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Such a simplistic post deserves a simplistic response: guillaumeb Jun 2016 #1
Show me the atheist holy book that inspired Stalin and others Cartoonist Jun 2016 #2
No, your post is typical of those that I name guillaumeb Jun 2016 #3
You still have nothing Cartoonist Jun 2016 #4
If the three genocidaires that I named share atheism as a philosophy, guillaumeb Jun 2016 #5
So let's say there are two "philosophies." trotsky Jun 2016 #43
The second book would be quite thin. rug Jun 2016 #49
"it's just comprised of people who don't believe anything in that other philosophy's book."? guillaumeb Jun 2016 #74
Neither of those edicts has anything to do with atheism. trotsky Jun 2016 #82
And in your style you again avoid answering any questions. guillaumeb Jun 2016 #91
My answers to those questions have nothing to do with any "philosophy" of atheism. trotsky Jun 2016 #94
I have not read any actual reply to any question that I have posed. guillaumeb Jun 2016 #95
Once again you display your inability to understand what others are saying. trotsky Jun 2016 #96
But some few posters only seem to find and post items that highlight guillaumeb Jun 2016 #97
That's because this is the Religion group, and that's the Atheism group. trotsky Jun 2016 #98
And do you ever discuss the positive aspects of religion, guillaumeb Jun 2016 #99
If I see something positive, I am happy to encourage it. trotsky Jun 2016 #100
If I see one of your positive religious posts I will recommend it. guillaumeb Jun 2016 #101
People act on their beliefs anoNY42 Jun 2016 #102
People act on their beliefs, but all people who identlfy as Christian guillaumeb Jun 2016 #103
The Republican party has a party platform anoNY42 Jun 2016 #110
Nice catch. n/t trotsky Jun 2016 #112
You are missing my point. guillaumeb Jun 2016 #114
Ask and ye shall receive: trotsky Jun 2016 #104
Are you speaking for me with your last two sentences? guillaumeb Jun 2016 #105
Do you, or do you not, think that religion can motivate people to do bad things? trotsky Jun 2016 #106
People can be motivated, or claim to be motivated, guillaumeb Jun 2016 #109
"Can any philosophy or belief, religious or not, be used to rationalize violence?" trotsky Jun 2016 #111
Since you mention unicorns, let me rephrase and merely use the word guillaumeb Jul 2016 #131
Goalposts moved. Noted. trotsky Jul 2016 #132
Atheism is a belief system because it is based on the unprovable guillaumeb Jul 2016 #133
And you're 100% wrong right out of the gate. trotsky Jul 2016 #134
What is an atheist? guillaumeb Jul 2016 #136
Is a lack of belief in unicorns a belief? trotsky Jul 2016 #137
You do not believe that unicorns exist. guillaumeb Jul 2016 #138
Why do you keep lying and making shit up about what other people think? skepticscott Jul 2016 #139
I named no names. You did in your reply accusing me. guillaumeb Jul 2016 #140
You're lying again skepticscott Jul 2016 #141
You are correct here. guillaumeb Jul 2016 #142
You are incorrect here. Cartoonist Jul 2016 #143
In other words skepticscott Jul 2016 #144
Ad hominem and evasion. guillaumeb Jul 2016 #145
So belief in God is equivalent to belief in Santa Claus Lordquinton Jul 2016 #147
What you've just done is classify every single lack of belief into a belief. trotsky Jul 2016 #146
Oh and this line of baloney: trotsky Jul 2016 #135
So, still waiting for a response. When you have time, of course. n/t trotsky Jul 2016 #130
That's rich skepticscott Jun 2016 #107
That's not my point at all Cartoonist Jun 2016 #67
But if certain acts can be attributed to religious belief because the actors guillaumeb Jun 2016 #75
Many once committed violence, naming religion as the reason Brettongarcia Jun 2016 #85
And you response to my actual point is..............? guillaumeb Jun 2016 #92
"Not to mention the millions of Muslims who still committed violence" cpwm17 Jun 2016 #108
So your intolerance of any who disagree with you makes you a fundamentalist Christian? Lordquinton Jun 2016 #9
My intolerance? guillaumeb Jun 2016 #14
You are confusing " theory" and hypothesis. apcalc Jun 2016 #38
A theory is the result of an initial hypothesis. guillaumeb Jun 2016 #60
You got that right skepticscott Jun 2016 #64
Again, one of us is confused: guillaumeb Jun 2016 #70
You stated that skepticscott Jun 2016 #79
You are always ready with insults and ad hominem. guillaumeb Jun 2016 #115
Seriously? You took all that time, and this is the best response you could come up with? skepticscott Jun 2016 #116
Again, you live up to your style. guillaumeb Jun 2016 #117
Post removed Post removed Jun 2016 #118
Says the poster skepticscott Jun 2016 #120
Can you actually respond skepticscott Jun 2016 #119
True, but it isn't that hard to figure out which Major Nikon Jun 2016 #80
It is you who mentioned the words "theory" and "Creator" in the same phrase. guillaumeb Jun 2016 #121
Sure.... Major Nikon Jun 2016 #122
What DU are you looking at? guillaumeb Jul 2016 #124
So why even bring up gravity and evolution? Major Nikon Jul 2016 #125
Avoid and evade? guillaumeb Jul 2016 #126
You stole my line! Major Nikon Jul 2016 #127
Really, you need to stop trying to opine on science skepticscott Jul 2016 #123
Even math is fuzzy Lordquinton Jul 2016 #128
What about Pi? skepticscott Jul 2016 #129
Fundamentalist doesn't mean what you think it means Major Nikon Jun 2016 #12
I am aware of the definition, and am modifying it to make a point. guillaumeb Jun 2016 #15
You should probably employ some other strategy besides subliteracy to make your point Major Nikon Jun 2016 #17
Your lack of appreciation for nuance does not condemn the nuance. guillaumeb Jun 2016 #18
Atheism is a belief system skepticscott Jun 2016 #19
In your own desperation, you avoid the obvious. guillaumeb Jun 2016 #21
You have to invent beliefs for me skepticscott Jun 2016 #23
What stops you from advancing your beliefs? guillaumeb Jun 2016 #24
What evidence do you have skepticscott Jun 2016 #25
You avoided my response. guillaumeb Jun 2016 #27
Many atheists dont Eko Jun 2016 #32
Back up your own claim first skepticscott Jun 2016 #36
Still waiting for you to back up your claim skepticscott Jun 2016 #78
Gravity can be measured. God, not so much Major Nikon Jun 2016 #41
Do you have a belief that leprechauns don't exist? trotsky Jun 2016 #44
Imagine how the believers of invisible pink unicorns must feel Major Nikon Jun 2016 #45
They're all just beliefs! Ta da! trotsky Jun 2016 #46
The idea that man descended from monkeys is really just an opinion Major Nikon Jun 2016 #47
Naturally. trotsky Jun 2016 #48
The best part is this level of ridiculousness is used as a building block for more ridiculousness Major Nikon Jun 2016 #22
Do you truly believe that ignorance, name calling, and personal hostility are substitutes guillaumeb Jun 2016 #26
What name did I call you? Major Nikon Jun 2016 #28
Well, since you asked, guillaumeb Jun 2016 #29
I intended them exactly as they were used. If you can't answer my question, please say so. Major Nikon Jun 2016 #31
Avoidance. Not very original, but I suppose it serves. guillaumeb Jun 2016 #34
You have been avoiding my question and still are Major Nikon Jun 2016 #40
Okay, prove that God can be measured and tested. rug Jun 2016 #50
Bob's your uncle Major Nikon Jun 2016 #51
"You can't pick it up, can you?" rug Jun 2016 #55
... Major Nikon Jun 2016 #58
That is by far the most substantive post you've put up in this thread. rug Jun 2016 #66
It's also by far more interesting than any post you've put up in this thread Major Nikon Jun 2016 #69
Clearly, when you can't support your position you resort to farting beavers. rug Jun 2016 #71
And yet that still beats your usual gibberish Major Nikon Jun 2016 #72
Clearly, you don't know what "baseless" means. rug Jun 2016 #73
This cliched argument is usually formatted as "guns don't kill people" Major Nikon Jun 2016 #20
fundamentalist atheists SoLeftIAmRight Jun 2016 #53
Post removed Post removed Jun 2016 #7
Show us the evidence skepticscott Jun 2016 #10
Post removed Post removed Jun 2016 #11
Apparently kwassa did not like being asked for evidence skepticscott Jun 2016 #13
They all had dark hair skepticscott Jun 2016 #6
and Hitler was a Catholic rurallib Jun 2016 #30
Nope anoNY42 Jun 2016 #52
Christians like Bush , Nixon and Reagan killed plenty. Lance Bass esquire Jun 2016 #76
Murderers are not limited to any one philosophy. guillaumeb Jun 2016 #77
The big mass murderers are Muslims today Brettongarcia Jun 2016 #81
In my lifetime, it's hard to beat the US when it comes to mass-murder. cpwm17 Jun 2016 #84
The Old Testament Brettongarcia Jun 2016 #86
There are some people that take the Old Testament too seriously cpwm17 Jun 2016 #87
There are many factors. Religion is one, though. Brettongarcia Jun 2016 #88
The same is true for violence committed by Muslims. cpwm17 Jun 2016 #89
So religion has a multiplier effect on things Brettongarcia Jun 2016 #90
Religion certainly seems to be somewhat harmful overall (in my opinion), cpwm17 Jun 2016 #93
On the contrary:Religion is a major factor in violence Brettongarcia Jul 2016 #149
On another note, patriotism is THE major factor in state violence. guillaumeb Jul 2016 #153
Yes. And states often cite religion as motive Brettongarcia Jul 2016 #156
Excellent comment: guillaumeb Jul 2016 #157
Stalin etc. said he was responding to religious oppression Brettongarcia Jun 2016 #113
The objective way to compare atheists to theists cpwm17 Jun 2016 #8
Given the huge disparity in numbers between believers and non-believers, guillaumeb Jun 2016 #16
Mass murdering dictators is just one of a number of potential measures cpwm17 Jun 2016 #33
A nuanced reply. guillaumeb Jun 2016 #35
Yet another claim that you keep repeating skepticscott Jun 2016 #37
That's what I meant by my sentence. cpwm17 Jun 2016 #39
Some find excuses in a book that includes directions for selling your children into slavery Major Nikon Jun 2016 #42
This thread got off the rails quick. Religion is a fig leaf not a cause Buzz cook Jun 2016 #54
"It gives magical power to an inanimate object." cpwm17 Jun 2016 #56
So your answer is "Guns don't kill people, people kill people"? Act_of_Reparation Jun 2016 #57
"Religion is culture" yes exactly Buzz cook Jun 2016 #59
A distinction without a difference. Act_of_Reparation Jun 2016 #61
If religion is an excuse for violence, it encourages it Brettongarcia Jun 2016 #62
But what about the people who believe the book is the divine word of god? trotsky Jun 2016 #65
Some people are fixated on violence. Act_of_Reparation Jun 2016 #68
Very nice OP Brettongarcia Jun 2016 #63
The religious would've killed people anyway? Brettongarcia Jun 2016 #83
See DU "Terrorism is Not About Religion" responses Brettongarcia Jul 2016 #148
I've seen 'em Cartoonist Jul 2016 #150
1 good point: experts agree religion relates to terrorism Brettongarcia Jul 2016 #151
What's the religious factor in Baton Rouge and Dallas? rug Jul 2016 #152
Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar Cartoonist Jul 2016 #154
Why can't the religious honestly confess their sins? Brettongarcia Jul 2016 #155
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