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14. Talking to you is like talking to a random word generator.
Mon Sep 7, 2015, 04:52 PM
Sep 2015

Immune to facts. Responds with unrelated combinations of words.

I'm afraid you fail the Turing test.

#KnowYourEnemy AtheistCrusader Sep 2015 #1
Especially when your "enemy" is actually tackling issues like poverty and climate change (nt) UrbScotty Sep 2015 #5
LOL Act_of_Reparation Sep 2015 #6
:-) UrbScotty Sep 2015 #7
Yes, yes, yes. You can copy and paste image URLs. Act_of_Reparation Sep 2015 #16
Please let me know about the atheists' plan to tackle climate change. UrbScotty Sep 2015 #18
Gladly. Act_of_Reparation Sep 2015 #25
And how would you know what "these guys" do? (nt) UrbScotty Sep 2015 #26
Observation and deduction. Act_of_Reparation Sep 2015 #27
Then try observing and deducing! UrbScotty Sep 2015 #31
I observe you saying nothing. Act_of_Reparation Sep 2015 #36
Except that I'm saying things. UrbScotty Sep 2015 #37
Tackling issues like poverty by opposing family planning? AtheistCrusader Sep 2015 #8
Wrong again :-) UrbScotty Sep 2015 #9
You wish. AtheistCrusader Sep 2015 #10
I couldn't defend falsehoods if I tried either. UrbScotty Sep 2015 #11
I know, right? Maybe you should drop it then. AtheistCrusader Sep 2015 #12
Drop what? LOL! Projection doesn't work (nt) UrbScotty Sep 2015 #13
Talking to you is like talking to a random word generator. AtheistCrusader Sep 2015 #14
LOL - More projection UrbScotty Sep 2015 #15
LOL - More projection. Act_of_Reparation Sep 2015 #17
And you can copy and paste! UrbScotty Sep 2015 #19
You've been provided facts that support my original assertion. AtheistCrusader Sep 2015 #20
I've already provided all the facts I need! UrbScotty Sep 2015 #21
I sure can! Act_of_Reparation Sep 2015 #24
Then read it! UrbScotty Sep 2015 #33
the ''impact of religion''! yes we know quite a lot about that in the U.S. YOHABLO Sep 2015 #2
Yep, can't turn your back on that shit even for a minute. Iggo Sep 2015 #3
For many religious institutions the "Golden Rule" means "give us your gold". nt. Warren Stupidity Sep 2015 #4
Why did you edit the quote to change its meaning? trotsky Sep 2015 #22
Not much change in impact at all, actually (nt) UrbScotty Sep 2015 #23
He didn't say we ignore religion at our peril. trotsky Sep 2015 #29
And normally the title of the article Rob H. Sep 2015 #70
I don't ignore religion & its impact on the world. JNelson6563 Sep 2015 #28
Harm would happen with or without religion. UrbScotty Sep 2015 #30
But fewer people would have a motive to do bad. trotsky Sep 2015 #34
Go ahead - give me *one* example of religion giving someone a motive to do bad... UrbScotty Sep 2015 #38
I've already given you 12 in a previous thread. trotsky Sep 2015 #39
I said *accurate.* You didn't prove that religion actually motivated any of them. UrbScotty Sep 2015 #40
OK, I see your inability to actually address any point continues. trotsky Sep 2015 #41
Just because one does not see the point I'm making, doesn't mean I didn't make it UrbScotty Sep 2015 #42
Right back atcha. trotsky Sep 2015 #43
Checkmate: UrbScotty Sep 2015 #44
That doesn't prove anything. trotsky Sep 2015 #45
But religion does motivate people to get involved in this kind of work. UrbScotty Sep 2015 #46
People are also motivated to get involved for non-religious reasons. trotsky Sep 2015 #48
C'mon, trotsky, when a religious group/person does "good" it's because religion cleanhippie Sep 2015 #47
It is rare to see the blatant doltery of religion can do no bad Warren Stupidity Sep 2015 #54
And there it is... JNelson6563 Sep 2015 #56
Okie dokie. Act_of_Reparation Sep 2015 #58
And disdain for religion sometimes compels people to call others a piece of shit (nt) UrbScotty Sep 2015 #60
And that is usually an accurate observation. For example, what would you call someone... Humanist_Activist Sep 2015 #64
You do NOT lecture a gay person about marriage equality. UrbScotty Sep 2015 #65
Oh please, cut the crap, that argument has no merit, particularly with you... Humanist_Activist Sep 2015 #66
LOL - you think you know everything about me when you've never even MET me! UrbScotty Sep 2015 #68
"You do NOT lecture a gay person about marriage equality." trotsky Sep 2015 #67
Uh, wrong again. UrbScotty Sep 2015 #69
I like your proposal. n/t trotsky Sep 2015 #32
Any other groups you'd like to segregate? rug Sep 2015 #35
Heads up! Bogey on your six! cleanhippie Sep 2015 #49
Hmph. Nothing there for me. trotsky Sep 2015 #50
Apparently. Yet you're being represented as endorsing segregation. cleanhippie Sep 2015 #51
LOL! trotsky Sep 2015 #52
What would you call it? rug Sep 2015 #53
Rhymes with Colt, favorite idol of some of our self-described crusaders Starboard Tack Sep 2015 #55
And like crumbs, it atracts pests. rug Sep 2015 #62
And a wingman to help it sustain an attack! Warren Stupidity Sep 2015 #57
Nice to get confirmation I'm still ignoring the right people. trotsky Sep 2015 #59
Post removed Post removed Sep 2015 #61
A self-descriptive post. rug Sep 2015 #63
You are definitely the funniest! Starboard Tack Sep 2015 #71
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