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117. Manifestly, you two ladies just put your heads together, and defended lies. A case in point
Wed Jul 30, 2014, 05:36 AM
Jul 2014

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Question about lying. [View all] DetlefK Jul 2014 OP
Plenty of info on this. AtheistCrusader Jul 2014 #1
Just to add a more recent quote..... defacto7 Jul 2014 #101
So you are asking if anyone knows edhopper Jul 2014 #2
A lie is a lie no matter what human institution say about it. hrmjustin Jul 2014 #3
What about telling children the stories of Adam and Eve edhopper Jul 2014 #6
No. Either they believe it or it is an allegory and it is taught as such. hrmjustin Jul 2014 #7
I disagree - many churches will tell children the story of Noah without saying "but this isn't true" muriel_volestrangler Jul 2014 #37
If Noah is just story then I would say it fits the OT version of God as being vengeful and needs to hrmjustin Jul 2014 #40
That's not the kind of view that was ever brought up as a possibility when I was young muriel_volestrangler Jul 2014 #48
Well if you actually read the OT and NT it is really hard to miss the different views on God. hrmjustin Jul 2014 #50
Yes, but that's the point with how the Bible is presented to children muriel_volestrangler Jul 2014 #59
It depends on the church and teachers but I see your point. hrmjustin Jul 2014 #62
Telling children stories is not the same thing as lying, imo. cbayer Jul 2014 #8
So if you don't do the latter you are a liar? Warren Stupidity Jul 2014 #41
In my opinion, telling children false tales, lies, is lying. Brettongarcia Jul 2014 #84
Kind of hard to have a discussion with somebody who has told Warren Stupidity Jul 2014 #4
He does not want you barging into the conversation with your irrelevancies Fortinbras Armstrong Jul 2014 #11
Ah yes the people having conversations with Warren Stupidity Jul 2014 #15
Rather rude on the OPs part... rexcat Jul 2014 #16
Maybe you should start a thread in A&A to complain about it. rug Jul 2014 #25
he did. And he is wrong about interfaith. hrmjustin Jul 2014 #44
Post removed Post removed Jul 2014 #45
Classy as always. hrmjustin Jul 2014 #47
Don't you ever get bored with these blank posts, or is it enough of an achievement mr blur Jul 2014 #63
one could ask you the same question. hrmjustin Jul 2014 #64
Allow me. rug Jul 2014 #68
Thank you my friend. hrmjustin Jul 2014 #69
Like most human events, it's more a matter of integrity than innocence. rug Jul 2014 #71
Don't you ever get bored with these blank posts? rug Jul 2014 #67
Jury results for #45 Lancero Jul 2014 #73
Thanks for posting. rug Jul 2014 #74
You and your clique okasha Jul 2014 #90
my alert? Warren Stupidity Jul 2014 #102
lol our team went down in flames. hrmjustin Jul 2014 #103
I'll give you credit for being the only one on your side to object to the overt rudeness. Warren Stupidity Jul 2014 #104
Gee, whose trademark is this? rug Jul 2014 #105
I try. I fail at times but I try. hrmjustin Jul 2014 #106
Is there really a commandment against lying? cbayer Jul 2014 #5
"Satan is the father of lies." God hates "deceit." Telling people untruths confuses their minds. Brettongarcia Jul 2014 #83
"Bearing false witness" okasha Jul 2014 #92
I did not even mention or include "bearing false witness." Brettongarcia Jul 2014 #94
I like your description of this. The intent to do harm is also an important factor. cbayer Jul 2014 #110
I extremely dislike this. You ladies are justifying lies Brettongarcia Jul 2014 #114
Women especially value "white lies"? And those lies are usually much blacker than women realize? cbayer Jul 2014 #115
Manifestly, you two ladies just put your heads together, and defended lies. A case in point Brettongarcia Jul 2014 #117
Shut up yourself. But thanks for the mention, if not the snark. (nt) mr blur Jul 2014 #9
The shut up coomment is not helpful and rude. hrmjustin Jul 2014 #10
Actually, the "shut up" comment is not rude and quite helpful Fortinbras Armstrong Jul 2014 #13
it was quite helpful, in ways you could not possibly imagine at the time you wrote that. Warren Stupidity Jul 2014 #34
A lie is not a lie okasha Jul 2014 #12
You know what would have worked better? Attrition. AtheistCrusader Jul 2014 #19
Realistically, the 'someone about to die' would have been you, and the people you're helping muriel_volestrangler Jul 2014 #42
False. German civilians were armed, in fact. AtheistCrusader Jul 2014 #46
No, gun ownership is not, and was not, common in European countries muriel_volestrangler Jul 2014 #57
A fair amount of time passed between the relaxation of those laws, and the onset of war. AtheistCrusader Jul 2014 #65
Pretty strictly controlled muriel_volestrangler Jul 2014 #66
Kant would be disappointed. Warren Stupidity Jul 2014 #49
The Catholic church actually uses this argument Brettongarcia Jul 2014 #78
Augustine of Hippo was mentioned above, so I shall write a bit more on him Fortinbras Armstrong Jul 2014 #14
So if you take words, put quotation marks around them, and claim that's what someone else said, trotsky Jul 2014 #17
I believe that your intention is to resurrect the slander some of you atheists spouted Fortinbras Armstrong Jul 2014 #20
How about you either plagarized or are Garry Wills? Warren Stupidity Jul 2014 #22
OK, that's a fair cop Fortinbras Armstrong Jul 2014 #23
Ironic. Perhaps the most fabulous case of unintentional irony I've ever seen on DU. Warren Stupidity Jul 2014 #24
I was being wholly un-ironical Fortinbras Armstrong Jul 2014 #30
That is the unintentional part of it. Warren Stupidity Jul 2014 #31
You didn't just plagiarize, you lied. trotsky Jul 2014 #32
Sometimes I think god is on OUR side. Warren Stupidity Jul 2014 #35
When his followers act like this, you kinda have to wonder. n/t trotsky Jul 2014 #56
Effin A trotsky Jul 2014 #27
Somehow this is all good. Warren Stupidity Jul 2014 #28
Why is always the super pious who are super dishonest? Fix The Stupid Jul 2014 #39
Well... trotsky Jul 2014 #58
Very good. Now link to your post of what you CLAIMED he said. trotsky Jul 2014 #26
You're the one trying to resurrect it. Fortinbras Armstrong Jul 2014 #38
Are you british by any chance? Warren Stupidity Jul 2014 #51
In other words, you would slink away Fortinbras Armstrong Jul 2014 #53
yes. I would admit being an asshat and then disappear. Warren Stupidity Jul 2014 #54
Alright, dude, you asked for it. Here it is to expose your dishonesty for all to see. trotsky Jul 2014 #55
That right there is how it is done. Fix The Stupid Jul 2014 #61
+ 1000. skepticscott Jul 2014 #98
Thanks. DetlefK Jul 2014 #120
All lying is not the same libodem Jul 2014 #18
Many people say that religion itself is a "White" Lie;they tell you there is a god, to make you obey Brettongarcia Jul 2014 #77
I don't think kids need to be brainwashed libodem Jul 2014 #100
I agree. Just simply explain the logic of things to kids; don't tell them lies Brettongarcia Jul 2014 #108
Well, that's it then. I guess we're all going to hell. Starboard Tack Jul 2014 #21
So lying is no problem for you? Brettongarcia Jul 2014 #79
To be honest, nothing is a problem for me Starboard Tack Jul 2014 #82
So you are confessing to being a liar? Brettongarcia Jul 2014 #85
Confess? Moi? Je ne suis pas Catholique Starboard Tack Jul 2014 #88
Have you ever heard about the White Lie theory of religion? What do you think of it? Brettongarcia Jul 2014 #91
No! Well maybe. On second thoughts, No! Starboard Tack Jul 2014 #95
"In lies, truth" the Romans used to say Brettongarcia Jul 2014 #96
You see, you are quite bright, after all. Starboard Tack Jul 2014 #99
It hardly matters if none of us have absolute truth; we know some things that seem more certain Brettongarcia Jul 2014 #109
Why would you compare religion with science? Starboard Tack Jul 2014 #113
Is it safe to abandon all reason? Even in Art? In Religion? God says, don't do it. Brettongarcia Jul 2014 #116
I don't deal in absolutes like "Is it safe to abandon all reason?" Starboard Tack Jul 2014 #119
Logic is a major part of reason. Logic is necessary in science. Brettongarcia Jul 2014 #121
No, actually, it is not necessary to science. Here are 5 definitions of "reason" Starboard Tack Jul 2014 #123
I spent some time trying to remember if I'd ever heard a more indefensible thing from an adult Brettongarcia Jul 2014 #132
You don't get it do you? Starboard Tack Jul 2014 #134
To say there is "reason" in the universe, does not means that the universe reasons mentally; Brettongarcia Jul 2014 #136
The exception I am aware of is not from religion. Heard a couple of MBA students discussing when jwirr Jul 2014 #29
It's called "puffery." For puffing things up. Generally not considered QUITE a lie. But halfway Brettongarcia Jul 2014 #80
"Puffery"? MonsieurBrettonSenorGarcia Starboard Tack Jul 2014 #89
It is widely recognized on the Web that names here are "internet names," or nom de plumes. Brettongarcia Jul 2014 #93
Ah, not exactly a lie. Perhaps a little "puffery"? Starboard Tack Jul 2014 #97
My point exactly Brettongarcia Jul 2014 #112
Not "hopelessly subjective". Not at all. Starboard Tack Jul 2014 #118
Wrong. "Put me to the test" says God in Mal. 3.10. Examine prophets by their material "fruits" Brettongarcia Jul 2014 #122
When my children were about 6 and 7 years old. SummerSnow Jul 2014 #33
Was that a state secular school? muriel_volestrangler Jul 2014 #43
It was a public school.They tried to tell me that holiday activities SummerSnow Jul 2014 #52
Good for you, for making them see the true situation (nt) muriel_volestrangler Jul 2014 #60
"Divine deception." xfundy Jul 2014 #36
It's often also called the "White Lie" view of religion. Brettongarcia Jul 2014 #86
Jury results. FYI. rug Jul 2014 #70
thanks for posting the results. hrmjustin Jul 2014 #72
Most excellent. DetlefK Jul 2014 #124
It's a constant. Gore1FL Jul 2014 #75
Are you sure you weren't told to shut up about that? Warren Stupidity Jul 2014 #76
Interestingly though, the OP leaves open one extremely important topic: is religion a White Lie Brettongarcia Jul 2014 #81
Not exactly. I meant the bible itself contains the stories with all the rationale anyone needs. Gore1FL Jul 2014 #107
As I read it, the OP didn't want a simple, general condemnation of Religion; it wanted specifics Brettongarcia Jul 2014 #111
My point was is that adults don't have to "lie" to their children Gore1FL Jul 2014 #125
"The lie comes in giving the book authority in the first place." - that's the part you are supposed Warren Stupidity Jul 2014 #128
I'd appreciate not being used as a vehicle to attack the OP. n/t Gore1FL Jul 2014 #135
The scriptures can and are edhopper Jul 2014 #87
The "Lying for the Lord" thing, espoused by the Mormons (are Mitt's lips moving? Then he is lying), djean111 Jul 2014 #126
On the rudeness... DetlefK Jul 2014 #129
I am an atheist, and the "shut up" mostly just made me roll my eyes. djean111 Jul 2014 #130
"Belief does not affect reality" - and yet your second paragraph illustrates exactly why it does. Warren Stupidity Jul 2014 #133
What I meant was that believing in a god, or not, has no effect on whether there is a god. djean111 Jul 2014 #137
Well I'd even argue that point as I think gods are entirely a social construct. Warren Stupidity Jul 2014 #138
Many if not most atheists edhopper Jul 2014 #131
Romans 3:7 intaglio Jul 2014 #127
And? The Bible itself contains hundreds of warnings about "false" things in religion; even Christian Brettongarcia Jul 2014 #139
You asked about the Church intaglio Jul 2014 #140
So it rather seems at times. Still, looks like most of the Bible itself opposed lying. Brettongarcia Jul 2014 #141
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