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4. I prefer "group sponsored violence".
Fri Sep 30, 2016, 02:59 PM
Sep 2016

As opposed to "government sponsored violence", which takes far more lives.

Obama is a wise man n/t True Dough Sep 2016 #1
He gives thought to what he says. rug Sep 2016 #8
K&R mwrguy Sep 2016 #2
I would prefer the term "Islamist terrorism." David__77 Sep 2016 #3
I prefer "group sponsored violence". guillaumeb Sep 2016 #4
Very well said Jason1961 Sep 2016 #5
Thank you, and welcome to DU. guillaumeb Sep 2016 #7
Religious terrorism is a more apt term. cleanhippie Sep 2016 #12
And state sponsored terrorism is preferable? guillaumeb Oct 2016 #19
Did anyone say it is? cleanhippie Oct 2016 #29
The focus should be on the violence, not the claimed motivation. eom guillaumeb Oct 2016 #38
Now you've done it. You asked him to focus. rug Oct 2016 #39
My point is that the violence should always be the focus, not the claimed motivation. guillaumeb Oct 2016 #40
I agree with that point. If your legs are blown off it matters little why. rug Oct 2016 #41
Bigotry of the Right Jason1961 Sep 2016 #6
Man, I like this place more and more every day True Dough Sep 2016 #9
Enjoy yours as well. rug Sep 2016 #10
Religious terrorism is a more apt term. cleanhippie Sep 2016 #11
No it isn't. rug Sep 2016 #13
I disagree. cleanhippie Sep 2016 #14
Hmm, Obama or cleanhippie? rug Sep 2016 #15
Opinion is opinion. cleanhippie Sep 2016 #16
It's not a matter of being "politically correct" (where have we heard that term lately). rug Sep 2016 #17
So saying "God tells us to do this" isn't reigious? cleanhippie Sep 2016 #18
Does saying "Defend Liberty" while invading a country make it patriotic? rug Oct 2016 #23
To those that say that, it is. cleanhippie Oct 2016 #30
Reality is measured by objectivity not subjectivity. rug Oct 2016 #34
... opiate69 Oct 2016 #35
Now you're getting it. rug Oct 2016 #36
Obama defends religious privilege... MellowDem Oct 2016 #20
You don't get what religious privilege is and is not. rug Oct 2016 #21
I didn't say that statement was religious privilege... MellowDem Oct 2016 #25
+1 cleanhippie Oct 2016 #31
Sometimes when you dance around the edges to much Leontius Oct 2016 #22
Then it's good he was direct and not dancing. rug Oct 2016 #24
He'd reach many if he said "Same reason I don't call the Oklahoma City bombing christian terrorism". Bernardo de La Paz Oct 2016 #26
Or the Branch Davidians at Waco Bozvotros Oct 2016 #27
Nevertheless, it takes nothing away from what he did say. rug Oct 2016 #28
Only if one ignores the point being made. cleanhippie Oct 2016 #32
Yes, Obama is conceerned about bigotry against Christian terrorists. rug Oct 2016 #33
Nonsense. . . . .nt Bernardo de La Paz Oct 2016 #37
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