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34. Reality is measured by objectivity not subjectivity.
Sun Oct 2, 2016, 12:38 AM
Oct 2016

So, you, along with half of Congress, want him to speak out against Islamic terrorism?

When it comes to character, people are known by the company they keep.

Obama is a wise man n/t True Dough Sep 2016 #1
He gives thought to what he says. rug Sep 2016 #8
K&R mwrguy Sep 2016 #2
I would prefer the term "Islamist terrorism." David__77 Sep 2016 #3
I prefer "group sponsored violence". guillaumeb Sep 2016 #4
Very well said Jason1961 Sep 2016 #5
Thank you, and welcome to DU. guillaumeb Sep 2016 #7
Religious terrorism is a more apt term. cleanhippie Sep 2016 #12
And state sponsored terrorism is preferable? guillaumeb Oct 2016 #19
Did anyone say it is? cleanhippie Oct 2016 #29
The focus should be on the violence, not the claimed motivation. eom guillaumeb Oct 2016 #38
Now you've done it. You asked him to focus. rug Oct 2016 #39
My point is that the violence should always be the focus, not the claimed motivation. guillaumeb Oct 2016 #40
I agree with that point. If your legs are blown off it matters little why. rug Oct 2016 #41
Bigotry of the Right Jason1961 Sep 2016 #6
Man, I like this place more and more every day True Dough Sep 2016 #9
Enjoy yours as well. rug Sep 2016 #10
Religious terrorism is a more apt term. cleanhippie Sep 2016 #11
No it isn't. rug Sep 2016 #13
I disagree. cleanhippie Sep 2016 #14
Hmm, Obama or cleanhippie? rug Sep 2016 #15
Opinion is opinion. cleanhippie Sep 2016 #16
It's not a matter of being "politically correct" (where have we heard that term lately). rug Sep 2016 #17
So saying "God tells us to do this" isn't reigious? cleanhippie Sep 2016 #18
Does saying "Defend Liberty" while invading a country make it patriotic? rug Oct 2016 #23
To those that say that, it is. cleanhippie Oct 2016 #30
Reality is measured by objectivity not subjectivity. rug Oct 2016 #34
... opiate69 Oct 2016 #35
Now you're getting it. rug Oct 2016 #36
Obama defends religious privilege... MellowDem Oct 2016 #20
You don't get what religious privilege is and is not. rug Oct 2016 #21
I didn't say that statement was religious privilege... MellowDem Oct 2016 #25
+1 cleanhippie Oct 2016 #31
Sometimes when you dance around the edges to much Leontius Oct 2016 #22
Then it's good he was direct and not dancing. rug Oct 2016 #24
He'd reach many if he said "Same reason I don't call the Oklahoma City bombing christian terrorism". Bernardo de La Paz Oct 2016 #26
Or the Branch Davidians at Waco Bozvotros Oct 2016 #27
Nevertheless, it takes nothing away from what he did say. rug Oct 2016 #28
Only if one ignores the point being made. cleanhippie Oct 2016 #32
Yes, Obama is conceerned about bigotry against Christian terrorists. rug Oct 2016 #33
Nonsense. . . . .nt Bernardo de La Paz Oct 2016 #37
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