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21. The Housemartins are too square for my taste. The Silver Bells rock!
Sun Dec 22, 2013, 02:40 AM
Dec 2013

Music (and art) are not religion, or products of it. They are creative works of varied inspiration or motivation, real or imaginary, and for me, it's the final product that counts. I'm quite sure that at least some of the great composers, that collected honoraria for them, were not believers in the doctrines they presented.

I like them if they're good, dislike them if they suck, and subject rarely matters as I pay little attention to what they say. And if anything, I'm more interested in how the lyrics work, than what they mean. How many words would you have to change in a song like Light My Fire, to turn it into a pounding Christian prophesy?

I listen to a lot of music sung in languages that I don't understand. I don't know if what they're saying is anything better than what I think they're saying. It's sung in its way -- and I take inferences from the tone, but sometimes it's hard to tell if someone is extolling his god, or trying to get laid.


On edit: I answer my own question: If, in Light My Fire, you replace "baby" with "Jesus," and "love: with "faith," the prophesy is true!

Must be the same thing that makes this pagan okasha Dec 2013 #1
Yeah, and the chants just transcend. rug Dec 2013 #2
That's beautiful. okasha Dec 2013 #6
Some of the greatest music ever written The Velveteen Ocelot Dec 2013 #3
Followed closely by Christian Gangsta Rap. rug Dec 2013 #4
Love just about any classical choral pieces. justhanginon Dec 2013 #8
inspiration has no religion, even if it is triggered by religious beliefs Voice for Peace Dec 2013 #5
It's been said by many okasha Dec 2013 #7
I have always loved sacred music, but christian rock not so much. cbayer Dec 2013 #9
There's a certain logic to it markbark Dec 2013 #10
ears and a brain. Evoman Dec 2013 #11
Almost everybody loves this anthem, practically a signature for the Stones......... dimbear Dec 2013 #12
This is the closest they've come to a religious song. rug Dec 2013 #13
Charlie looks extremely bored. Manifestor_of_Light Dec 2013 #30
Really like that video goldent Dec 2013 #35
Because it has a good beat and well written lyrics and... LostOne4Ever Dec 2013 #14
That's tough. My town is between hills and I can usually get only two stations clearly. rug Dec 2013 #15
The burden we pay for not living near a large city LostOne4Ever Dec 2013 #16
Have you looked into Sirius XM? cbayer Dec 2013 #22
I thought about it but I just like the surprise of driving into range of a new station. rug Dec 2013 #25
I enjoy that as well, particularly when on a long road trip. cbayer Dec 2013 #26
This is a good answer. cbayer Dec 2013 #23
much great art is religious art, too. kwassa Dec 2013 #17
I listen to good music and appreciate all forms of good art. uriel1972 Dec 2013 #18
Why did you name yourself after an archangel? rug Dec 2013 #19
Heh wasn't always an atheist... uriel1972 Dec 2013 #20
The Housemartins are too square for my taste. The Silver Bells rock! immoderate Dec 2013 #21
I also listen to a lot of music in other languages. cbayer Dec 2013 #24
I know some religious people that like this song. AtheistCrusader Dec 2013 #27
I don't care for it but he seems to like it. and yes I would have had a beer with him after. hrmjustin Dec 2013 #29
Consider, if you will, Seals and Crofts, Hall and Oates, Nash and Young,........and so on. dimbear Dec 2013 #28
The Tallis Scholars and Anonymous Four are great. Manifestor_of_Light Dec 2013 #31
The same reason I can enjoy Lord of The Rings whithout believing in Orcs and Elves. Hassin Bin Sober Dec 2013 #32
That's how I feel about Dawkins' speeches. rug Dec 2013 #33
It's moving. Irregardless of religious pov, it touches people as much music does. pinto Dec 2013 #34
It's a love/hate thing with me. jeepnstein Dec 2013 #36
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