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2. I think the allusion
Mon Mar 25, 2013, 10:47 AM
Mar 2013

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is with respect to the absence of entry to heaven being in effect hell.

I've had many Newest Reality Mar 2013 #1
I think the allusion dipsydoodle Mar 2013 #2
You can believe in anything you can think up or learn from... Walk away Mar 2013 #3
Or separate but equal heavens for dogs BlueStreak Mar 2013 #9
Unfotunately, most people seem to believe that their fantasy is the only right one.... Walk away Mar 2013 #28
many jews believe in heaven but not hell. unblock Mar 2013 #4
Hell no! xtraxritical Mar 2013 #5
Yes, if you're Christian. aquart Mar 2013 #6
Satan referenced in Old Testament. Warren Stupidity Mar 2013 #8
It's an old question Fortinbras Armstrong Mar 2013 #7
If I had been forced to sit through COLGATE4 Mar 2013 #10
For many people Worried senior Mar 2013 #11
That's a question you never want to ask Lordquinton Mar 2013 #30
I don't think so. Wait Wut Mar 2013 #12
I like the Mormon thing where everybody gets their own planet. xtraxritical Mar 2013 #16
You don't *have* to believe in anything... gcomeau Mar 2013 #13
The universalists don't. backscatter712 Mar 2013 #14
I like that view. hrmjustin Mar 2013 #15
The Gates Of Hell And Heaven struggle4progress Mar 2013 #17
Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam struggle4progress Mar 2013 #18
I think you answered your own question. Gore1FL Mar 2013 #19
There's a story from the Latin Kingdom okasha Mar 2013 #20
Hell is a pagan concept adopted by Christianity... Humanist_Activist Mar 2013 #21
Why do you believe in Heaven? brooklynite Mar 2013 #22
I just do. hrmjustin Mar 2013 #23
Not necessarily ButterflyBlood Mar 2013 #24
Thank you for this. hrmjustin Mar 2013 #25
The question I've always had is: how could the Bible be so obtuse? brooklynite Mar 2013 #31
In at least some of the Old Testament days, the Israelis didn't believe in the afterlife. backscatter712 Mar 2013 #35
If you believe in Heaven you can believe anything you like. bemildred Mar 2013 #26
Hell is meant to scare people to follow the "rules" socialindependocrat Mar 2013 #27
This. Hell, and religion in general, are used by power-elites to scare and control people. backscatter712 Mar 2013 #36
I agree with you. I just thought, though socialindependocrat Mar 2013 #37
It's less a matter of what you have to believe than a matter MineralMan Mar 2013 #29
Of course not skepticscott Mar 2013 #32
Never sugarcoat anything do you. hrmjustin Mar 2013 #33
My Grandma didn't believe in Hell - like you, a loving God wouldn't do that to us. OriginalGeek Mar 2013 #34
I've seen a Christian right here on DU proclaim that anyone who DOESN'T believe in hell... trotsky Mar 2013 #38
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