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16. Life without any electronic devices
Sat Mar 4, 2017, 06:53 AM
Mar 2017

No television (not in our home anyway), radios ran on vacuum tubes, did advance math calculating with a slide rule, time pieces ran on gears. Yes, computers existed, but they had no effect on our lives. Everyone of them in existence had less memory combined than this desk top.

Without revealing your age.... [View all] ButSeeYa Mar 2017 OP
Getting off the couch to choose between three television networks. RandySF Mar 2017 #1
You were lucky SCantiGOP Jul 2017 #266
Driving around looking for a safeinOhio Mar 2017 #2
Free roam childhood. Lunabell Mar 2017 #3
I miss the fireflies. littlemissmartypants Mar 2017 #11
come to my house! ginnyinWI Mar 2017 #164
Cool. Thanks. littlemissmartypants Mar 2017 #174
I remember them as a child visiting my grandma in Chicago in the summer kimbutgar May 2018 #405
We called them Lightening Bugs.. whathehell Oct 2018 #412
We used to catch them in jars and put them by the bed at night. littlemissmartypants Oct 2018 #413
I remember them being put in jars.. whathehell Oct 2018 #414
Also "trick or treating" for hours on foot, many blocks from home with siblings... brush Mar 2017 #124
Trick or treating for a week. Butterflylady Sep 2017 #359
no parents, no fear on Halloween night. 634-5789 Jul 2020 #424
Yes, this. Six, seven years old I'd walk two blocks through suburbia to a pond, watch minnows femmedem Mar 2017 #208
Didnt have fireflies where I lived but I spent many hours roaming the neighborhood and the Amaryllis Mar 2017 #212
THAT is a big one... pangaia Sep 2017 #362
Female - not being allowed to wear pants in (public) school! Freddie Mar 2017 #4
In my high school (Australia), the girls HAD to do home ec SwissTony Mar 2017 #12
At my school, boys took shop PJMcK Mar 2017 #73
For the time my high school was enlighten sarge43 Mar 2017 #77
We had the same deal randr Mar 2017 #139
Oh, no! pnwmom Sep 2017 #346
We were wary of one of the shop teachers tonekat May 2018 #392
I wasn't allowed to wear pants to school all thru high school MadCrow Sep 2017 #279
I remember the Principal telling a second grader she couldn't wear pants at demigoddess May 2020 #417
Without revealing your age.... LenaBaby61 Mar 2017 #5
I had a 4 track player in my '61 Ford Starliner HAB911 Mar 2017 #45
Sleeping in hair rollers. spooky3 Mar 2017 #6
Could not sleep on those plastic ones! mgardener Mar 2017 #19
Dippity Do lillypaddle Mar 2017 #38
2 colors mgardener Mar 2017 #43
Are you talking hair rollers or the first color TV? LakeArenal Mar 2017 #146
Dippity Do lillypaddle Mar 2017 #249
Teal too N/T tonekat May 2018 #393
Too funny.... MLAA Sep 2017 #300
OMG! llmart Sep 2017 #382
My sister rolled her hair on orange juice cans! MLAA Sep 2017 #386
I rolled my hair on grape-juice cans..using liberal globs of Dippity Do solara Oct 2022 #438
Dippity do! It was so goopy and green! MLAA Oct 2022 #439
I think Dippity Do also came in pink.. but I never used that one solara Oct 2022 #440
What about the wire rollers with brushes inside, fixed in place by pink plastic pins. nt tblue37 Mar 2017 #68
My mom used those to make her chin-length hair go under at the ends marzipanni Mar 2017 #204
Those things were torture devices! ShazzieB Oct 2020 #429
Me too! tblue37 Oct 2020 #430
Yep, used those too also used 'spoolies' solara Oct 2022 #441
Sleeping in orange juice cans!! Sparkly Jul 2023 #444
Without revealing your age.... LenaBaby61 Mar 2017 #7
Remember that every table has an ashtray and free matches? randr Mar 2017 #142
This could be a long list TexasProgresive Mar 2017 #8
This message was self-deleted by its author Kittycow Mar 2017 #37
Sounds just like my childhood! PJMcK Mar 2017 #78
Same to you PJ. Is that Patrick Joseph? TexasProgresive Mar 2017 #120
Nah, that's not me PJMcK Mar 2017 #152
The saints seem to always deny being one. TexasProgresive Mar 2017 #192
poodle skirts and my record player leftofcool Mar 2017 #9
I hesitate to presuppose what might not be understood, but... littlemissmartypants Mar 2017 #10
sugar cubes (polio vaccine) gfwzig Mar 2017 #13
I had forgotten the sugar cubes SCantiGOP Jul 2017 #267
I'm old enough to remember the max vaccinations immediately after PoindexterOglethorpe Sep 2017 #348
Watching the Beatles on Ed Sullivan JetFuel Mar 2017 #14
My mother was actually just the opposite Rhiannon12866 Mar 2017 #32
My mom, too! She bought me the Veejay album "Introducing the Beatles." Still Blue in PDX Apr 2017 #260
Many of our parents were very young by today's standards. hedda_foil Apr 2018 #390
I watched Elvis Presley on the Ed Sullivan show! whathehell Mar 2017 #52
Yep, I was so excited about their first performance on Ed Sullivan and we all watched it. n/t RKP5637 Mar 2017 #59
welcome to DU gopiscrap Mar 2017 #166
Not being able mgardener Mar 2017 #15
Life without any electronic devices sarge43 Mar 2017 #16
I remember my dad taking the bad vacuum tubes from our tv down to the appliance store to get replace dhol82 Mar 2017 #29
Yes. rzemanfl Mar 2017 #47
Thanks! dhol82 Mar 2017 #61
Bwaaa! The whole theme song just came back to me! Squinch Mar 2017 #231
This is from Wikipedia- rzemanfl Mar 2017 #234
I must have caught it the second time around. Don't remember anything but the song. Squinch Mar 2017 #237
Does "Plunk your magic twanger froggy" mean anything to you? n/t rzemanfl Mar 2017 #238
No, but I saw the reference down thread. Squinch Mar 2017 #239
Buster Brown shoes sponsored that show. n/t rzemanfl Mar 2017 #241
Oh! But their commercials must have been all over for me to remember every word of the song. Squinch Mar 2017 #242
Andy's Gang - Andy Devine rickford66 Sep 2017 #282
This was entertaining during Irma. n/t rzemanfl Sep 2017 #371
Bob would say "So you take the pie..." EarnestPutz Sep 2017 #318
"MOTHER, PLEASE... I'D RATHER DO IT MYSELF!!!" ailsagirl Apr 2017 #261
DRAMA! tonekat May 2018 #394
"Sure, you're tense, irritable... but don't take it out on her!" ailsagirl May 2018 #411
I remember vacuum tubes and whathehell Mar 2017 #48
A pack of vac tubes in house sarge43 Mar 2017 #50
Wow - interactive television! Beartracks Mar 2017 #130
Carbon paper. n/t sarge43 Mar 2017 #60
I just bought some and was shocked by how expensive it was dhol82 Mar 2017 #63
I'm surprised it's still available. sarge43 Mar 2017 #69
I remember retyping term papers at school because I made a mistake in the last RKP5637 Mar 2017 #75
Oh, that was the worst... Freedomofspeech Sep 2017 #277
Ay caramba! PoindexterOglethorpe Sep 2017 #327
I remember the joy when I discovered tonekat May 2018 #396
probably on your nose also. LOL pangaia Sep 2017 #364
I was finally able to track it down at Staples dhol82 Mar 2017 #76
I was 5 when we got our first TV set, and few people we knew had one yet. nt tblue37 Mar 2017 #72
Relatives and neighbors showed up just to check it out. n/t sarge43 Mar 2017 #109
Oh, yes. nt tblue37 Mar 2017 #147
Watching "Peter Pan" PoindexterOglethorpe Sep 2017 #328
I actually did my taxes w/o any devices this year CountAllVotes Mar 2017 #154
Trying to talk to... WiffenPoof Mar 2017 #17
Having some young kid in 1987 tell us PoindexterOglethorpe Sep 2017 #329
Wacky Packages! Chasstev365 Mar 2017 #18
Let's see rpannier Mar 2017 #20
Telephone party lines. nt GP6971 Mar 2017 #97
and only needing to dial 4 digits... 2naSalit Mar 2017 #141
frontier 1956 rpannier Mar 2017 #200
We didn't have those 2naSalit Mar 2017 #223
Ditto plus happy feet Mar 2017 #21
Rotary telephone GeoWilliam750 Mar 2017 #22
Short, striped polyester dresses with fishnets and go-go boots, white of course! babylonsister Mar 2017 #23
And as a male of the time, I definitely appreciated them! malthaussen Mar 2017 #81
Fighting off grizzly bears at school with my musket... Cooley Hurd Mar 2017 #24
Fake news.... pangaia Sep 2017 #365
Party line telephone dhol82 Mar 2017 #25
Pulling your car into a gas station.... tobefree Mar 2017 #26
This message was self-deleted by its author littlemissmartypants Mar 2017 #98
I remember riding with my Dad Rhiannon12866 Mar 2017 #248
My Dad knew the guys that ran Johnny's Esso well SCantiGOP Jul 2017 #268
My Dad, on the other hand, was not a car guy Rhiannon12866 Jul 2017 #274
My dad always got 2 bucks worth of gas. On Sunday he would buy 2 bucks worth of gas and drive doc03 Sep 2017 #288
I remember getting a ride to school with my cousin Rhiannon12866 Sep 2017 #292
Us guys would each chip in our change and maybe come up with doc03 Sep 2017 #294
So I guess 47-cents was quite exorbitant! Rhiannon12866 Sep 2017 #296
I remember the full serve Flying A station tonekat May 2018 #397
"Ding Ding" N/T tonekat May 2018 #404
Interesting post, thanks. democrank Mar 2017 #27
We had a milkman and a "bread man" Freddie Mar 2017 #94
Milk wagon, bread truck, ice wagon, rag man, coal truck, and vegetable wagon randr Mar 2017 #143
And a seltzer man that brought chocolate and coke syrup. bullimiami Mar 2017 #183
We used to get a case of soda and seltzer delivered every other week. dhol82 Mar 2017 #194
Okay? It's alright griloco Mar 2017 #28
Don't forget Topo Gigio... dchill Mar 2017 #107
Senor Wences lived to be 103. PoindexterOglethorpe Jun 2017 #264
Senor Wences lived to be 103. PoindexterOglethorpe Sep 2017 #330
ok..this is fun... Sancho Mar 2017 #30
AAA still does TripTiks--but now we download them Maeve Mar 2017 #140
I forgot creepy crawlers!! Sancho Mar 2017 #161
Doing "paste-up" for the school newspaper and Silver Gaia Mar 2017 #31
Oh the smell of rubber cement zeusdogmom Mar 2017 #65
Yup! Rubber cement! Silver Gaia Mar 2017 #71
We had mint flavored glue in art class randr Mar 2017 #153
Panty hose was an important aspect of mini skirts. PoindexterOglethorpe Sep 2017 #331
When communiques to overseas were done by telex. DinahMoeHum Mar 2017 #33
Yep...make a mistake GP6971 Mar 2017 #122
Worked at a fish farm and we had a Telex. bullimiami Mar 2017 #184
Oh! Oh! PoindexterOglethorpe Sep 2017 #332
My dad's office had a Teletype Room tonekat May 2018 #395
Place a long distance call by telling the operator the number to bill bucolic_frolic Mar 2017 #34
You mentioned "catalog" and my mind immediately went to the Sears catalog. The back of it. Squinch Mar 2017 #35
I hope someone (Smithsonian?) has all the catalogs sarge43 Mar 2017 #42
The Main Street of my small town in Southwest PA.... Freedomofspeech Mar 2017 #36
Yep, just thinking back, Vietnam was really the turning point. Seems we've been fighting an uphill RKP5637 Mar 2017 #70
No kidding. Freedomofspeech Mar 2017 #92
Paper drives lillypaddle Mar 2017 #39
I remember the Don't be a Litterbug! campaign in the early '60's marzipanni Mar 2017 #246
They should bring this campaign back TuxedoKat May 2017 #263
Fall Out shelters padfun Mar 2017 #40
Newspaper classified ads for jobs divided into "Male" and "Female" whathehell Mar 2017 #41
Along with those ads for a "Girl Friday"! k8conant Sep 2017 #320
Oh yeah? whathehell Sep 2017 #370
Oh yes.. whathehell Oct 2020 #432
I grew up down south... ShazzieB Oct 2020 #428
Wow. whathehell Oct 2020 #431
All of the above and Shanti Mama Mar 2017 #44
Always being the only one of your type in every school and job IronLionZion Mar 2017 #46
I remember when a pay phone was still only 10 cents. FuzzyRabbit Sep 2017 #306
HA! I remember penny post cards. PoindexterOglethorpe Sep 2017 #334
WHAT?? PoindexterOglethorpe Sep 2017 #333
It's 50 cents now IronLionZion Sep 2017 #367
Pay Phones tonekat May 2018 #398
Printed Encyclopedias (NT) NeoGreen Mar 2017 #49
Just think if we'd had the internet to research school projects. Hoyt Mar 2017 #126
TV Tube testers at the Grocery Store JDC Mar 2017 #51
X-ray machines in the shoe stores. sarge43 Mar 2017 #58
Unscrewing the cap and removing the transmitter on the phone... terip64 Mar 2017 #53
The Air Raid Sirens going off every Saturday at noon in our town for testing. n/t RKP5637 Mar 2017 #54
Air Raid Siren jarhead69 Sep 2017 #275
A younger person wouldn't understand El Viejo Mar 2017 #55
Memorizing telephone numbers. wcast Mar 2017 #56
Pay phones mikeargo Mar 2017 #57
Nuclear Drills at elementary school iamateacher Mar 2017 #62
First time I was sent home for "bad" behavior randr Mar 2017 #149
Yeah that was a good plan. bullimiami Mar 2017 #185
Party line telephone service tech3149 Mar 2017 #64
S&H green stamos. Gas station attendants filling your car up and washing your windshield. tblue37 Mar 2017 #66
Licking those stamps for your mother (in our case Blue Chip) and putting in the books mchill Mar 2017 #180
Republican Senator Howard Baker wanting to get to the truth in the Watergate hearings Louis1895 Mar 2017 #67
Tangee lipstick zeusdogmom Mar 2017 #74
Tangee is still available from Vermont Country Store. sarge43 Mar 2017 #79
Being a paperboy Alpeduez21 Mar 2017 #80
Five and dime stores pinboy3niner Mar 2017 #82
Savings account passbooks GP6971 Mar 2017 #119
Feeding my program into the computer.....on punch cards AJT Mar 2017 #83
Dropping the tray of punch cards you were carrying sarge43 Mar 2017 #113
I remember still having a deck to IPL the mainframe as AJT Mar 2017 #123
Took a code writing class in the late 70's randr Mar 2017 #155
And waiting 24 hours (turnaround time) to find out you had one comma that made program not work mchill Mar 2017 #181
Writing a program in physics class and typing it into a teletype machine. dhol82 Mar 2017 #195
Ordering items via the Sears catalog. sinkingfeeling Mar 2017 #84
And "Monkey Ward". nt GP6971 Mar 2017 #117
In the spirit of the OP... malthaussen Mar 2017 #85
And the sad reality of smoking is that everyone knew it was dangerous. PoindexterOglethorpe Sep 2017 #336
Huge back seat in car - could stand up northoftheborder Mar 2017 #86
Eating pancakes at Sambo's completely oblivious to the racist stereotype. Mrs. Overall Mar 2017 #87
The waiters at Morrisons Cafeteria. Speaking of racist stereotyping. bullimiami Mar 2017 #186
school handouts smelling of alcohol..... aka-chmeee Mar 2017 #88
Mimeograph fluid. MMMMM. bullimiami Mar 2017 #187
I loved that smell dhol82 Mar 2017 #196
And they were often kind of damp Dream Girl Mar 2017 #217
I remember many things Polly Hennessey Mar 2017 #89
Skates that had to be tightened with a key . . . PoindexterOglethorpe Sep 2017 #337
Many of my classmates were the children of small business owners Freddie Mar 2017 #90
Bigger is better killed our downtowns... Freedomofspeech Mar 2017 #95
Calling the Long Distance Operator to put through a call on Christmas CanonRay Mar 2017 #91
The Jewel man mercuryblues Mar 2017 #93
I lived in the country & we had a party line. CrispyQ Mar 2017 #96
I lived in Philadelphia and had a party line. dhol82 Mar 2017 #197
Hip hugger, bell bottoms with platform sandals. eom littlemissmartypants Mar 2017 #99
Trucks delivering coal GP6971 Mar 2017 #100
Burning trash in Faux pas Mar 2017 #101
Writing computer programs on an IBM 026 card punch lapfog_1 Mar 2017 #102
I told my 11 year old GWC58 Mar 2017 #103
I remember changing points and plugs. dchill Mar 2017 #104
Drive ins CountAllVotes Mar 2017 #105
I LOVE drive-ins. Amazingly enough there are 3 within a 2 hour drive from us. WePurrsevere Mar 2017 #116
Cigarette vending machines Freddie Mar 2017 #106
Early morning delivery of milk in glass bottles. gademocrat7 Mar 2017 #108
First grade required that littlemissmartypants Mar 2017 #110
Where did we get cigar boxes? I'm pretty sure I had one though no one smoked. n/t pnwmom Sep 2017 #343
Drug store gave them away. littlemissmartypants Sep 2017 #374
Aha! Thanks for clearing up the mystery! pnwmom Sep 2017 #375
Rotary dial phone. Historic NY Mar 2017 #111
And the phones were all attached to the wall by a wire that carried the signal. No wireless phones. FuzzyRabbit Sep 2017 #310
I still have them... Historic NY Sep 2017 #369
Some young people may know one or two of these, IDK... WePurrsevere Mar 2017 #112
It was not only the TVs that needed to warm up. PoindexterOglethorpe Sep 2017 #338
I hadn't thought of that but it makes sense... WePurrsevere Sep 2017 #356
The short answer is yes. PoindexterOglethorpe Sep 2017 #358
Without revealing your age Lebam in LA Mar 2017 #114
Halloween Adults tonekat May 2018 #399
Turning on the car radio and waiting for the tubes to warm up. eom guillaumeb Mar 2017 #115
Calling time and temperature missingthebigdog Mar 2017 #118
You'd dial POPCORN for the time! CountAllVotes Mar 2017 #131
Hitchhiking. eom littlemissmartypants Mar 2017 #121
Out Houses, party lines, test patterns, bomb drills, punch cards, george wallace (or maybe there is Hoyt Mar 2017 #125
Playing golf Lefthacker Mar 2017 #127
The sadness of math tests tempered by JenniferJuniper Mar 2017 #128
Telephone party lines Freethinker65 Mar 2017 #129
Smelling your test... liberalmuse Mar 2017 #132
That was mine too... JenniferJuniper Mar 2017 #144
Waiting by the phone for a call DesertRat Mar 2017 #133
These MFM008 Mar 2017 #134
The empty bottles you put in the milk box randr Mar 2017 #135
Great post! democrank Mar 2017 #136
Apparently, 13 yr olds think the idea of a pager dewsgirl Mar 2017 #137
Good Humor ice cream trucks. nt GP6971 Mar 2017 #138
Trading cards. The Velveteen Ocelot Mar 2017 #145
Tires with tubes. nt GP6971 Mar 2017 #148
Following the DDT sprayer mist with our bicycles... LakeArenal Mar 2017 #150
Breaking therometers and playing with the mercury. sarge43 Mar 2017 #170
I was fascinated with breaking them and playing with mercury! Thanks I forgot about that toxic joy lunasun Mar 2017 #210
Not dangerous unless you breathe it in or swallow it SCantiGOP Jul 2017 #269
I only broke one... tonekat May 2018 #400
Along the hazard line, in school we'd make projects by moulding asbestos clay powder. . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Mar 2017 #229
Local drug stores GP6971 Mar 2017 #151
The local phamacy I use delivers for free CountAllVotes Mar 2017 #158
Styrofoam boater hats for candidates. LisaM Mar 2017 #156
Cobble stone streets randr Mar 2017 #157
Rolodexes and Rotary Phones C_U_L8R Mar 2017 #159
I worked in an office with a corded switchboard GregD Mar 2017 #191
I was a telephone operator when Lily Tomlin was doing her thing, PoindexterOglethorpe Sep 2017 #350
No yard fences and everyone's dog ran loose and un-neutered! Laffy Kat Mar 2017 #160
watergate gopiscrap Mar 2017 #162
welcome to DU fun question gopiscrap Mar 2017 #163
long division--with no calculator! ginnyinWI Mar 2017 #165
diagramming sentences WhiteTara Mar 2017 #172
Yes! I am just young enough not to have learned to use a slide rule, PoindexterOglethorpe Sep 2017 #339
Saturday morning cartoons gopiscrap Mar 2017 #167
Not being able to buy alcohol til 2pm on a Sunday gopiscrap Mar 2017 #168
We used to have blue laws in Philly dhol82 Mar 2017 #198
Blue laws. We couldn't buy any kind of alcohol on Sunday, or anything else for that matter. FuzzyRabbit Sep 2017 #312
Christmas programs on TV ONLY once a year gopiscrap Mar 2017 #169
liberal republicans unblock Mar 2017 #171
Hey, I grew up in SC SCantiGOP Jul 2017 #270
Glass oral thermometers with mercury. nt littlemissmartypants Mar 2017 #173
If you missed a TV show, you were just SOL until summer reruns, if they showed it then. 50 Shades Of Blue Mar 2017 #175
The standard season was 36, maybe 39 weeks. PoindexterOglethorpe Sep 2017 #340
Reading through this thread littlemissmartypants Mar 2017 #176
Having a 20 foot phone cord Sedona Mar 2017 #177
shorthand & typing class in school Motley13 Mar 2017 #178
I took typing my Senior Year SCantiGOP Jul 2017 #271
Phone numbers that started with words like "Olympic" (for "OL" 65) mchill Mar 2017 #179
NAtional 1 6386. Call me. bullimiami Mar 2017 #188
Yep Olympic 8-1654 :) mchill Mar 2017 #190
Logan ####, don't remember the numbers Motley13 Mar 2017 #199
Blackstone 3478 radical noodle Mar 2017 #213
EMpire 4-2177 pinboy3niner Mar 2017 #257
ADams 1059 FuzzyRabbit Sep 2017 #313
LOgan 2-1926 k8conant Sep 2017 #323
GLadstone 5-6365. My phone number from age 5 to 12. n/t rzemanfl Mar 2017 #240
Me too: SunSet 20281 sagesnow Sep 2017 #291
Cleaning chalkboard erasers on the big vacuum in the janitors' closet at school. A reward WheelWalker Mar 2017 #182
Glass clacker balls (also called knockers) on a long string. Mrs. Overall Mar 2017 #189
punch cards and diskettes GregD Mar 2017 #193
When I started with computers we pluged wires into a board to program them. Binkie The Clown Sep 2017 #319
Typing term papers on a typewriter and not being able to edit! Wondering how much white out i could Amaryllis Mar 2017 #201
Oh! Oh! I used to type papers for other students PoindexterOglethorpe Sep 2017 #344
Whenever I'm watching the news I recognize Lint Head Mar 2017 #202
Family owned mom and pop convenience stores... wcmagumba Mar 2017 #203
When I was very poor, I'd turn in a silver dollar to a locally owned PoindexterOglethorpe Sep 2017 #345
Going to the library GentryDixon Mar 2017 #205
Space Food Sticks oldtime dfl_er Mar 2017 #206
And Tang lapucelle Mar 2017 #232
Found some at Costco a few weeks ago. Ron Obvious Mar 2017 #256
The phrase "Oh, Rochester!?" Va Lefty Mar 2017 #207
Yes boss? lunasun Mar 2017 #215
That's awesome! Thanks for the info Va Lefty Mar 2017 #219
"Your money or your life .... sarge43 Mar 2017 #236
Cultural References are now more difficult. Basic LA Mar 2017 #209
moving the ears on the TV antenna Fresh_Start Mar 2017 #211
"Plunk your magic twanger, Froggy!" longship Mar 2017 #214
Officer Joe Bolton and Captain Jack McCarthy hosting cartoons lapucelle Mar 2017 #233
Without revealing your age... radical noodle Mar 2017 #216
Rotary dial phones. Doreen Mar 2017 #218
Rotary phones why 212, 213 & 312 are NY, LA, Chicago area codes MrPurple Mar 2017 #247
I'm a former long distance operator. PoindexterOglethorpe Sep 2017 #355
We had a candy store and trick store in our hood. One just sold candy . The other gags and tricks lunasun Mar 2017 #220
Going to a movie at any time, not when it started DeeDeeNY Mar 2017 #221
Yes. On Saturdays we'd be dropped off at the local theater PoindexterOglethorpe Sep 2017 #347
American Bandstand. Howdy Doody. Lassie. When Star Trek first aired. Purple ditto sheets. Amaryllis Mar 2017 #222
A three scoop ice cream cone for 15 cents. Chilly Billey Cardill and doc03 Mar 2017 #224
My parents got dressed up to go shopping all the men wore a tie and hat nt doc03 Mar 2017 #225
Dressing up for church Freddie Mar 2017 #245
Suits were mandatory for church SCantiGOP Jul 2017 #272
Renting a rotary dial phone from the phone company Warpy Mar 2017 #226
I think it was when Carter was President MrPurple Mar 2017 #228
I remember when you wanted to change tv stations, you had to get up and do it MrPurple Mar 2017 #227
45 rpm singles. Some of them get vinyl, but 45s not so much. Bernardo de La Paz Mar 2017 #230
Winding a wristwatch... lapucelle Mar 2017 #235
I remember........... napi21 Mar 2017 #243
Sex Ed. littlemissmartypants Mar 2017 #244
Shoe salesman ex-raying my feet DeeDeeNY Mar 2017 #250
ENGLISH CLASS AND SPELLING heaven05 Mar 2017 #251
Poodle skirts mainstreetonce Mar 2017 #252
Sleeping OneBlueDotBama Mar 2017 #253
Buying cigarettes for my dad at 8 years old. Glamrock Mar 2017 #254
TV rabbit ears. And putting aluminum foil on same. Still Blue in PDX Mar 2017 #255
Long distance calls Vanessa Rose Mar 2017 #258
Calling collect. n/t pnwmom Sep 2017 #342
Yes! PoindexterOglethorpe Sep 2017 #357
Waiting for Sunday to call b/c the rates went down. Totally Tunsie Jul 2020 #420
Five cent cherry cokes at the Rexall drug store Mendocino Mar 2017 #259
Going down to the 7-11 duncang Apr 2017 #262
The first year "Peter Pan" was broadcast on TV with Mary Martin as Peter Pan, PoindexterOglethorpe Jun 2017 #265
30 cents SCantiGOP Jul 2017 #273
I bought Marlboros in 1967 for about $2.00 a carton in Michigan k8conant Sep 2017 #324
Filmstrips in junior high. InAbLuEsTaTe Sep 2017 #276
I was on the AV team in elementary school: k8conant Sep 2017 #325
lol, me too!! Not until junior high though... guess I was a "late bloomer." (haha) InAbLuEsTaTe Sep 2017 #349
Waiting for the Sears Christmas catalog to come in the mail. AJT Sep 2017 #278
Playing in a Riverside Drive Park, New York, , circa 1950 secondwind Sep 2017 #280
The Alexander Botts series in the Saturday Evening Post (A Caterpillar Tractor from Peoria guy.) NBachers Sep 2017 #281
Having to adjust twin carburetors on a Austin Healey 3000. Enoki33 Sep 2017 #283
Watching Romper Room MFM008 Sep 2017 #284
Paper dolls BigMin28 Sep 2017 #285
car hops. donco Sep 2017 #286
Turning the car's brights off and on defacto7 Sep 2017 #287
The smell of ditto ink on tests in school nt doc03 Sep 2017 #289
Cap guns and candy cigarettes NotASurfer Sep 2017 #290
Going to a Saturday double feature buying popcorn and Good and Plentys doc03 Sep 2017 #293
A Republican president that wasn't batshit crazy nt doc03 Sep 2017 #295
Drive in theater. Jiffy pop popcorn and fizzies! MLAA Sep 2017 #297
1. Penmanship. They never heard of it SummerSnow Sep 2017 #298
Penny candy. onecaliberal Sep 2017 #299
Romper Room....and I see Suzy and Jimmy.... MLAA Sep 2017 #301
My mother would never allow me to watch that Warpy Sep 2017 #309
LOL! Unfortunately my mom had a little stronger stomach. 😀 MLAA Sep 2017 #311
The dirtiest line in television Funtatlaguy Sep 2017 #302
Alaska Pops! Heartstrings Sep 2017 #303
Seeing the Greatful Dead walll of sound tour. mjvpi Sep 2017 #304
Pay phones. Willie Pep Sep 2017 #305
Being fascinated with the drip pan under the ice box Warpy Sep 2017 #307
The excitement leading up to the Wonderful World of Disney every Sunday applegrove Sep 2017 #308
Party lines, doilies, transistor radios, and my fave, Go-Go Boots. nt procon Sep 2017 #314
I remember taking tubes out of the TV down to the grocery store Binkie The Clown Sep 2017 #315
Howdy Doody FuzzyRabbit Sep 2017 #316
Every time Kate Smith started singing "When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain" I knew that Binkie The Clown Sep 2017 #321
black and white TV.... chillfactor Sep 2017 #317
Penny candy... k8conant Sep 2017 #322
Woah! best post so far. PoindexterOglethorpe Sep 2017 #353
Let's Pretend---a Saturday morning radio show for young children Petrushka Sep 2017 #326
Ringer type washing machines? sprinkleeninow Sep 2017 #335
Going door to door to sell Girl Scout Cookies. n/t pnwmom Sep 2017 #341
8 track tapes get the red out Sep 2017 #351
Encyclopedia Britannica chelsea0011 Sep 2017 #352
We had World Book Encyclopedia k8conant Sep 2017 #372
All the copies or are you missing any? We had one of them missing copies. chelsea0011 Sep 2017 #373
jeez, i have been doing estate sales for years. all the old shit i have seen. CRANK phone! pansypoo53219 Sep 2017 #354
A rotary phone. Butterflylady Sep 2017 #360
An actual ICE BOX. with ice in it... pangaia Sep 2017 #361
Defrosting a freezer... llmart Sep 2017 #383
Oh god, yes... pangaia Sep 2017 #385
WOLLENSACK reel to reel.. pangaia Sep 2017 #363
Saturday morning tv shows nocoincidences Sep 2017 #366
I remember all of what you all remember riverbendviewgal Sep 2017 #368
This message was self-deleted by its author Fresh_Start Sep 2017 #376
Let's see... Snackshack Sep 2017 #377
Horny toads yesphan Sep 2017 #378
How about 3 on the column? sdfernando Sep 2017 #379
Atari 2600 . stonecutter357 Sep 2017 #380
Explaining to my 14 yr old what a pager was and the codes we would use dewsgirl Sep 2017 #381
For the women in the group... llmart Sep 2017 #384
Howdy Doody and Mousketeers RandomAccess Dec 2017 #387
CARBON PAPER !!!!!! And Mimeograph machines RandomAccess Dec 2017 #388
Baseball Cards in bubble gum RandomAccess Dec 2017 #389
13 years old: SCantiGOP May 2018 #391
There was such a thing as a tv repairman who actually came to your house. Thomas Hurt May 2018 #401
Pushing the red dot on oleo margarine to spread the coloring through the package. wasupaloopa May 2018 #402
Telephone party lines wasupaloopa May 2018 #403
Getting a clock radio with green stamps redstateblues May 2018 #406
Juke boxes wryter2000 May 2018 #407
Gallon of gas 25 cents, when getting filled windows washed... pbmus May 2018 #408
Drive-in movie theatres. Nt lostnfound May 2018 #409
gas & markers used to smell good. CHRISTMAS TUNES WERE PLAYED ON CHRISMAST EVE & CHRISTMAS. pansypoo53219 May 2018 #410
Doctor making house call when my sister wnylib Nov 2019 #415
Horse-drawn junk carts in the alley. Talitha Dec 2019 #416
not being able to talk to my grandparents for years at a time Skittles May 2020 #418
I teach college students, so there are MANY things... Sparkly Jun 2020 #419
Wearing a sugar cube corsage for Sweet 16. Totally Tunsie Jul 2020 #421
Opening the vent window if you were lucky enough to sit in the front seat of the car phylny Jul 2020 #422
I remember... 634-5789 Jul 2020 #423
Broke a bone by dropping the yellow pages on my foot Mersky Jul 2020 #425
It was always a HUGE deal when the new Sears catalog arrived! TrumpVirus Sep 2020 #426
Free stuff from gas stations (other than Green Stamps) Auggie Oct 2020 #427
Pressing sheets on a clothes mangle wringer. Joinfortmill Jan 2022 #433
These phone plugs: El Supremo Feb 2022 #434
I don't remember those at all. ShazzieB Jul 2022 #436
Anxiously Waiting Bones1 Jun 2022 #435
As A Freshman RobinA Jun 2023 #442
3.2 Beer Voice79 Jun 2023 #443
There's got to be a party game in here somewhere... Sparkly Jul 2023 #445
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