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47. Did you bother to read what you cut and pasted?
Sun Apr 19, 2015, 11:03 AM
Apr 2015

"...the real reasons for the Hasidic dress code are historical and sociological and not theological."

That's what I said.

Good to see people standing up to bigotry. okasha Apr 2015 #1
Look, I'm the first one to make fun of edhopper Apr 2015 #2
As an adult you still feel the need to make fun of people because of what they ware? hrmjustin Apr 2015 #3
Edhopper said he makes fun of the costumes Mariana Apr 2015 #5
And this makes it ok? hrmjustin Apr 2015 #6
Sure, if he's not bothering them about it. Mariana Apr 2015 #7
You can do whatever you want but yes as an adult I find laughing and mocking hrmjustin Apr 2015 #9
Student and teacher, okasha Apr 2015 #14
I understand you feel that way. Mariana Apr 2015 #15
If you mocked them privately you may end up doing it publicly one day. hrmjustin Apr 2015 #16
OMG!! It's cbayer meme #243 - "reading from the Book of Mormon while on vacation!" cbayer Apr 2015 #40
Wait, doesn't that go reading the Book of Mormon from the stateroom of your yacht? rug Apr 2015 #57
No, it's The God Delusion I read from my yacht stateroom... cbayer Apr 2015 #58
That's prudent. Eye strain may cause wrinkles. rug Apr 2015 #59
I make fun of the people too edhopper Apr 2015 #11
Yes edhopper Apr 2015 #8
Well i live in Brooklyn so I am used to seeing those hats so it doesn't amuse me. hrmjustin Apr 2015 #10
I live in NYC as well edhopper Apr 2015 #12
Ok. hrmjustin Apr 2015 #13
It's probably mutual. okasha Apr 2015 #17
It is 2015. Hardly anyone wears a tie anymore. Warren Stupidity Apr 2015 #18
You should get out more, Warren. okasha Apr 2015 #19
Cause God says edhopper Apr 2015 #21
I hate wearing a tie edhopper Apr 2015 #20
No, I don't. okasha Apr 2015 #22
No, edhopper Apr 2015 #23
Show me where "God deems it so." okasha Apr 2015 #24
You'd have to go edhopper Apr 2015 #25
So you can't identify a source for "God deems it so?" okasha Apr 2015 #26
funny that, edhopper Apr 2015 #27
So, once again, okasha Apr 2015 #28
that Hasidim edhopper Apr 2015 #29
Stop digging, ed. okasha Apr 2015 #30
you're right of course edhopper Apr 2015 #31
And bury that silly little attempt at sarcasm on your way out. okasha Apr 2015 #32
attempt? edhopper Apr 2015 #34
Trite. Your buddies have overworked it. okasha Apr 2015 #35
everybody's a critic. edhopper Apr 2015 #36
And your little dog, too! beam me up scottie Apr 2015 #33
You speak Welsh--how charming! okasha Apr 2015 #37
My father's mother was Welsh. beam me up scottie Apr 2015 #38
God deems it so. Warren Stupidity Apr 2015 #39
Did you bother to read what you cut and pasted? okasha Apr 2015 #47
You did notice edhopper Apr 2015 #48
And yet Jews managed to observe okasha Apr 2015 #50
Yes edhopper Apr 2015 #51
Which is where the sociogical aspects come in. okasha Apr 2015 #53
You do understand that those are not exclusive, right? Warren Stupidity Apr 2015 #55
Reading comprehension, Warren. okasha Apr 2015 #56
Honesty okasha. Lacking. Warren Stupidity Apr 2015 #62
Read it again, Warren. okasha Apr 2015 #63
The specific hats refer to specific geographic locations and specific Rabbinic lineages. rug Apr 2015 #61
Did you read that Hasidim think otherwise? Warren Stupidity Apr 2015 #49
I read that they assign symbolic meaning okasha Apr 2015 #52
Wow. Just Wow! Warren Stupidity Apr 2015 #54
I tend to agree with your position here, but I think it may be important to cbayer Apr 2015 #41
Yes edhopper Apr 2015 #42
I don't know a lot about this, but how are wool coats and fur hats cbayer Apr 2015 #43
Humor can often be off color. edhopper Apr 2015 #44
Yeah, I lived in the south for a long time. cbayer Apr 2015 #45
Though in Wall Street it is all culture edhopper Apr 2015 #46
Wtf? You just admitted you laughed at mormons because of their beliefs. beam me up scottie Apr 2015 #60
K&R rug Apr 2015 #4
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