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94. I promise to elaborate but also please check out #92
Fri Jun 1, 2018, 09:55 PM
Jun 2018

I did cover other issues there.

I left work at 7:45PM ET and I'm waiting for dinner right now so this will be short and to the point.

I can't quite get the concept where we consider the founders' ideas when we face a current issue.
Our existing system is based on the Constitution (1787 Philadelphia model) that the founders developed. Maybe things about it need to change. That was considered in its writing and provisions exist to make changes.

Excepting possibly certain small towns, this country is not a democracy. All levels of current government that I am aware of operate as a representative republic. Certain officials are elected in democratic election is the only democratic thing about the US.

I will indeed address changing culture and, to a degree, address your own duty to help. Clearly a charismatic and articulate person with knowledge and discernment could come on the political scene and relieve us of some of our difficulties by his/her leadership in the updating of our laws. I don't know what subjects you teach but every teacher has the opportunity to not only relay facts on the topics but to also inspire the class by relating material about the trailblazers in that area of study. Maybe science, maybe law, maybe writing or art. Today's students need to be inspired. Most all the Republicans I know (I used to be one) are not friends of change.

This man has an inspiring story:
Albert P. Blaustein was professor of law at Rutgers (The State University of New Jersey) School of Law. He authored numerous scholarly works on the subject of constitutionalism including a six—volume work on the U.S. Constitution entitled Constitution of Dependencies and Special Sovereignties. Blaustein helped draft more than 40 constitutions worldwide and visited many of those countries. In 1991, he helped to write the constitution for the Russian Republic. Professor Blaustein died in 1994.

In all areas of work and study there are inspiring stories to tell of those passionate about their work. Just because one is not paid as a professional does not make his efforts less admirable. I remember a quote from John Houseman: "What Mrs. Burns and many others are wrong about is the meaning of the word, which has to do with motivation, not quality. Remember "amo, amat, amas", the Latin verb "to love". The meaning of "amateur" is "he or she who does a thing for the love of it". There is no higher reason for singing than the love of doing it. In that respect, you do qualify as amateurs. And I salute you for it."

In high school I came loath history and I avoided it altogether in college. Today I eagerly read about history and those passionate enough to achieve historic significance.

Again-I am happy that you are on the right side of politics(according to me), but FFS--you need to step up and change the culture. You are the culture. A little help would be great.

You seem like a decent dude--I would appreciate a response to more than one of my points-(not all of them-nobody is perfect!)
Thanks, you're a decent guy in my book as well. I try address what I missed over the weekend.

I'm now going back to kitchen for some seconds and desert. Butter pecan ice cream...

By the way, what do you teach? Subject(s), grades...
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