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Response to M Kitt (Original post)

Sun Jul 28, 2013, 06:24 AM

8. M Kitt, beneath this title and intoduction I have posted a criticism

but the point of this post is to raise with you the fear I hold that the confused and at times irrational content show deep problems that you must address.

This part could be wrong, and I hope it is.

Essentially, I have made posts similar in style to this both on DU and on other boards; they always have provided me with warnings about my mental state and have usually preceded the urgent need for me to seek medical help.

Now the critique. Note; my spelling is largely UK English, not US.

As Viewed from the White National Perspective

Ever wondered why the Intolerance so easily observed today has always existed, why it's completely acceptable to so many among us, considered to be simply the "Social Norm"? Even among we "Non-Participants", right?
This opening is so confused as to render it meaningless and, worse, insulting to members of DU. In this you are attempting to ask why easily observed intolerance (no need for capitalisation) has so long existed; why it seems to be a social norm (capitalisation and quotes not needed). You then insult DU members by saying that they regard such intolerance as normal - even though they do not indulge in that behaviour themselves.

Targets of this aggression change across the decades, of course, but doesn't it seem peculiar that all of us DON'T understand that bigotry, racism, presumed white privilege of today, they're all interconnected?
On DU we all know that some targets of prejudiced based aggression change but not all not all targets change. What happens next is that you assume that we do not understand that racial privilege is racism based on bigotry.

And that those "Accepted Behaviors" are actually descended from a literal "lineage" of ambitious, repressive policies that brought about and perpetuated Slavery early in our national history, why haven't ALL OF US considered that?
Why is this a separate paragraph when it continues from the previous paragraph?Why the quotes and unnecessary emphasis? Why are you restating the previous sentence? why are you assuming that none of those on DU have thought of this?

Truth be told, effects of Centuries Old Colonialism are still being "Echoed" in the damaged results of our current society.
As this continues from the previous paragraph, why is it separate? Why the unnecessary capitalisation and quotes? Why does do you attempt to separate centuries old Colonialism from racial privilege (which, in turn, is racism and bigotry).

Is Religious Bigotry Different?
My answer is "no" but in this section of your post you make no attempt to either answer the question or prove or disprove it as an assertion.

As mentioned above, damaging effects of Colonialism are still being "Echoed" in our current society.

Effects of what may be our CURRENT National Colonialist behavior (Middle East Empire Building) will likely prevail for centuries to follow. Certain elements of our society (IE Political Opportunists) rationalize those Economic Goals, support and encourage "Licensed Bigotry" as a Useful Tool in pursuit of them.

Take the "Fear Agenda" we've all become familiar with since 9-11, for instance. Essentially serving the purpose of another "Useful Tool" for Political Opportunists.

Blending right wing Politics and Religious Bigotry to suit their needs, to cover for policies that the public would never have otherwise allowed.

Preemptive Wars (Bush Doctrine), Invasion and seeming endless Occupation of Iraq, and absurd Prisoner Rendition tactics being obvious examples of Previously Unacceptable Standards under US Policy.

Right Wing leadership understands that those emotions (Fear, Aggression) can be twisted into Political Capital, insecurities of today's "White America" can be played upon for GOP profit. It's an old and proven method, a "Call to Arms" providing cover for other concealed Economic and Political goals.
This entire section with the continued use of unpredictable emphasis, unnecessary quotes and random capitalisation just borrows themes from the recent history to restate the colonialism/bigotry theme. From now on I will not mention your random use of bolding, initial capitalisation, whole word capitalisation and quotation marks.


If it is posted previously just give the link, that unless you want to re-state the arguments as part of this current post in which case you do not need to mention the prior posting except as a footnote.

Even today increasing bigotry remains an "Abstraction", far removed from our daily lives. Right, Non-Minority?
This states a common concern on DU

Essentially, many of we unresponsive "Non-minorities" enable intolerant behavior by inaction, by failing to correct that abhorrent behavior, by neglecting to discourage Bigotry however blatant it's lately become.

The whole point about DU is that the members are constantly attempting to undermine bigotry; it is a liberal message board voicing liberal concerns.

That's what preceding generations have done, truth be told, engaged in collective disregard for the welfare of repressed, generationally impoverished minorities.

This is an untruth, as the ghosts of George Plimsoll, Nye Bevan, Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson could inform you. All these came from white and, comparatively, privileged societies to champion the rights and welfare of those with less than themselves. All were flawed in some way, because they were human, but they did what you deny has been done and they did it with the support of many millions of the "little people" who often did no more than vote these men into office.

Non-participants are COMPLICIT by failure to take significant action AGAINST such aggression in support of long held privilege based on race.
The point about DU is that the members are participants in a campaign against such bigotry. It may seem that some of these contributions are insignificant but they are contributing.

And this particular form of Generational Ignorance continues, encouraged (nurtured) by those who profit from that Accepted Oppression.
As shown previously, this is a falsehood.

Our "Willful Ignorance" has provided COVER for the actions of aggressive Conservative Aristocracy, whether the majority of us participated or not.
Nobody on DU is providing a cover for anybody of this ilk, never mind what conspiracy theorists believe.

Even today increasing bigotry remains an "Abstraction", far removed from our daily lives. Right White America?
As demonstrated above the answer to this question is "No!"

Self-Defeating "Willful Ignorance" isn't nearly as far removed from our current Dysfunctional Society as most of us would like to believe. History SHOULD provide needed context.
As shown above, this is false.

First they came for the communists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for me
and there was no one left to speak out for me.


This Niemoller quote has nothing to do with religion; Martin Niemoller was a Lutheran and evangelical pastor but his insight is applies to all humans.


In Support of Those Who Speak Out


Let's recognize those who call attention to "Intolerance", we need to thank them for their courage.
Agreed, but you do not do it by calling out DU members for passively accepting intolerance.

Many avoid THAT, won't confront reality at whatever cost to society, certainly won't say out loud what we all on some deeper level recognize to be forthright TRUTH, that even today Bigotry is thriving, the product of Intolerance nurtured by those who intend to profit from it.

As many of us have observed, that intentionally encouraged (Incited/Provoked) Intolerance can be quite useful as a Political tool.
These 2 paragraph despite being confused and over-long single sentences contain the only message of substance in your post. It could have been the entire OP.

Like "Shrub" George W. did when he pushed our troops into Iraq for his Imperial Petroleum ambitions.
only loosely connected to the main text and unrelated to your postscript.

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