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Wicked Blue

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36. Oh, my dear Deb
Mon May 20, 2024, 08:30 PM
May 20

My heart breaks for you. You and Rich deserve so much better.

Those bio-relatives are cold-blooded and heartless.

We at DU love you and wish you both peace and healing.

Sending love XanaDUer2 May 14 #1
XanaDUer2. I would even put them in the malignant narcisstic grouping. But it is what it always was and is. My heart debm55 May 14 #4
I am so sorry. Please stay away from them. They have absolutely nothing to offer you but pain and selfishness. MLAA May 14 #21
I'm so sorry for what you and your sweetheart are going through. littlemissmartypants May 14 #2
We here are all with you and your husband in spirit. raging moderate May 14 #3
My husband is 73. I don't know what I would do if he wasn't here. debm55 May 14 #8
that's horrifying. barbtries May 14 #5
I'm sorry, come here and tell us about it anytime you feel like it Walleye May 14 #6
In my thoughts..... AltairIV May 14 #7
Now you folks have me crying for the love and support you have shown me. Thank you. I have therapist and a phycologist, debm55 May 14 #11
Oh God I am sorry. Families can be the worst. Sending you love. Maraya1969 May 14 #9
I am so sorry to hear about this brutal treatment of you and yours at the hands of your M and sister. SWBTATTReg May 14 #10
Thank you. debm55 May 14 #15
Damn, I'm so sorry you have these relatives. Biophilic May 14 #12
I had a very narcistic mother - TBF May 14 #13
Thank you for your kind words. debm55 May 14 #16
So sorry to hear this debm55 RainCaster May 14 #14
Thank you RainCaster, and I agree. I will go back to no contact. Her closing words were " you call me if something debm55 May 14 #18
Ask the medical team for support Dear_Prudence May 14 #17
Thank you very Dear_Prudence that is a great idea. debm55 May 14 #19
"" AllaN01Bear May 14 #20
You deserve better, much better Wild blueberry May 14 #22
So very sad for you Avis May 14 #23
OMG, whatever you do, Demobrat May 14 #24
I'm sorry you have zero support from them. Bluethroughu May 14 #25
I'm so sorry cate94 May 14 #26
I've been watching stories similar to yours on Youtube... Archae May 14 #27
All of my story is real--punched out baby teeth, black eyes. broken bones, sexual abuse by grandmother, called a " debm55 May 15 #34
Oh, my dear Deb Wicked Blue May 20 #36
Excise them like the human cancer they are . . . hatrack May 14 #28
Huggggggs, Deb and Rich. Please, for the sake of yours and Rich's sanity niyad May 14 #29
Those are terrible things to say... AmBlue May 14 #30
I'm so sorry, debm55. area51 May 14 #31
Please do not give them any more opportunities to hurt you. onecaliberal May 14 #32
It's tough when you need support and family isn't capable of it Warpy May 14 #33
K and R (no text) Stuart G May 17 #35
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