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I think the word is beginning to get around radical noodle Jan 2017 #1
thanks! JHan Jan 2017 #4
Like DU would ever give a black man the benefit of the doubt. SaschaHM Jan 2017 #2
Falling for smear campaigns.. it never ends. JHan Jan 2017 #5
X 1000 n/t radical noodle Jan 2017 #7
K&R - Thanks for the links The Polack MSgt Jan 2017 #3
NP :) JHan Jan 2017 #6
K&R fleabiscuit Jan 2017 #8
Good to hear, JH.. thank you! Cha Feb 2017 #9
kick JustAnotherGen Feb 2017 #10
Thanks. My Senators were on Booker's side on this issue -- pnwmom Feb 2017 #11
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