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1. It's all made up and it's illogical in the extreme
Thu Jul 18, 2019, 09:50 AM
Jul 2019

The Bible says that God is omniscient, that is, God knows everything.

Oh, yeah? Then why didn't God know that Adam and Eve would eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge? Why didn't God know that, even though He wiped out almost all of humanity in the Flood, Noah and his descendants would continue as sinners? The simplest answer is that God is not all-knowing and the Biblical evidence suggests a creator who is just making things up on the fly.

The Bible says that God is omnipotent. that is, God is all-powerful with unlimited abilities.

Oh, yeah? Then why does God allow all kinds of disasters to strike the people He claims to love? Why do so many children suffer? Doesn't Jesus "love the little children?" The simplest answer is that God doesn't interact with humans on a daily basis and that He is powerless to protect His own creations from disaster.

The Bible says that God is omnipresent, that is, God is everywhere all the time.

Oh, yeah? Then why are there so many different faiths? Like the article and video indicate, why isn't God's message automatically implanted in our DNA? The simple answer is that God isn't everywhere.

Even more simply, perhaps there is no God. There doesn't seem to be any hard evidence of God's existence. There's a trope that says that the human eye is so complex that it proves God created us. And yet, the human eye is actually fairly limited in its abilities as it can only perceive a very narrow range of the electro-magnetic spectrum. Also, why do so many people need glasses if the eye is so special?

These are but a smattering of the problems with this belief in a supernatural creator. Broadly, there are conflicting views of what the Bible represents. To some, it's all literal and factual. To some, the Old Testament is metaphorical and the New Testament is literal. And to others, both books are allegories. So which is right?

By the way, this is only one branch of human religions. What about all of the people in the world who hold different faiths? How did that occur? Why are they to be condemned for eternity? Or are their beliefs correct and Christianity is wrong?

It's all so silly and sick at the same time.

It's all made up and it's illogical in the extreme PJMcK Jul 2019 #1
Genesis 1 and 2 describe different gods. They have different names, occupy different Karadeniz Jul 2019 #11
Those two chapters tell very different stories PJMcK Jul 2019 #13
a "most determined materialist" is.... sanatanadharma Jul 2019 #27
That is utter nonsense edhopper Jul 2019 #41
Nor is there evidence that the brain is the source of consciousness. gtar100 Jul 2019 #68
When you find a conciousness existed edhopper Jul 2019 #71
May be your definition of consciousness is too narrow. gtar100 Jul 2019 #72
A confusion of evolutionary driven behavior edhopper Jul 2019 #73
Your choice. But I'm not confused by it at all. gtar100 Jul 2019 #74
That is exactly how it happens edhopper Jul 2019 #75
Your last sentence makes no sense whatsoever Major Nikon Jul 2019 #20
That is one of the points... pangaia Jul 2019 #77
Is that you Deepak? edhopper Jul 2019 #42
I like to think that returning to source, though it may be inevitable, isn't necessarily the purpose gtar100 Jul 2019 #69
When the orthodox got rid of all the heretics, they lost the people who knew the higher teachings. pangaia Jul 2019 #76
Divine hiddenness Buzz cook Jul 2019 #55
The Gnostics have an interesting take on this. To them, the Old Testament God is the "abominable" Midnight Writer Jul 2019 #101
The Gnostic texts are fascinating PJMcK Jul 2019 #102
It did. guillaumeb Jul 2019 #2
Upon what do you base that? /nt tonedevil Jul 2019 #6
The fact that, after language, every group of any size with a written language guillaumeb Jul 2019 #7
Any deity in a storm I guess. /nt tonedevil Jul 2019 #8
The fact that theism seems to be ingrained. guillaumeb Jul 2019 #9
What is this theism you speak of? tonedevil Jul 2019 #12
so you can't keep your argument coherent. Voltaire2 Jul 2019 #21
That you cannot follow the argument does not reflect on me. guillaumeb Jul 2019 #29
So you agree there is no evidence that theistic beliefs are the default condition for humans. Voltaire2 Jul 2019 #33
Please prove that statement with some sort of evidence. MineralMan Jul 2019 #23
Really? PJMcK Jul 2019 #14
By default condition, I was referring to theism. guillaumeb Jul 2019 #15
I understood your point PJMcK Jul 2019 #17
That conflict is inherent in being human. guillaumeb Jul 2019 #18
[Citation needed] Act_of_Reparation Jul 2019 #30
All of human history would make for a very large post. guillaumeb Jul 2019 #31
History isn't evidence of naturalism. Act_of_Reparation Jul 2019 #32
You don't have the ability to cite all of human history. trotsky Jul 2019 #65
You could start writing it now, and come back when you're finished... MineralMan Jul 2019 #70
No, not really. That idea has no basis in fact and is more than just a bit silly. Major Nikon Jul 2019 #19
It is not. You have no evidence that what you said is true. MineralMan Jul 2019 #22
"Theism is the default condition among humans for a reason." hurl Jul 2019 #38
There appears to be an evolutionary component edhopper Jul 2019 #43
Not exactly 'default' but we are predisposed to it. AtheistCrusader Jul 2019 #50
That statement is factually wrong in multiple ways. n/t trotsky Jul 2019 #61
By using us he is spreading the word. marble falls Jul 2019 #3
Whoosh... NeoGreen Jul 2019 #4
We are everywhere. We use our free will and take the Gospel to the world. marble falls Jul 2019 #24
So Christianity is the true relgion edhopper Jul 2019 #44
It is for me. You get to decide for yourself ... marble falls Jul 2019 #45
Sounds more like you want to convince everyone else edhopper Jul 2019 #51
It would be a fools errand to try to convince anyone, self included to believe. marble falls Jul 2019 #53
Yet it sounds like you support missionary work edhopper Jul 2019 #54
I support missionary work. Anything that disrupts indiginous people ... marble falls Jul 2019 #57
Well said. eom guillaumeb Jul 2019 #10
Who? PJMcK Jul 2019 #16
G*d doesn't screw up. We all have free will to accept or not. marble falls Jul 2019 #25
is your god all powerful? Voltaire2 Jul 2019 #34
Yes, but he doesn't do parlor tricks and we aren't robots. We all have free will ... marble falls Jul 2019 #35
So when my son was nearly killed, and permanently injured by a drug resistant infection Voltaire2 Jul 2019 #36
First of all, I am so sorry to hear of your son's terrible injury, if something ... marble falls Jul 2019 #37
Your ineffable f'ing god is indistinguishable Voltaire2 Jul 2019 #64
I am sorry, again. marble falls Jul 2019 #66
I call full and absolute BS on the idea that "he doesn't do parlor tricks"... NeoGreen Jul 2019 #46
Water into wine was not a parlor trick. It was a simple miracle from a working man ... marble falls Jul 2019 #47
Sure...you go with that...'miracles'... NeoGreen Jul 2019 #48
And you go with whatever it is you need take from it all with you ... marble falls Jul 2019 #49
He? How do you know? pangaia Jul 2019 #78
You have a good point. He, she, it ... it doesn't matter and it doesn't detract from ... marble falls Jul 2019 #79
What about Zen Buddhists? pangaia Jul 2019 #80
Zen Buddhists believe you can be Buddhist and Christian, or Islam etc ... marble falls Jul 2019 #81
How can you sell something without salespeople? MineralMan Jul 2019 #5
Omnipresent? peasant one Jul 2019 #26
Every good business models 3c273a Jul 2019 #28
Star Trek: Why does God need a starship? keithbvadu2 Jul 2019 #39
If God cares about us, He is a terrible communicator. MarvinGardens Jul 2019 #40
Why is it... ADX Jul 2019 #52
Agreed. guillaumeb Jul 2019 #56
Yeah, I know... ADX Jul 2019 #58
If you are personally offended by the apparent ridicule of an IDEA... NeoGreen Jul 2019 #59
Hi NeoGreen - As a Christian, I greatly appreciate the opportunity that this forum provides to Pendrench Jul 2019 #60
LMMFAO... ADX Jul 2019 #63
Yes, we're obviously stupid. Act_of_Reparation Jul 2019 #83
LOL... ADX Jul 2019 #84
Like I said, we are clearly stupid. Act_of_Reparation Jul 2019 #86
I've got time right now, ready for your answer? Here it is... ADX Jul 2019 #87
Yeah, but not quite as simple as this being a public fucking forum. Act_of_Reparation Jul 2019 #88
You seem to take offense at many things here. Voltaire2 Jul 2019 #90
Nah, I'm good... ADX Jul 2019 #94
If you weren't offended, then obviously, the post wasn't for you... NeoGreen Jul 2019 #89
If the post wasn't for me... ADX Jul 2019 #91
Yes, you are absolutely correct... NeoGreen Jul 2019 #92
I don't remember asking a question... ADX Jul 2019 #93
I wasn't answering a question... NeoGreen Jul 2019 #95
Blah, blah, fucking blah... ADX Jul 2019 #96
Now it's my turn to LMFAO... NeoGreen Jul 2019 #97
Oh and, for the record #2... NeoGreen Jul 2019 #98
Sounds just like the Trump tweets about the "vile and disgusting things" that he claims Omar said. trotsky Jul 2019 #62
Hey, look. A case study in religious privilege. Act_of_Reparation Jul 2019 #82
Hey look! A case study in atheistic privilege... ADX Jul 2019 #85
Interesting. Act_of_Reparation Jul 2019 #99
Again, parallels to Trump. trotsky Jul 2019 #100
Because missionaries are tools of a corrupt system designed by humans. gtar100 Jul 2019 #67
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