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Gun Control & RKBA

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stone space

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Tue May 10, 2016, 07:33 AM May 2016

Taking your AR-15 out on a dinner date really IS more dangerous than posting on DU. [View all]

So dangerous, in fact, that I'd run for my life if that happened in any restaurant that I was eating in.

Folks who claim that posting on DU is as dangerous as going out on a dinner date with your AR-15 are either:

(1) trying to convince you to just sit there and wait to be shot when somebody brings their AR-15 out on a dinner date with them,


(2) trying to convince you that it is too dangerous to post on DU and that you should stop posting here.

Personally, given the choice between posting on DU and dining with some ammosexual and his AR-15 lover, I'll choose DU any day of the week, warts and all.

That said, comparing DU with deadly weapons is much less offensive than comparing Black folks, Gay folks, or Trans folks to deadly weapons.

At least DU isn't human, so the comparison isn't as dehumanizing as some of the others comparisons that get made here regularly.

By the way, why do we never see Straight White Males compared with deadly weapons here on DU?

Do we not look dangerous enough for such comparisons to be made?

So, which is more dangerous?

15 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Dining with an ammosexual and his AR-15 lover.
0 (0%)
Dining with Black folks.
0 (0%)
Dining with Gay folks.
0 (0%)
Dining with Trans folks.
1 (7%)
Dining with an interracial couple.
0 (0%)
Posting on DU.
14 (93%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Have you been in GD-P lately? liberal N proud May 2016 #1
Voted Other, because this is a really stupid poll Lurks Often May 2016 #2
Why would I carry one of the ARs when my Shield is much easier? ileus May 2016 #3
LOL! stone space May 2016 #4
Yep, bombs and cars can be very effective Duckhunter935 May 2016 #6
Why have you been scared to answer my simple question? Duckhunter935 May 2016 #5
DU is fairly benign...Anonymity can help keep you safe. jmg257 May 2016 #7
"I wouldn't be totally comfortable" CompanyFirstSergeant May 2016 #8
But many are not anonymous. SQUEE May 2016 #12
That is true. Still you'd have to have serious issues to want to chase someone down due to shit jmg257 May 2016 #13
If I saw some guy I didn't know show up with an AR in, say, Denny's gejohnston May 2016 #33
your rarely given the opportunity to flee when being attacked. beergood May 2016 #42
True - always good to have options! jmg257 May 2016 #53
SS -- have you contacted Kamala Harris for her failure to do what's in her power to do........ pablo_marmol May 2016 #9
I voted posting on DU. I recall a member threatening to fart in my general direction. Eleanors38 May 2016 #10
did they happen to look like this? beergood May 2016 #43
In your general direction..... CompanyFirstSergeant May 2016 #45
is there someone else up there i can talk too? beergood May 2016 #48
If I was going out to dinner I sure wouldn't be lugging my AR-15 with me. Would get in the way of me Waldorf May 2016 #11
Last time I went out to eat, I was carrying a S&W Lady Smith. benEzra May 2016 #14
I have to vote for dinner with my Kimber Ultra Carry instead of one of my AR15s DonP May 2016 #15
My Loving Wife and I just finished a late lunch oneshooter May 2016 #16
Same thing here. Big family and friends dinner for my Dad's 93rd Birthday last Saturday DonP May 2016 #18
I could never imagine bringing a kimber out with me to dinner. Travis_0004 May 2016 #22
My Loving Wife had "her" Colt Series 70 LW Commander oneshooter May 2016 #23
Well, it's the 3 inch compact model... DonP May 2016 #34
One really has to wonder ManiacJoe May 2016 #17
Now he's claiming you've declared he needs to be shot... Marengo May 2016 #25
Wow. He takes reading comprehension problems to a new level. ManiacJoe May 2016 #26
Someone with a demonstrated lack of... Puha Ekapi May 2016 #32
*burp virginia mountainman May 2016 #19
They keep knocking over the butter dish, no manners at all DonP May 2016 #20
Sooner or later, those without manners get their hands slapped. beevul May 2016 #24
Well, he lasted a little longer than I expected.. virginia mountainman May 2016 #27
AFAIK the general amnesty on time out's is still in place Lurks Often May 2016 #30
"Flagged For Review" takes a special kind of stupid and rude DonP May 2016 #31
Missed that part, that explains why he hasn't posted in over a day Lurks Often May 2016 #37
The 'review' didn't last long. beevul May 2016 #38
"Professor".... Puha Ekapi May 2016 #39
From what I hear.... CompanyFirstSergeant May 2016 #46
We definitely agree. Big_Mike May 2016 #58
If he keeps it up, our genial host may need to "gently" use his rarely used hammer DonP May 2016 #40
LOL...He is up to 9 hides now.. virginia mountainman May 2016 #64
That last one is some strange shit. N/T beevul May 2016 #65
Actually, all it takes is two hides over a fairly short period of time. Lizzie Poppet May 2016 #61
Didn't know that. 2 in the same day must have triggered it DonP May 2016 #62
I've gotten swarmed into a couple "review" time-outs. Lizzie Poppet May 2016 #63
I have better things to do than worry about something that will never happen Travis_0004 May 2016 #21
What's really bothering you here? I sense a subtext. bvf May 2016 #28
Here... have a prom picture discntnt_irny_srcsm May 2016 #29
Oh -- you're just plain evil. pablo_marmol May 2016 #35
It's a tough job but someone has to do it... discntnt_irny_srcsm May 2016 #36
frikin sweet beergood May 2016 #41
I'm thinking about gettin an AR-15 TeddyR May 2016 #44
DD CompanyFirstSergeant May 2016 #47
whats you opinion beergood May 2016 #49
The problem with 'rating' AR's CompanyFirstSergeant May 2016 #50
thanks beergood May 2016 #51
I actually read an article.... CompanyFirstSergeant May 2016 #52
I built all 4 of mine from forged lowers DonP May 2016 #54
Something good to look for on the military surplus sites Big_Mike May 2016 #59
I am getting a Ruger 556. oneshooter May 2016 #57
would beergood May 2016 #55
It would make for interesting conversatioin. CompanyFirstSergeant May 2016 #60
My AR left me gejohnston May 2016 #56
Gotta be a new record. Now up to 10 hides and still going strong! DonP May 2016 #66
No names or it might be seen as a callout... beevul May 2016 #67
I saw that, so it's not just us that thinks there's a cog or two missing on his gears. DonP May 2016 #68
I wish I was that eloquent, that was a very good verbal beatdown Lurks Often May 2016 #69
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