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Mon Apr 28, 2014, 06:05 PM Apr 2014

Is Pope Francis a bigot? [View all]

Does someone who thinks that gays and lesbians should never be allowed to marry or adopt children (and in fact condemns both of those things), or who thinks that homosexual sex is a sin, qualify as bigoted?

Should Pope Francis be subject to the same judgement as Republicans are on this site for espousing those attitudes?

15 votes, 2 passes | Time left: Unlimited
13 (87%)
2 (13%)
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Is Pope Francis a bigot? [View all] skepticscott Apr 2014 OP
You have two questions in your poll... DonViejo Apr 2014 #1
The title is the question skepticscott Apr 2014 #3
Of course he is, whether personally or just under the burden of former Warpy Apr 2014 #2
Then why are Ugandan Catholics running a pogrom against gay people while their Bluenorthwest Apr 2014 #9
Catholic Magazine 'America' Denounces Uganda's Harsh Anti-Gay Laws: Jesuit Editors Speak Out kwassa Apr 2014 #11
Oh, dear. okasha Apr 2014 #13
Inconvenient to the claim that the pope is a bigot? skepticscott Apr 2014 #16
Oh dear indeed. trotsky Apr 2014 #19
And if you were wondering about posts and posters defending papal bigotry skepticscott Apr 2014 #21
Funny that the pope is not among the religious leaders skepticscott Apr 2014 #15
I don't see the pope as a bigot, as it is defined here. kwassa Apr 2014 #23
So you don't think that calling same-sex marriage the work of the devil skepticscott Apr 2014 #24
and where did Pope Francis say that? kwassa Apr 2014 #29
Is the Googles not working for you Goblinmonger Apr 2014 #32
It would appear that his views are evolving on the subject. kwassa Apr 2014 #34
Nope, you have no evidence of that. trotsky Apr 2014 #40
no, civil unions are progress. Same-sex marriage is the next step. kwassa Apr 2014 #90
If he weren't a bigot skepticscott Apr 2014 #99
His views are that same-sex marriage should never be allowed. Period. skepticscott Apr 2014 #72
Right, but some/many are unable to recognize the distinction. elleng Apr 2014 #54
What distinction, just in the past month, Pope Francis criticized same sex parenting... Humanist_Activist Apr 2014 #64
quoting kwassa, elleng Apr 2014 #66
Uh? So when the Pope, a PERSON, says this, it isn't intolerance, what is he, possessed by the... Humanist_Activist Apr 2014 #67
The definition you posted includes the word intolerance. Cartoonist Apr 2014 #126
Thanks for this. elleng Apr 2014 #53
Sadly, yes Prophet 451 Apr 2014 #4
Why sadly? skepticscott Apr 2014 #5
Because I think he's in a position where he could do much good Prophet 451 Apr 2014 #6
He thinks he IS doing good skepticscott Apr 2014 #7
Calling it a sin denies their nature. AtheistCrusader Apr 2014 #14
Uganda is 42% Catholic, Francis' Bishops are calling for murder and elimination of Bluenorthwest Apr 2014 #8
What Ugandan Catholic bishop called for the murder and elimination of gay people? kwassa Apr 2014 #12
OMG edhopper Apr 2014 #18
You didn't answer the question. kwassa Apr 2014 #22
Saying they support the intention, just not the killing part is edhopper Apr 2014 #26
Not what I said. Bluenorthwest claims that bishops are calling for the killing and elimination kwassa Apr 2014 #30
You can take that up with Bluenorthwest edhopper Apr 2014 #31
You are wrong about the Bishops, they oppose the death penalty, but life in prison is acceptable. Humanist_Activist Apr 2014 #38
last time I looked the RCC's position on state executions was not so clear. Warren Stupidity May 2014 #128
It is true that the Church doesn't have an absolute position, for the past century or so... Humanist_Activist May 2014 #130
That hidden post must still sting. rug Apr 2014 #10
Do you agree that the Church's edhopper Apr 2014 #17
I wouldn't say bigoted. I wouod say it's wrong. rug Apr 2014 #20
I understand your view. edhopper Apr 2014 #25
The line between attendance and a buck in the basket and complicitly in whatever evil rug Apr 2014 #33
So you've decided what I was going to say edhopper Apr 2014 #44
You've said it before. rug Apr 2014 #49
I've said you could find out where your priest stands on gasy marriage, edhopper Apr 2014 #60
It's a very important issue but this particlar discussion is not worth bothering with further. rug Apr 2014 #61
Sure edhopper Apr 2014 #75
"dignity" are you fucking kidding me, that's just a cruel joke when the Church opposes equal rights. Humanist_Activist Apr 2014 #37
No I'm not "fucking kidding" you. It's a fact. rug Apr 2014 #41
Dignity cannot be had without recognizing equal rights, otherwise its a fucking lie. Humanist_Activist Apr 2014 #43
Rights are a matter of law; dignity is a matter of humanity. rug Apr 2014 #50
I'm bigoted against their homophobic beliefs, which are straight from the Catechism... Humanist_Activist Apr 2014 #51
Of course you are. You must have a stering opinion of the RCC but for that. rug Apr 2014 #56
Actually, outside of their actions and lobbying against choice, contraception, same sex marriage.... Humanist_Activist Apr 2014 #59
People have problems with nuance elleng Apr 2014 #55
It gets in the way of their bias. rug Apr 2014 #57
Yes it does, elleng Apr 2014 #58
No. elleng Apr 2014 #27
What part of "refuses to let gay people marry or have children" isn't utterly intolerant? n/t trotsky Apr 2014 #28
But not intolerant of people? What do you call a person who opposes equal rights for other people? Humanist_Activist Apr 2014 #35
I'd like to see the justification for those who voted "no". The Catechism of the Catholic Church... Humanist_Activist Apr 2014 #36
The definition of a bigot does it. elleng Apr 2014 #39
Get your definitions right, here's a fucking link: Humanist_Activist Apr 2014 #42
Here's where I got my definition, elleng Apr 2014 #45
I have every reason to be rude to the disingenuous. Why the fuck should I be nice to those who... Humanist_Activist Apr 2014 #46
You are no humanist, elleng Apr 2014 #47
Pope Francis has said that same sex marriage is the work of the devil, that same sex parenting is... Humanist_Activist Apr 2014 #48
And of course the alert trolls just pounced on your post. Warren Stupidity Apr 2014 #63
I find it curious, they stop bothering to respond when their BS is called out, don't they? n/t Humanist_Activist Apr 2014 #65
Beautifully said malokvale77 Apr 2014 #68
I'm a humanist, I put the welfare and rights of People above those of Gods... Humanist_Activist Apr 2014 #69
I commend you for this... malokvale77 Apr 2014 #73
Just in case. AtheistCrusader Apr 2014 #70
Thanks for that, I don't see why it would get hidden, I didn't violate any rules as far as I can... Humanist_Activist Apr 2014 #71
Here: Warren Stupidity Apr 2014 #78
LOL, well the majority got it right this time, I didn't personally attack anyone... Humanist_Activist Apr 2014 #79
wait, someone can hate gays, blacks and women but if they kinda tolerate jews, that's not a bigot? unblock Apr 2014 #52
No, if they hate people, period, they can't be bigots, but if they criticize the Catholic Church? Humanist_Activist Apr 2014 #62
I'm equally interested in the justification of those who didn't even vote skepticscott Apr 2014 #74
Probably because they have even less patience with bullshit polls than they do with rug Apr 2014 #76
Republicans and their extremist religious supporters enact laws, federal and state statutes. pinto Apr 2014 #77
"None of them need effect us." But they do, when the USCCCB lobbies to ban same sex marriage... Humanist_Activist Apr 2014 #82
Legal marriage rights are primarily a civil concern. Churches can do what they may. pinto Apr 2014 #84
Ahh, you are one of those "I got mine, fuck you" types, ok, well at least you make it easy... Humanist_Activist Apr 2014 #85
I'm not a type. I'm not a label. I'm not a category. I don't hold a "fuck you" point of view. pinto Apr 2014 #89
The issue I took with your post is you bothered to criticize extreme religious supporters... Humanist_Activist Apr 2014 #96
Sorry for the late response, I've been sidetracked. I Include extremist RCC members in that. pinto May 2014 #129
Are atheists bigoted toward those who believe in god? BuddhaGirl Apr 2014 #80
Some are, I'm sure, what is the point of your post? Humanist_Activist Apr 2014 #81
Not at all equating the two BuddhaGirl Apr 2014 #86
Your belief that atheism is a belief skepticscott Apr 2014 #87
you're entitled to your opinion BuddhaGirl Apr 2014 #98
Who said all Catholics are bigots? Give me a post link or something. Humanist_Activist Apr 2014 #88
And what is your proof that Pope Francis is a bigot? kwassa Apr 2014 #92
Here's a letter from him to the Carmelite Nuns about Argentina's same sex marriage bill... Humanist_Activist Apr 2014 #94
A view he held four years ago, and seems to be changing. kwassa Apr 2014 #100
Question, are people who are against interracial marriages racist in your worldview? Humanist_Activist Apr 2014 #101
False argument. kwassa Apr 2014 #105
First off, he called civil unions a "lesser of two evils" even back 4 years ago or so... Humanist_Activist Apr 2014 #108
If you bothered to actually read this thread in it's entirety ... kwassa Apr 2014 #109
When he was a Bishop in Argentina he supposedly tried to negotiate the same thing. Humanist_Activist Apr 2014 #110
It is a very traditional position to hold. To describe it as bigoted is very new. kwassa Apr 2014 #111
Civil unions, in the form of Marriage, have been around for a long time... Humanist_Activist Apr 2014 #112
Bigotry must involve demonstrated hate and intolerance, per the definition. kwassa Apr 2014 #113
I would say that its rather intolerant to call same sex parenting child abuse... Humanist_Activist Apr 2014 #114
It still doesn't rise to the level of bigotry, to me. kwassa Apr 2014 #120
Except that we're not talking about Catholic Church politics here skepticscott Apr 2014 #116
I completely disagree. We ARE talking about Catholic Church politics kwassa Apr 2014 #117
So he's fine, but a majority of Catholics are bigots Goblinmonger Apr 2014 #118
I have no idea if he is fine. I have no idea of the majority of Catholics are bigots. kwassa Apr 2014 #119
Are you saying he's afraid to take an unpopular position skepticscott Apr 2014 #121
Since I rarely find agreement with anything you say, I don't expect to now, either. kwassa Apr 2014 #122
Bigoted doctrine is fundamental to the Catholic Church skepticscott Apr 2014 #123
So why hasn't Jesus straightened out the RCC by now? trotsky Apr 2014 #124
Based on what? skepticscott Apr 2014 #103
Based on what I already posted of his viewpoint on civil unions kwassa Apr 2014 #107
He made vague statements about something that some people skepticscott Apr 2014 #115
LOL - I never said that some were saying that all BuddhaGirl Apr 2014 #93
How can someone hold bigoted views and not be a bigot? Humanist_Activist Apr 2014 #95
I am butchering nothing BuddhaGirl Apr 2014 #97
Under what context would someone be a bigot, if its not while holding bigoted views? Humanist_Activist Apr 2014 #102
Your problem is that you are... Walk away Apr 2014 #104
Hey now, I feel like I should be insulted, OK, not really... Humanist_Activist Apr 2014 #106
Not as long as their religious practices skepticscott Apr 2014 #83
If that were true, you wouldn't be so desperate to portray believers as mentally ill. rug Apr 2014 #91
Yes. If Pope Francis had a DU account Goblinmonger Apr 2014 #125
Yep skepticscott Apr 2014 #127
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