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“I feel like it’s time to make Christians a protected class,” deucemagnet Feb 2015 #1
Matthew 5:10 Fumesucker Feb 2015 #2
That is why they are so ready to play the martyr. Curmudgeoness Feb 2015 #7
The medieval walled ghetto started as a way to protect the Jews from hostile neighbors DavidDvorkin Feb 2015 #3
Wow, Thanks for this information... haikugal Mar 2015 #14
Endangered species sometimes die out because they can no longer ChairmanAgnostic Feb 2015 #4
Good grief, I hope so.. mountain grammy Feb 2015 #6
"they no longer apply in a modern world" FiveGoodMen Mar 2015 #15
Good point. But fear is a powerful emotion. It can overcome most others, ChairmanAgnostic Mar 2015 #16
Protected against what - mockery? mr blur Feb 2015 #5
Only Bad Mockers. Warren Stupidity Mar 2015 #11
Poor poor put upon Christians! AlbertCat Feb 2015 #8
In my nape of the forest, there are 14 churches, one pub. ChairmanAgnostic Mar 2015 #17
One small church in my area was turned into a restaurant JDDavis Mar 2015 #18
I doubt that there are such coincidences. ChairmanAgnostic Mar 2015 #19
The stupid fuckwits already are a protected class. What they want is to unprotect all the others. enki23 Mar 2015 #9
Sort of ironic that these folks don't know the 1964 Civil Rights act JDDavis Mar 2015 #13
I was unfamiliar with Ms Loesch prior to this. progressoid Mar 2015 #10
The word I'm looking for is "nauseating" NastyRiffraff Mar 2015 #12
She is one of if not the worst lunatic on the right wing media machine. Moostache Mar 2015 #21
Yeah right libodem Mar 2015 #20
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