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13. Wtf was that for?
Sun Nov 28, 2021, 12:21 AM
Nov 2021

This is not an appropriate response to a sincere request for advice from a fellow DUer.

Wryter2000, I don't have any experience with feral cats. So I can't speak to that aspect of your situation. But in my experience, most cats in general really don't require a huge amount of space and are pretty good at adapting to changing circumstances. Some of them (not all, by any means), will go into hiding at first in a new place, but that rarely lasts long.

Cats like to have cozy spaces to curl up and sleep in, toys to play with, and windows to look out of, all of which can be provided in a small space. If your balcony has the typical floor to ceiling ceiling glass door, your cat will love lying on the floor in front of it to watch whatever's going on outside. I would not be at all hesitant to move into a studio apartment with a cat.

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