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Mary A. Osborne

(15 posts)
Wed Dec 9, 2015, 09:13 PM Dec 2015

A Motherís Touching Way of Teaching [View all]

Children will inevitably make mistakes during their growth. In the face of these problems, parents shall calm down and shall not jump to conclusions and criticize them immediately. We shall first ask children several questions and let them know what is right and what is wrong.
Recently, outside the door of McDonald, a mother was talking to her little boy, “Mom drank your yogurt without telling you. Do you feel wronged?” The boy nodded tearfully. Then the mother continued with a gentle but serious tone, not in anger, “You took the whole roll of toilet paper, so the aunt who cleans the toilet will hold herself responsible for your mistake. Will she feel wronged?” The boy blushed and nodded. Meanwhile, the mother took out a box of yogurt and said, “Mom is sorry. Mom shouldn’t have drunk your yogurt without telling you. Now I return a new one to you. But what shall you do to that aunt?” The little boy was at a loss, “I don’t know.” “Mom believes that you will find out a solution. Think and find it out.” A while later, the perplexed boy’s face shone and he said, “Could I give aunt my favorite lollipop?” Then the mother and boy went to a shop nearby and bought a pack of lollipop. The mother encouraged the boy to give the lollipops to the aunt personally. Hesitating for a second, he went into McDonald. The boy tried to arouse the attention of busy waiters, but as he was small and with thin voice, his efforts failed. His mother stood outside the door looking at the boy’s efforts. After a while, a manager noticed the boy and asked if he needed help. The boy told the manager that he came to say sorry to the aunt, because he wasted the whole roll of toilet paper for fun. And he asked whether the aunt would forgive him if he gave her his favorite lollipops as an apology gift. The manager, aware of the boy’s mother who was standing outside the door, accepted his apology gift with a big smile and thanked him. Shining smile arose on the boy’s face at once. He turned back and ran to his mum happily.
This mother didn’t rebuke or scold her child when she knew he wasted the whole roll of toilet paper, but let him know it was wrong to do so, which would harm both others and himself. And then, she gave a box of yogurt to boy in return and confessed her mistake in his face, teaching her child that it doesn’t matter that he makes a mistake, but he needs to admit, apologize, and bear the responsibility for it: apologizing, compensating, and getting others to forgive you by himself. In the whole course, the mother didn’t do it for her son but encouraged her son to bravely face up to his mistake and look for a way to solve it. After this experience, the boy must learn a lot from it, which benefits his whole life. Many net friends compliment the mother greatly: “Do a good job!” “Well-done. But I can’t do it sometimes!” “A responsible boy. He will still be good in future.”

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