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28. All the posturing in the world
Sat Feb 5, 2022, 03:19 AM
Feb 2022

won't change the fact, or perceived fact, that Putin intends to invade Ukraine in order to take the territory. He isn't surrounding Ukraine with thousands of troops and equipment just for a Sunday stroll in the park.

All this crap about "security needs" and such is just posturing for an excuse to conquer territory that he wants back in the fold. It doesn't matter if they are a separate country now.

He won't be satisfied with any promise to keep Ukraine out of NATO, an organization based on mutual protection from the likes of Russia. Russia is meddling all over the globe in efforts to gain power, and if no one draws the line, he will keep on. Those little Balkan countries can count the number of days they remain free from Putin's power and influence.

A buffer zone sounds interesting, but Hitler also agreed to a buffer zone, and he soon overran that. It means nothing. What future does Ukraine have if it is used as a "buffer" zone for a bully like Putin? Putin isn't really afraid of Ukraine. It's just an excuse for history. He wants territory, he's going to take it, and he wants the world to think that it's the other guy's fault.

In a bizarre demonstration of the perils we live under these days, China and Russia have embraced at the Olympics in a threatening gesture against most of the rest of the world. They undoubtedly have plans soon to follow. Putin just plans to crush Ukraine and dare us to do anything about it. China has its plans for Taiwan. They chose the Olympics to announce their allegiance to one another. It's just bizarre, but it will be noted in history.

Nothing ever changes. This story has been written before, many times. Putin miscalculates when he thinks that people can't figure out what he's doing, why he's doing it, and who is going to align with him. He's running around making deals just like Hitler did.

One thing to remember is that all those very evil men and their subordinates ended up committing suicide, being hanged, imprisoned, or just getting killed. Very few actually made it out and into a decent life. Some were invited in because of their science education and abilities, but most had to run and hide continuously from people hunting them. Mengele was a big fish that got away. Eichmann made it for something like 15 years, then he was caught. And hanged.

This has very little if anything to do with poor Russian sensibilities and fear of Ukraine invading along an immense border. It has everything to do with a short, power-hungry dickhead who thinks he should rule Europe.

Once he was successful with Crimea, he probably never stopped thinking about taking Ukraine. From there, he'll set his sights on some other country that he'll declare is a threat to his new border.

I think we should immediately allow Ukraine to join NATO. I think it is folly to allow Putin to think that he can get away with occupying Ukraine. History has shown that people like this do not stop. People may declare that Ukraine isn't worth anything and isn't worth fighting for, but actually it is.

And all Putin has to do is stand down. Nobody wants to invade Russia. It is a false flag he has invented in order to have an excuse to occupy Ukraine. It's his fault. He better get those cyanide capsules ready to go, because he may end up needing them.

that's not happening qazplm135 Jan 2022 #1
Hold Joe's beer orangecrush Jan 2022 #2
No. I don't think any of us are willing to die for Ukraine. Oneironaut Jan 2022 #3
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I think the U.S. has more or less stated stopdiggin Jan 2022 #5
Ukraine joins NATO orangecrush Jan 2022 #8
They aren't joining NATO qazplm135 Jan 2022 #10
This message was self-deleted by its author stopdiggin Jan 2022 #6
Nope left-of-center2012 Jan 2022 #7
O.K. orangecrush Jan 2022 #9
I'm thinking that Putin will soon cease to exist. Frasier Balzov Jan 2022 #11
Could happen orangecrush Jan 2022 #12
I really would like an answer. Since I don't know anything about geopolitics, how about this. marie999 Jan 2022 #13
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Imaging if Latin America except for Mexico which is neutral is our enemy. marie999 Jan 2022 #15
I understand orangecrush Jan 2022 #16
He is, but are the Russian people? marie999 Jan 2022 #17
Perhaps orangecrush Jan 2022 #18
No, but they are willing to die for Russia. marie999 Jan 2022 #19
Ukraine is not Russia. orangecrush Jan 2022 #20
But if Ukraine joins NATO, then Belarus and Russia will have an enemy on their 1,200 borders. marie999 Jan 2022 #22
Marie orangecrush Jan 2022 #23
Thank you, but do not shut up and no apology. marie999 Jan 2022 #24
Thank you, Marie orangecrush Jan 2022 #25
Thank you, you are most kind. marie999 Jan 2022 #26
This message was self-deleted by its author orangecrush Jan 2022 #21
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All the posturing in the world EndlessWire Feb 2022 #28
Ukraine will never get every nation in NATO to vote for it. marie999 Feb 2022 #29
No choice? EndlessWire Feb 2022 #31
Well said orangecrush Feb 2022 #30
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