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Remember the guy carrying sidearm to Obama speech few years back? randys1 Jun 2014 #1
Dupe gejohnston Jun 2014 #2
I'm not sure that I understand your point here. stone space Jun 2014 #5
I'm saying I doubt the claims in the OP gejohnston Jun 2014 #8
You mean you doubt the videos? Or is it the image that you doubt? (nt) stone space Jun 2014 #9
I doubt the context MDA is trying to create. gejohnston Jun 2014 #10
Open Carry Texas has not been shy about posting their videos online. stone space Jun 2014 #11
I looked through their videos and their channel, gejohnston Jun 2014 #14
That's cool. Please check Mitt Romney's YouTube Chanel for that 47% video, also. (nt) stone space Jun 2014 #16
Which has to do with what? gejohnston Jun 2014 #19
It's no big deal. If any of the videos are not genuine, we'll both hear about it. stone space Jun 2014 #20
We never heard from Mitt other than gejohnston Jun 2014 #22
I suggest that you contact OCT and inform them of these fake videos, just in case they don't hear... stone space Jun 2014 #24
I doubt they would be overly concerned gejohnston Jun 2014 #25
We'll find out one way or the other. Either they'll deny the videos and photo or they won't. stone space Jun 2014 #26
you confuse denial with healthy skepticism. gejohnston Jun 2014 #27
We'll both find out, won't we? Be as skeptical as you like. (nt) stone space Jun 2014 #28
And some folks want to disarm females.... ileus Jun 2014 #3
I don't understand your point here. Could you please explain more explicitly? (nt) stone space Jun 2014 #17
Poor Mother Jones. As Bereft of Facts as InfoWars and Fox News these days. NYC_SKP Jun 2014 #4
Why do human beings do stuff like this? (nt) stone space Jun 2014 #6
I'm not sure why people try to use guilt by association. blueridge3210 Jun 2014 #7
so why didn't they link to a OCT video? gejohnston Jun 2014 #12
They likely took it down. Have they denied that the video is genuine? (nt) stone space Jun 2014 #13
I have no idea, and even if they did gejohnston Jun 2014 #15
So you are just making it up? OK. stone space Jun 2014 #18
Are they making it up? gejohnston Jun 2014 #21
If the videos are faked we'll both hear about it, won't we? You won't need to make anything up. stone space Jun 2014 #23
Fucking asswipes! gopiscrap Jun 2014 #29
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