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The Pope called for a massive debate soon, on major Catholic issues like abortion. Brettongarcia Jun 2014 #1
"Gunning for him"? skepticscott Jun 2014 #2
The bishop the Pope REALLY needs to watch out for: Archbishop Caput of Philadelphia Brettongarcia Jun 2014 #4
His Bishops in Uganda are endorsing the anti gay pogrom Bluenorthwest Jun 2014 #5
The Pro Choice address, allegedly by the Pope, is signed by one "Cardinal Parolin" Brettongarcia Jun 2014 #25
Let's just say he needs to be extra cautious about his evening tea villager Jun 2014 #26
That is certainly one of the possible reasons for this. cbayer Jun 2014 #3
He may well be canvassing some bishops, okasha Jun 2014 #6
Ah, the I/P issue. Another very interesting possibility. cbayer Jun 2014 #7
Probably only if there ate favorable outcomes okasha Jun 2014 #16
I hope he's not sick. AtheistCrusader Jun 2014 #8
You hope he's not sick because you don't want to be subjected to the news coverage. cbayer Jun 2014 #9
Gallows/black humor is the best humor. AtheistCrusader Jun 2014 #11
When a story I can't tolerate hits the airwaves, I just turn it all off. cbayer Jun 2014 #12
But then I can't watch the news. AtheistCrusader Jun 2014 #13
You will live. cbayer Jun 2014 #14
There's this old-fashioned thing called a newspaper. okasha Jun 2014 #17
But I don't have a parakeet. AtheistCrusader Jun 2014 #19
I'm sure you can find one at a pet store okasha Jun 2014 #20
Careful Goblinmonger Jun 2014 #18
Probably saving puppies. trotsky Jun 2014 #10
Tsk, bitterness can make you sick. rug Jun 2014 #21
Maybe he's composing okasha Jun 2014 #23
Looks like he has a lot ahead of him and needs to conserve his energy. hrmjustin Jun 2014 #15
He's going to Korea in August for five days. rug Jun 2014 #22
I have seen rumor headlines on Newsmax; haven't read their article. No Vested Interest Jun 2014 #24
It was surprising to me that he is 77 goldent Jun 2014 #27
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