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6. Penn State offered guidance on this in 2010
Sat Nov 11, 2023, 07:18 PM
Nov 2023

Penn State: Water Facts #28
Gas Well Drilling and Your Private Water Supply

8) Include Water Resource Protection in Your Lease Many of the aforementioned ideas for protecting a water supply can be stipulated in a gas leasing agreement (if a lease is offered by the gas company). The lease agreement provides an opportunity for the homeowner to set rules for the gas company to follow in order to access private property. Some items to consider for the lease agreement include:
  • Setback distances—don’t allow gas well drilling or seismic testing within 200 feet of any water resources (wells, springs, ponds, streams, etc.).
  • Water testing—request pre- and post-drilling testing of all drinking water supplies. Stipulate a complete list of test parameters (i.e. all three tiers of tests on the previous page). If you are concerned about other sources of water on your property (springs, streams, ponds, etc.) request that these water sources also be tested.
  • Water flow—request measurement of water flow from wells and springs prior to gas well drilling by a water well contractor certified by the National Ground Water Association.
  • Water sources—stipulate which sources of water on your property can and cannot be used during the drilling and hydrofracturing processes.
  • Waste handling—stipulate proper off-site disposal of all drilling waste materials.

(Of course) too many Pennsylvanians, blinded by the promise of “striking it rich” just signed the forms where they were told to.

Republicans in New York are still pushing to allow fracking in New York, all in the name of “affordable energy…”

Spectrum News: Zeldin seeks reversal of New York's ban on natural gas drilling

PUBLISHED 3:32 PM ET AUG. 17, 2022

Republican candidate for governor Lee Zeldin is pressing for a reversal of New York's ban on a controversial natural gas extraction process, one that supporters have argued would bring much-needed jobs and people to parts of upstate, but critics have decried for environmental degradation.

Ending a ban on hydrofracking — put in place administratively in 2014 by then-Gov. Andrew Cuomo and in law by the Democratic-controlled Legislature last year — would also be a heavy lift and conflict with a separate law requiring the state to transition to more renewable forms of energy in order to combat climate change.

But the proposal is among a handful of Zeldin's stated economic goals if elected governor this November.

"Jobs can be created, we can generate revenue, we can drive down taxes," Zeldin told reporters in July during a virtual news conference. "There's a huge benefit for the state to reverse that safe extraction of natural gas ban that we have.”

(Follow the link to watch a pasty-faced jerk who came too close to becoming governor.)
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