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1. How about...
Wed Jan 3, 2018, 12:20 PM
Jan 2018

..."Why a Book?"

Why are all the, so called, revealed truths presented in book form, or some physical derivative (i.e. scroll, clay tablet, wall carving)?

Torah, koran, bible, mormon bible, dianetics etc.

Why weren't the "truths" presented in a more durable (or in a mode where durability isn't even a concern), more easily distributed, universally understandable (i.e. no translation(s) required) and non-miss-transcribable (sorry for making up the word: it's almost German) mode or format?

The proffered god is capable of anything, correct? So why limit the most important message to such a limited technology?

Good enough suggestion?

How about... NeoGreen Jan 2018 #1
Hmm...perhaps a big red button on a mountain that triggers MineralMan Jan 2018 #3
Or an ubiquitous ethereal stream of narrative... NeoGreen Jan 2018 #5
Pick any line of the Bible, and show it's ridiculous Bretton Garcia Jan 2018 #14
A drought of ideas? guillaumeb Jan 2018 #2
Introspection, Guy. MineralMan Jan 2018 #4
Advice is good, but living by what you prescribe is better. guillaumeb Jan 2018 #6
... MineralMan Jan 2018 #7
Much better. guillaumeb Jan 2018 #8
bombogenesis is upon us! Hide under yer bed. Voltaire2 Jan 2018 #9
Scotch or bourbon? Act_of_Reparation Jan 2018 #10
Pot-still Irish Whiskey for me. MineralMan Jan 2018 #11
Careful now. Act_of_Reparation Jan 2018 #13
Pray the snow away. PragmaticDem Jan 2018 #12
That trick never works. MineralMan Jan 2018 #15
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