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7. What a biased, embarrassingly stupid article
Fri Feb 10, 2012, 07:26 PM
Feb 2012

And I'm still glad that you posted it, onpatrol. If for no other reason then I now know that anytime I see Boyce Watkins' name to just keep right on stepping.

The author is obviously a fan of Corny's. Comments like:

Well, in full overseer tradition, the Democrats have created well-paid African-American attack dogs willing to defend their actions at any cost. Since Harris-Perry and her friends had no legitimate defense to the critiques of Dr. West, they presumed that it would be easier to simply discredit him. You see, if you kill the messenger, you never have to deal with the message itself.

are so laughably idiotic they almost don't merit a response. And for the record, I'm pretty sure that MHP has responded to each and every one of Corny's "critiques" of this president. Probably why he went after her so hard and denounced her as a "fake." Cornel seems to be as thin-skinned as he is irrelevant.

But MHP is now in some very good company. I'll take her and the president, who if you all remember, Corny decided was "afraid of free black men" any day of the week over that relic.
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