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1. At a cost of EXACTLY how much energy?
Thu Jun 7, 2012, 08:45 PM
Jun 2012

One does not "recycle" alumina back into aluminium. It's REFINED using exactly the same energetically expensive process as the one used to turn ore dug from the ground into metal.

At a cost of EXACTLY how much energy? TheMadMonk Jun 2012 #1
You are correct elifino Jun 2012 #2
50MJ GideonYampolsky Jun 2012 #4
How do you come to that conclusion? NickB79 Jun 2012 #5
$1 per 10km GideonYampolsky Jun 2012 #6
Are you actually involved in the development of this technology? NickB79 Jun 2012 #7
Yes, I'm working on that project. GideonYampolsky Jun 2012 #8
**SIGH** Again ? eppur_se_muova Jun 2012 #3
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