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I might be mistaking but i think Easter is when he comes back to life. darkangel218 Mar 2013 #1
The special part is that supposedly he didn't stay dead. The Velveteen Ocelot Mar 2013 #2
The apposals creed states that Drale Mar 2013 #27
Because his dieing brought forth the hippie fashion trend of ruining perectly good tshirts: Cooley Hurd Mar 2013 #3
Or forcing molten metal under high pressure into a mould cavity BeyondGeography Mar 2013 #7
How else are you going to make millions of crosses-on chains? Cooley Hurd Mar 2013 #8
Sounds like Mr. Hicks is probably in the t-shirt camp BeyondGeography Mar 2013 #10
Love Hicks... deutsey Mar 2013 #25
Ok, I'm an atheist skepticscott Mar 2013 #4
Are you truly this clueless? Is your google finger paralyzed? kestrel91316 Mar 2013 #5
Spending too much time with the circlejerkers in the Gundgeon ?....try reading a book, any book. Nt pkdu Mar 2013 #6
Don't try out for Jeopardy Faygo Kid Mar 2013 #9
I'll take "How to get a clue" for 500, Alex. R. Daneel Olivaw Mar 2013 #28
"But let us not talk of that perfection of non-violence. It requires greater heroism struggle4progress Mar 2013 #11
What the Jesuits taught me was deutsey Mar 2013 #12
Excellent post.. monmouth3 Mar 2013 #14
Did the Jesuits bother to note Warren Stupidity Mar 2013 #18
Yes, they did deutsey Mar 2013 #21
Your high level summary was a gross distortion. Warren Stupidity Mar 2013 #23
Whatever deutsey Mar 2013 #24
Hmmm... Warren Stupidity Mar 2013 #30
It wasn't done by a fruitcake with an assault weapon. TheCowsCameHome Mar 2013 #13
Why a reference to... Bay Boy Mar 2013 #15
He was exceedingly skilled at stamping out medallions? Warren Stupidity Mar 2013 #16
He picked up out bar tab. nt rrneck Mar 2013 #17
You made a hilarious typo Bay Boy Apr 2013 #31
Gah! rrneck Apr 2013 #32
I hope you realize Bay Boy Apr 2013 #36
Double gah! rrneck Apr 2013 #37
psst... I think you mean "dying" hlthe2b Mar 2013 #19
Ok... Bay Boy Mar 2013 #20
It's the coming back from the dead that has them all atwitter. Iggo Mar 2013 #22
When the talking serpent talked Eve into eating the forbidden fruit, who then shared it with Adam, ZombieHorde Mar 2013 #26
Because he's coming back to judge the quick, the dead, and the bad spellers. PassingFair Mar 2013 #29
Well, god created man and woman with original sin... Apophis Apr 2013 #33
Oy. Iggo Apr 2013 #38
I believe that by his death and resurrection we are all saved. ALL! hrmjustin Apr 2013 #34
I have talked to quite a few Christians edhopper Apr 2013 #35
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