #32
imagine if "fractured interest" benefited WE THE PEOPLE questionseverything Jan 2016 #35
If a thinking person is given a choice between socialism and PatrickforO Jan 2016 #31
Unregulated capitalism has to fail. Only so much money goes to the top before it all falls down. n/t A Simple Game Jan 2016 #38
Well, the word may hav lost much of its sting in the 25 years since the collapse of the USSR. But KingCharlemagne Jan 2016 #37
Capitalism is necessary for a wealthy country, passiveporcupine Jan 2016 #47
Any system left unfettered The Wizard Jan 2016 #59
We Millennials roll our eyes when Boomers start ranting Cold War anti-socialist BS. Odin2005 Jan 2016 #67
K & R !!! WillyT Jan 2016 #43
Chuckie should do some research before he asks these questions. Eg, 7 in 10 young people in this sabrina 1 Jan 2016 #44
I am skeptical. Most young people I know don't even know what democratic socialist is. totodeinhere Jan 2016 #58
What this tells me..... FarPoint Jan 2016 #53
They better be careful that they wish for dreamnightwind Jan 2016 #55
That's not a change. 59% of Democrats had a positive view of Socialism in the last Gallup poll. stevenleser Jan 2016 #56
OKAY, Guess You're The Winner... No Change!! ChiciB1 Jan 2016 #57
Capitalism has come to mean the same as Oligarchy. Spitfire of ATJ Jan 2016 #60
People hear the word "social" a lot greymattermom Jan 2016 #62
As a socialist this makes me happy. Odin2005 Jan 2016 #64
They know the sea change watching social media. Polling better there, just look at those stocks! ViseGrip Jan 2016 #71
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