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Jeffersons Ghost

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15. Why not open or save to flash-drive THE TRINITY CODE IN TAROT?
Sat Sep 23, 2017, 01:20 AM
Sep 2017

Why not open or save to flash-drive The Trinity Code in Tarot, which is total destruction to ANY computer system? Everyone can get divination meanings, one card at time here, without fear or danger.

Instead of being a fool, let's begin with the ancient concept of zero, as "A fool for the city plays on 102.5 the Coyote on my radio, coincidentally, at12:18 AM in Mountain Time Zone!

Like positive and negative numbers, the Tarot begins an infinite cycle with zero. This card, which displays a zero, is the essential link that puts the cycle in motion. Like the number, The Fool is neither positive nor negative, while offering both possibilities. Zero starts a series in the trumps, which mimics cycles in life. His divinely blessed first step onto this perilous path appears insignificant; however, every progression in our counting system utilizes zero, as each journey starts with a single step. Natural law states, “A body in motion tends to stay in motion.” After starting this journey, he might become lost; but he cannot defy natural law. While the card shows beginnings, it sows seeds of transition, which flower into infinite choices, leading to different endings. The Fool often refers to reaching the crossroads of a decision in life. As imagery suggests, the card can also show you are considering a new direction or taking a dynamic step toward a fresh approach.

The Fool prances boldly along a path leading off a cliff, wearing golden boots of innocence and ignorance, as he tosses logic to the wind. Many cultures fail to perceive the divinity of innocence or any value in ignorance. An unconventional approach changes negative opinions of others from stumbling blocks into pebbles on this path. With little concern over what others believe or say, The Fool suggests happiness begins with a choice. Adopting illogical policies seems foolish; but history teaches those, who chose this route, took a fast track to wisdom. Ignorance frees us to try things experienced people would not even attempt. "Go with the flow" is the decree often followed by society. For those who exist in such mundane realms, the philosophy of The Fool is like the precipice of a cliff. Thomas Gray writes, “Where ignorance is bliss, Tis folly to be wise.” On his staff, he carries the collective human unconscious. Requiring no outside approval, The Fool follows a unique path, despite what others feel is best for him. He has faith in his choices. Is choosing this approach foolish?

Light and airy, imagery swirls with the energy of Air. In astrology, Air signs sparkle with intelligence. In imagery, a white sun implies the dawning of youthful innocence, before collective criticism causes emotional barriers. The artist spent childhood in Jamaica, where Santeria stories affected her outlook on life. Innocence provides an open mind, which allows you to find new approaches each day. Principally, innocence appears limited to children. Youth shines with honesty and openness. Instead of tarnishing the luster, age should mellow it into wisdom. The Fool refers to coming of age for all ages. Children receiving confirmation into Santeria wear yellow and green beads to honor Orula, a deity of creation. Santeria and Voodoo derived from West African beliefs. In Santeria, slaves worshiped ancient deities, while pretending to honor Catholic Saints. After A.E. Waite engineered embedded geometric shapes in imagery, artist Pixie Smith presented Santeria symbolism with colors.

When The Fool appears in a reading, it take strides toward becoming more independent. This is a first step toward taking charge, in life. As imagery shows, an element of risk exists in every choice. Your path may be a high road of good choices, or the low road of poor ones. Whichever path you select, there other crossroads of decision lurk along the route. Life is not only about making choices, which offer temporary pleasure: It is about taking responsibility for bad decisions and learning from mistakes. After you receive this card, do not weigh consequences, or seek opinions. After this journey begins, it is difficult to predict the specific route. Appearance of this card often indicates you allow others to make, or influence, personal decisions. Trust in your own judgment and overcome fears of change. In a graphic implication of risk, The Fool walks toward a sheer cliff. Potential failure haunts new undertakings. Possibility of failure makes you resistant to dynamic change. Do not linger too long as you teeter on the edge of a decision. Nietzsche said, “If you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.” The Fool feels no fear, as he stares away from a chasm of risk. We learn to walk with a single step. With each new step, we gain confidence. Imagery implies leaping forth into an abyss of unrestrained potential: With faith, you will fly!

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