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7. Have you seen this?
Tue Apr 16, 2024, 06:46 PM
Apr 16

Schmidt, 52, of Poway, California, said she was diagnosed with TMJ disorder in 2000 due to headaches, and an orthodontist immediately recommended her for a splint, braces, and surgery.

After wearing the splint for only three days, Schmidt said, she was in "excruciating pain" and could no longer open her mouth far enough to eat solid food. Schmidt said she spent the next 17 years stuck on a "surgery carousel" with no escape, and eventually was in so much pain she abandoned her career as an aerospace scientist who worked alongside NASA astronauts.

Schmidt said her low point came in 2016. In an attempt to restore bone that had been cut away in prior surgeries, a surgeon implanted long screws into Schmidt's jaw that protruded downward out of her neck. Schmidt said she was instructed to tighten those screws with a screwdriver daily for about 20 days, lengthening the corners of her jaw to restore the bone that had been lost. It didn't work, Schmidt said, and she was left in more pain than ever.

"Every time you have a surgery, your pain gets worse," Schmidt said. "If I could go back in time and go talk to younger Lisa, I would say 'Run!'"
Please pray for me [View all] XanaDUer2 Apr 16 OP
Prayers sent BlueKota Apr 16 #1
Healing blessings sent. madashelltoo Apr 16 #2
Prayers and FeelingBlue Apr 16 #3
I took tylenol XanaDUer2 Apr 16 #5
Prayers. Also, call your doctor about this. Get an emergency examination. Don't suffer something ancianita Apr 16 #15
Prayers sent your way, for treatment badhair77 Apr 16 #4
Prayers sent. Permanut Apr 16 #6
Have you seen this? Cattledog Apr 16 #7
My splints were fine for 8 months XanaDUer2 Apr 16 #8
Prayers sent XanaDUer2. LoisB Apr 16 #9
Thoughts and prayers. AltairIV Apr 16 #10
Many blessings your way. AnotherDreamWeaver Apr 16 #11
All the vibes. Peace and healing. onecaliberal Apr 16 #12
I will pray for you. Peace and healing. 🕊 Tanuki Apr 16 #13
Holding you in love and light. Vibes for recovery and healing. niyad Apr 16 #14
Prayers sent your way. Beacool Apr 16 #16
I literally read some articles about this the past week BumRushDaShow Apr 16 #17
Holding you in my heart. Healing and strength with you. n/t TygrBright Apr 16 #18
I prayed for you. Joinfortmill Apr 16 #19
Sending prayers and healing hugs. gademocrat7 Apr 16 #20
So sorry to hear this. I don't know what I would do. I feel so bad for you, we all do. TeamProg Apr 16 #21
Praying 🙏🏼 maspaha Apr 16 #22
Hugs and prayers. Praying for alleviation of your pain. sueh Apr 16 #23
Prayers & good vibes - TBF Apr 16 #24
i wish my old boss was not retired. barbtries Apr 16 #25
All the prayers, thought and energy I have are yours. marble falls Apr 16 #26
You have them Duncanpup Apr 16 #27
Get well soon XD2 Blue Owl Apr 16 #28
I send you light, love, prayers and pain-free-ness! fierywoman Apr 16 #29
God Almighty, Our Divine Physician, asking You to heal this dear one of their distress, pain and fear. sprinkleeninow Apr 16 #30
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