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23. Nor does it pick my pocket or break my leg,
Wed Mar 18, 2015, 07:55 PM
Mar 2015

but the strained "logic" of the statement does make me laugh. It's the flip side of "No atheists in foxholes."

We Are All Atheists [View all] trotsky Mar 2015 OP
Does anyone still believe in the Greek and Roman gods? marym625 Mar 2015 #1
I think bvf Mar 2015 #2
Well, I mean my curiosity on it. n/t marym625 Mar 2015 #3
No disrespect intended. bvf Mar 2015 #5
none taken marym625 Mar 2015 #8
Wholly agreed. bvf Mar 2015 #26
seems to be a large move in both directions. marym625 Mar 2015 #27
As a matter of fact, yes! trotsky Mar 2015 #4
Damned heathens! n/t. bvf Mar 2015 #6
Who would have thunk it? marym625 Mar 2015 #9
Hail Eris! AtheistCrusader Mar 2015 #10
She is awesome but I prefer the goddess of war, Athena! LostOne4Ever Mar 2015 #15
Even in war, Athena was more of a builder than a wrecker, so AtheistCrusader Mar 2015 #16
I'm pretty fond of her myself. Act_of_Reparation Mar 2015 #31
Another thought edhopper Mar 2015 #7
there is some ridiculous theological bullshit about how all that is not polytheism. nt. Warren Stupidity Mar 2015 #12
You could just say edhopper Mar 2015 #17
While I appreciate the underlying point the author's making... gcomeau Mar 2015 #11
A better way to phrase it is that monotheists are one god short of atheism. Warren Stupidity Mar 2015 #13
Yeah, that would work a lot better... -eom gcomeau Mar 2015 #14
Good point. trotsky Mar 2015 #18
Hate it all you want, doesn't stop it being true. mr blur Mar 2015 #20
Umm, what? gcomeau Mar 2015 #21
Every day probably 1000s of people take an Onion article as straight reporting. goldent Mar 2015 #25
Quibble about terminology... FiveGoodMen Mar 2015 #19
Yes, it doesn't take too much mathematical insight goldent Mar 2015 #24
If the author of the article wants to call me an atheist on that basis, he can go right ahead. Htom Sirveaux Mar 2015 #22
Nor does it pick my pocket or break my leg, okasha Mar 2015 #23
Great. Then it should be easy for someone as smart as you to pick apart. trotsky Mar 2015 #28
I csn provide an answer, But you won't like it. okasha Mar 2015 #29
Oh so that's how you think you get out of it. trotsky Mar 2015 #30
I'm a panentheist. They're all the same god. okasha Mar 2015 #32
To you, but actual believers in Zeus would disagree with you. trotsky Mar 2015 #33
Who are you to tell me I'm wrong? okasha Mar 2015 #35
As I noted, Zeus was defined with particular characteristics. trotsky Mar 2015 #37
There used to be a small museum in Luray called the Thunderbird Museum Leontius Mar 2015 #34
You thought of the car or the flight squadron? okasha Mar 2015 #36
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