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10. I don't know. I genuinely don't know.
Sat Mar 5, 2022, 09:47 PM
Mar 2022

I voted "Other", but, in truth, my answer would have to fall below "somewhat safe," but I can't say as bad as "lip service." As one of the biggest and loudest loudmouths over the last half year or so (since the Dave Chappelle shitshow), I do honestly believe there has been some progress - especially when it comes to DU and transphobia. However, there is still a long way to go, honestly.

I do feel there is an effort on behalf of the administrators to listen and understand what is going on - such as EarlG's post from last fall (which should've been pinned, honestly). I know a couple of the more blatant transphobes are now PPR'd, which was honestly long overdue. While I'm glad they're gone, I wish they had been gone sooner.

I have to admit to not having seen a single "Lady G" or other homophobic/transphobic remark at Lindsey Graham over the last several months, so.. There is that in the way of progress? It used to be you could count on a "Lady G" wisecrack 75% of the time Graham was mentioned here. Now it's a lot closer to 0% - maybe indeed 0%.

On the flip side of things, though: Juries still let way too much go on when it comes to transphobia. We're told to alert on posts that go against the TOS, and transphobia is listed in the TOS. And yet.. Far too often, nothing gets done. I've even gotten 24 hour alert blocks because the jury voted 0-7 on blatant bigotry.

About the only suggestion I have there? Well, we have check off that we agree to the terms of service when we sign up. How about the same to even be allowed to serve on a jury? That you need to check off that you have read what posts are against the rules and should be removed?

In the past, we had far too much "debate" over teens and hormones, which has surprisingly and pleasantly been missing with all the recent posts about what's going on in Texas. I will admit to opening those threads feeling dread of seeing "They're too young to be on hormones," "science," blah blah blah. Nope. Nothing. Just a lot of people expressing their rage at Abbott and Paxton and their cruelty.

However, there's still been way too much tolerated in the name of "debate" when it comes to trans athletes in sports. We saw how ugly some of the Lia Thomas threads were earlier this year. And, honestly, I can tell you some of them left me feeling very much ganged up on when I dared to speak out against what I, as a trans woman, truly felt was bigotry and discrimination.

I do think things are better now than six months ago. But then, we saw how bad a lot of the Chappelle threads got. I won't lie, and my own posting history shows that, yes, that was the point I reached my breaking point with all of it and made noise. A lot of noise. It was something that needed to be done. The discussions over Chappelle went well beyond "It's just comedy. Lighten up." and was used by a lot of people to blatantly attack the trans community, post the kind of "two genders" and "genetics" shit that would make Traitor Greene happy, you name it. I do honestly believe many of those replies made then would not be tolerated today. So... Progress?

Yet, a lot still can and needs to be done. LGBTQ's members shouldn't feel the need to defend themselves in a "debate" about their own life and rights and existence. We have to do that every day already with the GOP. Why here too? Not to mention, well, some of these people "discussing the issues" are blatant transphobes. They have been for years. The "fight over women's sports" is just the latest issue they use to go after the trans community. Before that, it was hormones. Before that, restrooms. When they get the next chance to pounce, they will. And it's long overdue for the line to be drawn with them. Because I do fear we're going to be called out and blamed a lot as we get closer to November, because we know there are members ready to blame us if the midterms don't go as they want.

Trans rights are human rights. Trans people are humans. This is something everyone needs to be on-board with. It's what the Democratic party stands for, and I don't know how anyone can see themselves as a Democrat and think otherwise. That's sick-ass GOP shit right there.

About the only other thing I can suggest in general? Keep on pushing back. Strength in numbers. If people get called out more often for bigotry, maybe it'll open a few eyes and/or make people less likely to post that kind of shit.

So, long post made short: We're better now than we were six months ago, but, not as great as we can be. I do hope, six months from now, someone (maybe you?) poses this very same question and we can say "We're better now than we were in March."

Sorry for the lengthy post, but... As one of the biggest loudmouths and one of the most active in pushing back, I definitely felt I needed to add my two cents... or three... or six...

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