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one-eyed fat man

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1. What a crock! They lost they should pay!
Fri Feb 24, 2012, 03:46 PM
Feb 2012

Let's look at the talent DC had arguing its side of the case. Here are the three outside legal firms hired.

O'Melveny & Myers LLP

O’Melveny has been named to The American Lawyer’s 2010 A-List, which recognizes the nation’s most elite law firms. This is our third appearance on the list of 20 firms judged best at balancing the practice of law with their obligations to the profession.

O'Melveney is a community of approximately 900 professionals. We practice law in the key US Asian and European economic and political centers. Clients commend our ability to lawyer ahead of the curve when they tackle tough obstacles an pursue challenging opportunities.

Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP

With more than 800 lawyers in 14 offices, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP is one of the world’s largest law firms. A frequent recipient of industry recognition for its strength in litigation and high-stakes appellate work, its leadership in groundbreaking transactions and its depth in public policy, Akin Gump provides a comprehensive suite of services for global companies and local individuals. Our team of litigators, dealmakers, and policy lawyers and advisors collaborate with a single goal: the success of our clients.

Covington & Burling LLP

Covington & Burling LLP represents clients in cutting-edge technology, litigation, white collar defense, transactional, governmental affairs, international, life sciences and other matters. In responding to the needs and challenges of our clients, our lawyers draw upon the firm’s expertise and experience in a broad array of industries to provide solutions to difficult, complex, and novel problems and issues, whether in litigation, transactions, or regulatory proceedings.

We are not talking about some second-rate ambulance chasers from Chcago. These are three of the largest and oldest frims in the nation. D.C. Attorney General Robert J. Spagnoletti also hired Todd Kim as the District’s first and only, Solicitor General. Mr. Kim was hired specifically to argue this case. Prior to becoming Solicitor General, Mr. Kim was an appellate attorney for the US Department of Justice. He is graduate of Harvard Law School.

"Samuel Kaplan of the District’s Office of the Attorney General argued the plaintiffs’ team had failed to prove why they should receive compensation on par with major law firms in the District."

The District is whining about getting whipped. Despite the virtual army of very expensive legal talent, resources, research staff and tax payer funding the District lost. Kaplan said Gura’s team did not build the case from scratch, relying instead on what he called decades of scholarly literature on the Second Amendment. Is the District's spokesman claiming that their position was so without merit that any second rate law firm would have kicked their ignorant asses? Is he admitting the District's Mayor and attorneys were too stupid or to obstinate to read the same scholarly literature on the Second Amendment and realize their position was indefensible?

But of course, the District has a vested interest in reducing the amount they pay the Plaintiff's legal team. They still have the bills they owe to that crew of thousand dollar an hour law firms, every billable minute, and the six figure salary of their Solicitor General to pay. They can't plead with a judge to reduce those.

Gura and his team deserve compensation no less than that of the law firms arrayed against them.

What a crock! They lost they should pay! one-eyed fat man Feb 2012 #1
My personal favorite ... too much for the taxpayers! DonP Feb 2012 #2
My DC Vote is Pay Them fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #12
I don't picture gejohnston Feb 2012 #18
They Did Both fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #22
What Are You Talking About fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #3
They are also paying for gejohnston Feb 2012 #4
What am I talking about? burf Feb 2012 #5
Hypocrisy? fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #6
That pesky Constitution thingie does get in the way sometimes, doesn't it? n/t burf Feb 2012 #7
Pesky? fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #8
I guess that means a state could start ignoring the Thirteenth Amendment if they wanted to, yes? n/t PavePusher Feb 2012 #37
It's All Toilet Paper fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #40
I sure do. But you don't seem to.... n/t PavePusher Feb 2012 #49
So, it's 'states rights' then? AtheistCrusader Feb 2012 #73
You're welcome DonP Feb 2012 #9
Right..... fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #10
You're gonna whine and bitch about living in DC and not having voting rights in every thread? rl6214 Feb 2012 #72
PS.... fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #11
however gejohnston Feb 2012 #13
Gainfully Employed? fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #15
*Again* with the genetic fallacy. Anyway, it doesn't matter-rights are rights. friendly_iconoclast Feb 2012 #19
Who Said Anyone fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #24
I don't play that game gejohnston Feb 2012 #21
Oh Good Grief fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #26
Apparently Mr. Heller wasn't supposed to assume the Constitution applies everywhere. friendly_iconoclast Feb 2012 #16
You Seem to Think It Matters fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #20
DC has good cause for complaint. That doesn't legitimize its stance on guns. friendly_iconoclast Feb 2012 #29
Exemption? fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #30
In your view, are there any *other* SC decisions that shouldn't apply to DC? friendly_iconoclast Feb 2012 #33
Shouldn't Apply? fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #34
Amendment process. Use it. PavePusher Feb 2012 #38
We Consent? fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #39
Please elucidate on this "property right" you'd have to "give up". PavePusher Feb 2012 #48
Sell My Home fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #55
Who said "sell"? Rent it out. Also, as I stated before: "Amendment Process". PavePusher Feb 2012 #58
Right fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #59
If DC had recognized his rights to begin with, you'd have no legal costs to complain about. friendly_iconoclast Feb 2012 #14
LOL fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #17
start a petition gejohnston Feb 2012 #23
Get a History Lesson fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #28
DC's legit beef about lack of representation isn't a "Get Out Of Recognizing Constitutional Rights.. friendly_iconoclast Feb 2012 #25
Not Even Close fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #27
Virginians apparently didn't want interracial marriages in 'their' state. friendly_iconoclast Feb 2012 #31
Virginia fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #32
The Legitmacy of Federal Supremacy fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #35
I take it you haven't studied U.S Government tortoise1956 Feb 2012 #36
Good Grief fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #41
It seems as though that move somewhere else is an answer burf Feb 2012 #60
I'd be freaking amazed tortoise1956 Feb 2012 #61
Wasn't that one of Fenty's arguments? one-eyed fat man Feb 2012 #63
I would solve the problem by reducing the size of the District MicaelS Feb 2012 #67
There is a second FFL in DC one-eyed fat man Feb 2012 #42
You have got to be kidding me! burf Feb 2012 #44
Don't Ask Me fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #46
Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gejohnston Feb 2012 #47
Who Cares fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #54
His license status is public record one-eyed fat man Feb 2012 #50
Could It Be fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #52
Could care less? So, you care then? AtheistCrusader Feb 2012 #74
If you supported your elected officials one-eyed fat man Feb 2012 #43
Nice fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #45
"Yes it was worth every penny." To loose? PavePusher Feb 2012 #51
We Lost? fightthegoodfightnow Feb 2012 #53
So who are these "masters" who have told you that burf Feb 2012 #56
Post removed Post removed Feb 2012 #57
Dear fightthegodfightnow, tortoise1956 Feb 2012 #62
"not one single gun dealer is independently operating a gun store on private property in DC." HALO141 Feb 2012 #70
That's it, let's break cities financially who don't want guns in public. Hoyt Feb 2012 #64
BS Suits? NaturalHigh Feb 2012 #65
Because some yahoo filed a law suit that got the 5 right wing Justices to vote the NRA way. Hoyt Feb 2012 #66
And who so provocatively attracted that law suit? SteveW Feb 2012 #68
You didn't read the dissenting justices opinions did you? AtheistCrusader Feb 2012 #75
Stevens and the other three who agreed with his dissent didn't buy into the NRA's view. Hoyt Feb 2012 #76
Didn't they? AtheistCrusader Feb 2012 #77
I am fine with that. Keep them in your homes - although with some restrictions on numbers and type. Hoyt Feb 2012 #78
The 2nd doesn't appear to allow for that, and the dissent leaned heavily upon Miller. AtheistCrusader Feb 2012 #79
IIRC, gejohnston Feb 2012 #80
That is correct, the entire Miller case defendant side was unrepresented DonP Feb 2012 #81
Miller was a no show, too. He was dead. MicaelS Feb 2012 #82
The "procedural irregularities" one-eyed fat man Feb 2012 #84
Why? oneshooter Feb 2012 #83
Funny how the tune changes with the shoe on the other foot, huh? DonP Feb 2012 #71
OK, where do I sign up? n/t HALO141 Feb 2012 #69
You miss the whole point, don't you? one-eyed fat man Feb 2012 #85
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