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78. In 1585, Tommaso Laureti completed his "Triumph of Christianity" fresco.
Sun Apr 19, 2015, 08:54 PM
Apr 2015

That fresco is the centerpiece of the images on the ceiling of the Raphael Room of the Papal Palace. The fresco suggests that Constantine ordered the destruction of pagan statures. However, in reality, Constantine was tolerant of them. The destruction of the pagan statues was accomplished by Christians operating pursuant to their own agenda.

They do admit it and are proud of it. I went to Catholic school Cleita Apr 2015 #1
Interesting indeed. Smarmie Doofus Apr 2015 #2
They can start by apologizing for destroying pagan civilizations period. AtheistCrusader Apr 2015 #3
There's something to be said in favor of intellectual integrity and careful historical work struggle4progress Apr 2015 #4
almost all of the Mayan libraries were destroyed central scrutinizer Apr 2015 #5
And what about the missionaries edhopper Apr 2015 #6
Oh please, Cartoonist Apr 2015 #7
You're right. The Iberian monarchs funded armed fleets to bring back rare woods for rosaries. rug Apr 2015 #9
And that is why edhopper Apr 2015 #14
No, they were burned to complete the conquest. rug Apr 2015 #15
sorry edhopper Apr 2015 #19
Knows a hell of a lot more than you, Toons, okasha Apr 2015 #21
LMFAO trotsky Apr 2015 #28
There are rallies this week observing the centenary of the Armenian genocide. rug Apr 2015 #38
I see that Toons has gone into hiding. okasha Apr 2015 #46
It won't be the last time. rug Apr 2015 #47
Jeez, can't I work for a living? Cartoonist Apr 2015 #48
You seemed to be able to post in other threads. okasha Apr 2015 #49
You can keep it Cartoonist Apr 2015 #50
You actually know more about this issue than my s/o who is part Native American. beam me up scottie Apr 2015 #51
I've learned a lot in this thread. Cartoonist Apr 2015 #52
I did too. beam me up scottie Apr 2015 #53
And did you notice Okasha's little dodge skepticscott Apr 2015 #56
South America got absolutely steamrolled by Christians. AtheistCrusader Apr 2015 #58
Pay attention, Toons. okasha Apr 2015 #61
Your assumption that whites can only know about Native Americans from Wikipedia skepticscott Apr 2015 #62
Intermarried? Cartoonist Apr 2015 #63
Mestozo/a men and women have been getting married okasha Apr 2015 #64
You got me for one last word Cartoonist Apr 2015 #65
I do think the Gold Rush occurred in 1848, not 1948. okasha Apr 2015 #66
The broad brush assumption by you skepticscott Apr 2015 #55
Ah, the voice of dispassionate reason and cool logic has weighed in. rug Apr 2015 #57
Unopposed by facts, reason, argument skepticscott Apr 2015 #59
No Caps, Exclamations or smileys there. rug Apr 2015 #60
And those few who remained were converted. LiberalAndProud Apr 2015 #106
The old ways were kept in secret. okasha Apr 2015 #107
The biggest harm was done when it adopted the imperial pagan culture. rug Apr 2015 #8
Are you taking about the Romans or the RCC? Goblinmonger Apr 2015 #12
! beam me up scottie Apr 2015 #13
So, bmus, what part of the Roman Empire do you want to resurrect? rug Apr 2015 #17
But you phil89 Apr 2015 #31
You know, phil, yor parroting the phrase "a book of atrocity and genocide" hardly makes it so. rug Apr 2015 #34
Eh, the only way the meek are going to get anything at all is inherit it Fumesucker Apr 2015 #45
... Praei/j ... means “mild”, “gentle”, “kind”, “forgiving”. It can also suggest passive resistance struggle4progress Apr 2015 #104
That's quite a bowl of cherries you picked. Cartoonist Apr 2015 #67
If you use the plural "we", kindly read the roster so everyone knows who you speak for. rug Apr 2015 #68
Everyone but the cherry pickers. Cartoonist Apr 2015 #69
I see. The iimaginary cheering horde in your thoughts. rug Apr 2015 #70
What it is. Cartoonist Apr 2015 #71
As a matter of fact I have read all of its 73 books. rug Apr 2015 #72
Gross ignorance can be excused and corrected Leontius Apr 2015 #73
So what do you do Cartoonist Apr 2015 #75
First, I keep reading. rug Apr 2015 #77
Who to believe? Cartoonist Apr 2015 #80
Interesting you cited the Pope's condemnation of slavery. rug Apr 2015 #81
I'm still waiting for Pope Frank to denounce Leviticus Cartoonist Apr 2015 #82
Leviticus 19:18 struggle4progress Apr 2015 #105
Reigning monarch? okasha Apr 2015 #74
Work on your syntax. rug Apr 2015 #16
.... Goblinmonger Apr 2015 #25
And your rhetoric. rug Apr 2015 #35
How about crucifixion? okasha Apr 2015 #20
....... Goblinmonger Apr 2015 #30
Burning people alive seems to have been a popular past-time in many cultures struggle4progress Apr 2015 #44
She's not a classicist. okasha Apr 2015 #22
Thanks. I thoght "Relationship Author-Expert & Classicist" was an odd combo. rug Apr 2015 #36
I've never heard the Iconoclasts mentioned in the destruction of Classical art before. Leontius Apr 2015 #39
Gods that embody human traits? Fumesucker Apr 2015 #24
You are more likely describing a god made in the image of man. rug Apr 2015 #37
Which is what the Christian God is, yes... Fumesucker Apr 2015 #40
Afraid not. Humans have yet to accept, let alone consistently practice, love your neighbor. rug Apr 2015 #41
I'm reminded of the parable of the Good Samaritan Fumesucker Apr 2015 #42
Exactly. You don't have to look far to see nothing will change ntil we realize we are all neighbors. rug Apr 2015 #43
Wait, and your God has consistently practiced this? Where is this written? Humanist_Activist Apr 2015 #110
Pay attention. rug Apr 2015 #111
Where is your evidence for this? I strongly doubt that Yahweh/Jesus were the only... Humanist_Activist Apr 2015 #114
You're still not paying attention. rug Apr 2015 #116
So its, do as I say, not as I do? Why is this god worthy of worship again? n/t Humanist_Activist Apr 2015 #118
If you're still on the same topic, God does not need a commandment to love. rug Apr 2015 #121
How is god an emotion? That makes no sense. n/t Humanist_Activist Apr 2015 #125
You can say "life" but that is als limited. rug Apr 2015 #127
"Gods that embody human traits?" Like Yahweh? Humanist_Activist Apr 2015 #109
There is nothing human about Yahweh. rug Apr 2015 #112
Well, for one, he's very emotional, for example, jealously, which makes no sense... Humanist_Activist Apr 2015 #115
The accounts you refer to are human renderings of an ineffable entity. rug Apr 2015 #117
I'm assuming you are Christian, so what other source do you use? Humanist_Activist Apr 2015 #119
More specifically, Catholic. rug Apr 2015 #120
Again, that "Sacred Scripture" isn't so reliable, so having it intertwined with revelation... Humanist_Activist Apr 2015 #122
If you take it as literal narration, it's highly unreliable. rug Apr 2015 #123
What does "Sheer awareness" or "Sheer existence" even mean? Humanist_Activist Apr 2015 #124
Consciousness, self-awareness. rug Apr 2015 #126
So you need to be phil89 Apr 2015 #128
You may believe education is being "told what to think". rug Apr 2015 #129
I feel as if we are simply talking past each other, and going around in circles... Humanist_Activist Apr 2015 #130
It would be foolish to read Beowulf without scholarly commentary. rug Apr 2015 #132
That's not the issue, if we treated the Bible like Beowulf, I wouldn't have an issue... Humanist_Activist Apr 2015 #133
No, the is a big part of the issue. rug Apr 2015 #134
What message? What are you talking about? Humanist_Activist Apr 2015 #135
Do you think the Bible has a message? rug Apr 2015 #136
Not a consistent message, no, the Bible is a collection of related stories, legends, myths... Humanist_Activist Apr 2015 #137
You're getting closer to understanding but still a way to go. Leontius Apr 2015 #138
That's where the scholarship comes in. rug Apr 2015 #139
Most of the scholarship I've seen, and yes much of it I sourced(from memory) in my post... Humanist_Activist Apr 2015 #140
It is a daunting task. rug Apr 2015 #141
You are basically justifying confirmation bias, is anyone concerned about what actually... Humanist_Activist Apr 2015 #142
for this reason, among others, the RCC Lordquinton Apr 2015 #10
I'm not sure which is most laughable the article itself Leontius Apr 2015 #11
I'd say the latter. rug Apr 2015 #18
Definitely the latter. okasha Apr 2015 #23
I can't help but still be amazed how gullible and willfully ignorant these people are. Leontius Apr 2015 #32
Thank you for your post, Leontius. trotsky Apr 2015 #27
And for showing us there's a one-sentence hit-and-run reply for any topic. Act_of_Reparation Apr 2015 #33
Deja Vu Erich Bloodaxe BSN Apr 2015 #26
They'd do it again the first chance they got mwrguy Apr 2015 #29
I can't see a difference between them xfundy Apr 2015 #54
The OP author is a top-selling relationship author! And couples mediator! kwassa Apr 2015 #76
Any facts in the article you'd like to dispute, kwassa? trotsky Apr 2015 #83
Do you always argue with yourself? kwassa Apr 2015 #87
Please, kwassa, there is no need to engage in such nasty behavior. trotsky Apr 2015 #88
You're projecting again. You really need to stop. kwassa Apr 2015 #89
Alright, if you say so. trotsky Apr 2015 #91
Never said that either. kwassa Apr 2015 #98
Influenced? LOL trotsky Apr 2015 #100
She couldn't be bothered with research on the subject. Vestals married to Rome, really. Leontius Apr 2015 #103
In 1585, Tommaso Laureti completed his "Triumph of Christianity" fresco. John1956PA Apr 2015 #78
WORLD PAGAN LEADERS ADDRESS THE POPE beam me up scottie Apr 2015 #79
Fascinating how modern-day Christians react with hate and spittle to this history. n/t trotsky Apr 2015 #84
People often hate the ones they hurt. Act_of_Reparation Apr 2015 #85
And they defend the ones skepticscott Apr 2015 #86
Denial, deflection and disruption. beam me up scottie Apr 2015 #90
But you do it so well almost, dare I say an artform. Leontius Apr 2015 #92
And right on cue. beam me up scottie Apr 2015 #93
If you guys don't want to be called on whinny petty little bullshit Leontius Apr 2015 #94
The destruction of pagan culture is whinny(sic) petty little bullshit? beam me up scottie Apr 2015 #95
Yes you did all three in one post. Leontius Apr 2015 #96
More deflection. beam me up scottie Apr 2015 #97
Your lack of reading comprehension doesn't anger me Leontius Apr 2015 #99
I for one am glad Leontius is here to remind us what True Christian behavior is all about. n/t trotsky Apr 2015 #102
I'm glad he's here to point out hypocritical behavior. rug Apr 2015 #113
The (Pagan) History of Christmas HockeyMom Apr 2015 #101
That account contains some curious garblings. It is, of course, quite likely struggle4progress Apr 2015 #108
The notion that there was one definite "Classical Pagan Culture" is somewhat odd struggle4progress Apr 2015 #131
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