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23. Yet another weekly reply...
Sun Mar 27, 2022, 04:31 PM
Mar 2022

You know, Steve Hofstetter in the 90's used to run a website called Sports Jerk of the Week, complete with issuing Jerk Points to athletes who did jerk things. Why do I bring it up? For years, he gave Bud Selig 1 Jerk Point every week that he called himself "acting commissioner" of Major League Baseball. So now I sit here thinking "Gee.. Am I gonna wind up replying to this thread weekly with some of the shit that's allowed here?"

Lia Thomas is now being used to bludgeon the trans community on everything - as I feared when we allowed so much to go on in the name of "discussion" and "learning". Nevermind the fact that if Lia Thomas never existed, we'd still see what's going on in the red states. Hell, the QOP would've invented a Lia Thomas to push this shit - like Drumpf invented Revolutionary War Airports and Kellyanne Conway invented the Bowling Green Massacre.

I just alerted on a reply (that shame on me for missing) where a TERF called Lia Thomas "the essence of male privilege." If I have to explain what the hell is wrong with that reply... Fuck it. I could carry on a better conversation with the dolls on my desk.

The usual fingers-in-the-ears, lalalala I can't hear you from the usual suspects in the Rowling vs. Putin thread. Because, no, the enemy of our enemy is not our friend - especially when they're as bigoted and transphobic as Rowling is.

At this point, I'm doing little outside of LGBT or PM's besides rec'ing threads about LGBTQ issues, and occasional alerts... Unless you want to count a few loud replies the other night after too many drinks. If anything, it seems the transphobia is getting louder here, and I will say the same thing I did last week:

No. I don't feel safe here. I doubt I'm alone. And I see it getting worse the closer we get to November.

Some people are looking to cause division. Doodley Mar 2022 #1
How do we combat that? FreeState Mar 2022 #2
IMHO over 95% of the DU has a lot of love for the LGBT community. Best thing is to ignore trolls. Doodley Mar 2022 #5
Honestly? vercetti2021 Mar 2022 #3
I totally know how you feel FreeState Mar 2022 #6
Most are older members vercetti2021 Mar 2022 #8
Some days, I don't know if it can be done without a "backfire effect" IngridsLittleAngel Mar 2022 #13
WTF is this? n/t gay texan Mar 2022 #4
Not sure what your asking FreeState Mar 2022 #7
I came to this website gay texan Mar 2022 #9
I don't know. I genuinely don't know. IngridsLittleAngel Mar 2022 #10
I don't believe we truly matter here vercetti2021 Mar 2022 #11
We clearly matter to at least some... IngridsLittleAngel Mar 2022 #12
I so want to give you a long hug lambchopp59 Mar 2022 #14
I want to hug you, all of the LGBTQ community, and all of our allies IngridsLittleAngel Mar 2022 #17
I don't post on DU often anymore LostOne4Ever Mar 2022 #15
True on that IngridsLittleAngel Mar 2022 #16
9 days after the thread/poll, and a week after my last reply... IngridsLittleAngel Mar 2022 #18
After the wonderful week here... IngridsLittleAngel Mar 2022 #19
Just yesterday: kochsucker Duncan Grant Mar 2022 #20
I saw that too and thought, "what's the point?" Behind the Aegis Mar 2022 #21
I took several days off after the "fun" last week... IngridsLittleAngel Mar 2022 #22
Yet another weekly reply... IngridsLittleAngel Mar 2022 #23
I just changed mine too - DU is doing nothing FreeState Apr 2022 #24
I don't blame you IngridsLittleAngel Apr 2022 #25
Bumping because... IngridsLittleAngel Apr 2022 #26
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