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In reply to the discussion: "Proof" (?) of an afterlife [View all]
"Proof" (?) of an afterlife [View all] left-of-center2012 Oct 2016 OP
It's purely a matter of faith grubbs Oct 2016 #1
None, as far as I've ever seen. nt SusanCalvin Oct 2016 #2
There is no material evidence. We are left with Thomas. rug Oct 2016 #3
Doubting Thomas? beveeheart Oct 2016 #6
One and the same. rug Oct 2016 #8
The only thing that lives on is the good you do for others Moostache Oct 2016 #4
Plato and Sirach affirmed that. Brettongarcia Oct 2016 #23
There is much we don't know. pipoman Oct 2016 #5
We are here now. In what may be an infinite universe of infinite possibilities, Doodley Oct 2016 #7
That's essentially what I'm going to write. cpwm17 Oct 2016 #10
Thanks for the reply. I agree that is possible, but if it is inevitable we will return, is it also Doodley Oct 2016 #14
I've wondered about that. cpwm17 Oct 2016 #22
I agree that the chances of our existence seems to be so tiny that it appears Doodley Oct 2016 #53
And the chances of getting the correct number on all 100 roles of dice would be far greater cpwm17 Oct 2016 #57
You keep trying to put the burden of proof on others for disproving your reincarnation theory Major Nikon Oct 2016 #91
Throughout history cpwm17 Oct 2016 #92
I'm not sure how this helps your argument Major Nikon Oct 2016 #95
Ain't any. Iggo Oct 2016 #9
Zero evidence of afterlife. Bernardo de La Paz Oct 2016 #11
Also looking up to see the white operating table lights Brettongarcia Oct 2016 #86
Much as I'd like to live on forever after I die, writing a book just seems like too much work. stone space Oct 2016 #12
All reward and punishment in the afterlife is conveniently unverifyable Major Nikon Oct 2016 #13
It is only unverifiable if we cannot confirm that we are not already in an afterlife. Doodley Oct 2016 #15
Even then it's still unverifiable because you can't confirm the after-afterlife Major Nikon Oct 2016 #16
No you can't, but can you confirm that our existence now is life or the afterlife? Doodley Oct 2016 #34
Yes Major Nikon Oct 2016 #37
Please point me to the evidence. Doodley Oct 2016 #44
Cogito ergo sum Major Nikon Oct 2016 #45
You made a claim that a particular conscious-self can't ever reapear. cpwm17 Oct 2016 #46
No, I did not Major Nikon Oct 2016 #47
I won't bet my life on in particular reality cpwm17 Oct 2016 #48
Your reasoning process appears to rely heavily on the nonsequitur. Major Nikon Oct 2016 #49
The question still remains unanswered. Doodley Oct 2016 #54
I already have Major Nikon Oct 2016 #56
I use a similar argument against the requirement to prove the negative cpwm17 Oct 2016 #58
Your assumption is just as far fetched Major Nikon Oct 2016 #59
You haven't made any logical arguments against the possibility of conscious minds returning. cpwm17 Oct 2016 #61
I feel no obligation to disprove something that was never proven to begin with. YMMV. Major Nikon Oct 2016 #63
I guess my multiple lines of reasoning will all remain unchallenged. cpwm17 Oct 2016 #64
Honestly I didn't think it was even worthy of as much effort Major Nikon Oct 2016 #65
Science works because there are repeatable patterns in nature. cpwm17 Oct 2016 #66
As far as I can tell you are simply replacing "soul" with "conscious-self" Major Nikon Oct 2016 #67
Conscious self is just another name for conscious mind. cpwm17 Oct 2016 #68
And yet you proceed to compare it to other processes in nature as if it were a thing Major Nikon Oct 2016 #69
To me, the belief that a particular self can't return is cpwm17 Oct 2016 #70
Belief in the supernatural requires the suspension of reason Major Nikon Oct 2016 #71
I don't believe in the supernatural at all. cpwm17 Oct 2016 #73
And yet you are claiming your "conscious-self" not only can but has transcended your physical being Major Nikon Oct 2016 #74
I have no evidence that my conscious-self is attach to any particular atoms in my body cpwm17 Oct 2016 #75
You acknowledge "conscious-self" isn't a thing, yet base your premise on its transposition Major Nikon Oct 2016 #78
I addressed the teapot above. cpwm17 Oct 2016 #80
You are getting harder to understand with each post Major Nikon Oct 2016 #83
Is there a distinct you that is separate from somebody else? cpwm17 Oct 2016 #88
There's lots of things which differentiate me from everyone else Major Nikon Oct 2016 #90
Russell's Teapot doesn't apply here and doesn't help your position at all. cpwm17 Oct 2016 #93
I'm not claiming any position is the "default", which is where you are confused Major Nikon Oct 2016 #94
What is consciousness? We can build computers but know very little about the human Doodley Oct 2016 #85
Yes, we know so little about consciousness. cpwm17 Oct 2016 #89
Music isn't a "thing." It is neither only soundwaves or perception. Can it be transposed? Yes. Doodley Oct 2016 #84
Music IS a thing, and isn't a state of being Major Nikon Oct 2016 #87
Are you saying consciousness is not much different from being dead? Doodley Oct 2016 #96
No, and such nonsense is too ridiculous to be entertained Major Nikon Oct 2016 #97
You are the one who made the claim. I am just asking you can back-up your claim. Doodley Oct 2016 #60
My "claim" was that any mention of an afterlife is conveniently unverifiable Major Nikon Oct 2016 #62
I'm not demanding anything. I'm pointing out that we don't have a clue if Doodley Oct 2016 #50
If you really intended to be rhetorical about it... Major Nikon Oct 2016 #51
You're citing Descartes first step in the proof of God - for what reason? rug Oct 2016 #72
What are the properties of the afterlife? trotsky Oct 2016 #21
You wouldn't anymore than you'd recognize you are alive. Similarly, there is a theory that Doodley Oct 2016 #35
Completely unfalsifiable theories are fun to think about, trotsky Oct 2016 #36
Those that tend to dwell on such things... Major Nikon Oct 2016 #38
Yeah, well... trotsky Oct 2016 #39
The same with there being other universes. cpwm17 Oct 2016 #43
Afterlife Electron1 Oct 2016 #17
'Proof of Heaven' Author Has Now Been Thoroughly Debunked left-of-center2012 Oct 2016 #19
There is no evidence available except witness-accounts. DetlefK Oct 2016 #18
Witness accounts aren't evidence. Act_of_Reparation Oct 2016 #20
Your energy will live on ............ read The Shack Angry Dragon Oct 2016 #24
"read The Shack" left-of-center2012 Oct 2016 #25
Millions of people believe in an afterlife based on a fictional novel. trotsky Oct 2016 #33
my proof is in the first part............. I just suggested The Shack for your enjoyment Angry Dragon Oct 2016 #40
I believe there is... Mike Nelson Oct 2016 #26
Except reality. cleanhippie Oct 2016 #29
There is no proof because no one has ever made the return trip Warpy Oct 2016 #27
Well as a Buddhist Loki Liesmith Oct 2016 #28
no left-of-center2012 Oct 2016 #31
How does that square with the doctrines of Loki Liesmith Oct 2016 #32
Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it transforms from one form to another. still_one Oct 2016 #30
And? Goblinmonger Oct 2016 #41
Whatever the OP wants it to be. I will not project anything else still_one Oct 2016 #42
I really enjoyed Michael Newton's 2 books on this topic. Chemisse Oct 2016 #52
You haved lived and you will live again. Let it be so. The Wielding Truth Oct 2016 #55
Look into whathehell Oct 2016 #76
I am doubting NDEs (near death experiences) more and more Paula Sims Oct 2016 #77
Here is a web site you may want to visit awake Oct 2016 #79
You get a turn at life, when its over, someone else gets a shot Uben Oct 2016 #81
"Thousands of years and no proof of an afterlife" left-of-center2012 Oct 2016 #82
If you accept the premise of a Near Death Experience... brooklynite Oct 2016 #98
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