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70. "not one single gun dealer is independently operating a gun store on private property in DC."
Mon Feb 27, 2012, 05:30 PM
Feb 2012

No doubt that's because that is still against city ordinance and the labyrinth of red tape involved in actually exercising the right to own a firearm.

What a crock! They lost they should pay! one-eyed fat man Feb 2012 #1
My personal favorite ... too much for the taxpayers! DonP Feb 2012 #2
My DC Vote is Pay Them fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #12
I don't picture gejohnston Feb 2012 #18
They Did Both fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #22
What Are You Talking About fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #3
They are also paying for gejohnston Feb 2012 #4
What am I talking about? burf Feb 2012 #5
Hypocrisy? fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #6
That pesky Constitution thingie does get in the way sometimes, doesn't it? n/t burf Feb 2012 #7
Pesky? fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #8
I guess that means a state could start ignoring the Thirteenth Amendment if they wanted to, yes? n/t PavePusher Feb 2012 #37
It's All Toilet Paper fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #40
I sure do. But you don't seem to.... n/t PavePusher Feb 2012 #49
So, it's 'states rights' then? AtheistCrusader Feb 2012 #73
You're welcome DonP Feb 2012 #9
Right..... fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #10
You're gonna whine and bitch about living in DC and not having voting rights in every thread? rl6214 Feb 2012 #72
PS.... fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #11
however gejohnston Feb 2012 #13
Gainfully Employed? fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #15
*Again* with the genetic fallacy. Anyway, it doesn't matter-rights are rights. friendly_iconoclast Feb 2012 #19
Who Said Anyone fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #24
I don't play that game gejohnston Feb 2012 #21
Oh Good Grief fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #26
Apparently Mr. Heller wasn't supposed to assume the Constitution applies everywhere. friendly_iconoclast Feb 2012 #16
You Seem to Think It Matters fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #20
DC has good cause for complaint. That doesn't legitimize its stance on guns. friendly_iconoclast Feb 2012 #29
Exemption? fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #30
In your view, are there any *other* SC decisions that shouldn't apply to DC? friendly_iconoclast Feb 2012 #33
Shouldn't Apply? fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #34
Amendment process. Use it. PavePusher Feb 2012 #38
We Consent? fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #39
Please elucidate on this "property right" you'd have to "give up". PavePusher Feb 2012 #48
Sell My Home fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #55
Who said "sell"? Rent it out. Also, as I stated before: "Amendment Process". PavePusher Feb 2012 #58
Right fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #59
If DC had recognized his rights to begin with, you'd have no legal costs to complain about. friendly_iconoclast Feb 2012 #14
LOL fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #17
start a petition gejohnston Feb 2012 #23
Get a History Lesson fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #28
DC's legit beef about lack of representation isn't a "Get Out Of Recognizing Constitutional Rights.. friendly_iconoclast Feb 2012 #25
Not Even Close fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #27
Virginians apparently didn't want interracial marriages in 'their' state. friendly_iconoclast Feb 2012 #31
Virginia fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #32
The Legitmacy of Federal Supremacy fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #35
I take it you haven't studied U.S Government tortoise1956 Feb 2012 #36
Good Grief fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #41
It seems as though that move somewhere else is an answer burf Feb 2012 #60
I'd be freaking amazed tortoise1956 Feb 2012 #61
Wasn't that one of Fenty's arguments? one-eyed fat man Feb 2012 #63
I would solve the problem by reducing the size of the District MicaelS Feb 2012 #67
There is a second FFL in DC one-eyed fat man Feb 2012 #42
You have got to be kidding me! burf Feb 2012 #44
Don't Ask Me fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #46
Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gejohnston Feb 2012 #47
Who Cares fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #54
His license status is public record one-eyed fat man Feb 2012 #50
Could It Be fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #52
Could care less? So, you care then? AtheistCrusader Feb 2012 #74
If you supported your elected officials one-eyed fat man Feb 2012 #43
Nice fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #45
"Yes it was worth every penny." To loose? PavePusher Feb 2012 #51
We Lost? fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #53
So who are these "masters" who have told you that burf Feb 2012 #56
Post removed Post removed Feb 2012 #57
Dear fightthegodfightnow, tortoise1956 Feb 2012 #62
"not one single gun dealer is independently operating a gun store on private property in DC." HALO141 Feb 2012 #70
That's it, let's break cities financially who don't want guns in public. Hoyt Feb 2012 #64
BS Suits? NaturalHigh Feb 2012 #65
Because some yahoo filed a law suit that got the 5 right wing Justices to vote the NRA way. Hoyt Feb 2012 #66
And who so provocatively attracted that law suit? SteveW Feb 2012 #68
You didn't read the dissenting justices opinions did you? AtheistCrusader Feb 2012 #75
Stevens and the other three who agreed with his dissent didn't buy into the NRA's view. Hoyt Feb 2012 #76
Didn't they? AtheistCrusader Feb 2012 #77
I am fine with that. Keep them in your homes - although with some restrictions on numbers and type. Hoyt Feb 2012 #78
The 2nd doesn't appear to allow for that, and the dissent leaned heavily upon Miller. AtheistCrusader Feb 2012 #79
IIRC, gejohnston Feb 2012 #80
That is correct, the entire Miller case defendant side was unrepresented DonP Feb 2012 #81
Miller was a no show, too. He was dead. MicaelS Feb 2012 #82
The "procedural irregularities" one-eyed fat man Feb 2012 #84
Why? oneshooter Feb 2012 #83
Funny how the tune changes with the shoe on the other foot, huh? DonP Feb 2012 #71
OK, where do I sign up? n/t HALO141 Feb 2012 #69
You miss the whole point, don't you? one-eyed fat man Feb 2012 #85
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