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27. These fuckers showed up at a Home Depot
Sun May 8, 2016, 12:54 PM
May 2016

a mile from my house last year. I do not know how one of these fools hasn't got shot yet. There are a lot of other people packing.

Fuckers were looking for a fight Warpy May 2014 #1
These gun fettishist assholes don't give a flying fuck how cold it is in the freezer. stone space May 2014 #2
Just their gunz. SwankyXomb May 2014 #7
No one locked themselves in a freezer... Kang Colby May 2016 #24
Safety releases awoke_in_2003 May 2016 #28
Rec for posting in the right place. nt rrneck May 2014 #3
Awwww, they were mad cause nobody could tell that they were the potential heroes Half-Century Man May 2014 #4
Fucking idiots. Nt hack89 May 2014 #5
someone needs to teach them a class on how to gejohnston May 2014 #6
Those idiots Duckhunter935 May 2014 #8
True, but I wonder what their rational is? gejohnston May 2014 #10
I think they just get a rush Duckhunter935 May 2014 #12
I remember the last time these guys pulled some stunt gejohnston May 2014 #17
I agree but...this story is a complete fabrication. Kang Colby May 2016 #22
Maybe so, but this story was made up almost entirely. n/t Kang Colby May 2016 #23
A "large group of heavily armed white men" SFangel May 2014 #9
"ďThe demonstration had no signage that would have alerted anyone to their real purpose" arcane1 May 2014 #11
fine, let's follow logic here, employees of a Jack in the Box see a large group of heavily armed SFangel May 2014 #14
Really? 2 posts defending the idiotic gun protesters? Enjoy your short stay! nt Logical May 2014 #15
I will, thank you. SFangel May 2014 #16
As if the ammosexuals would even care about the deaths of their victims. stone space May 2016 #18
It's a good thing this story is a complete fabrication. n/t Kang Colby May 2016 #20
That didn't happen. See post #19. n/t Kang Colby May 2016 #21
Dumb demonstration with some peculiarly comic relief. Eleanors38 May 2014 #13
Folks, this never happened. Kang Colby May 2016 #19
Hmmm, I've got stories published by NBC, Forbes, Dallas Morning News, CBS, flamin lib May 2016 #29
A lie gets half way around the world before the truth gets out of bed. Kang Colby May 2016 #30
Don't expect a reply- that lot tends to scarper when inconvenient truths are revealed... friendly_iconoclast May 2016 #31
2+ year-old story even the. NYT had to "re-edit." tRumpism has infected the controllers. Eleanors38 May 2016 #25
The staff EdwardBernays May 2016 #26
These fuckers showed up at a Home Depot awoke_in_2003 May 2016 #27
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