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Sounds familiar. rrneck Nov 2013 #1
Reminds me of listening to one of the Sirius comedy channels and... TreasonousBastard Nov 2013 #2
You mean another anti-porn "scientist" is actually shilling for the Religious Right? Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #3
"Who is this lady?" RiffRandell Nov 2013 #4
Same "lady" claims women who watch porn are more likely to be raped (slut shamer) Major Nikon Nov 2013 #6
What a mess. HappyMe Nov 2013 #5
Yeah, just like Ken Ham and the Discovery Institute are. Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #7
Not a "science person" but a "sciency person" if you catch my drift. nomorenomore08 Nov 2013 #16
Thank Jebus for anti-intellectualism Major Nikon Nov 2013 #20
She is a science person in the same way that Creationism is a theory. n/t Gore1FL Sep 2014 #30
I simply can't take anyone seriously who puts scare quotes around "free speech" Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #8
I was wondering where they got that 88% figure from Major Nikon Nov 2013 #9
Okay, so.. you're a smart guy. Is it just me? Look at this definition: Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #10
Remember that the people making these determinations are all fervent anti-pornographers Major Nikon Nov 2013 #11
I seem to remember reading somewhere that Gail Dines's anti-porn work is the only thing that Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #12
Margaret Hamilton went to Wheelock ProudToBeBlueInRhody Nov 2013 #13
Honestly I don't read much of their work anymore Major Nikon Nov 2013 #15
The Y axis makes me smile. ElboRuum Nov 2013 #22
Insertion: I can't remember a time where I inserted Eleanors38 Nov 2013 #19
Sometimes I wonder if those behind these "studies"... TreasonousBastard Nov 2013 #14
Here's the takeaway I got from the article I linked upthread Major Nikon Nov 2013 #17
Sometimes I wonder PumpkinAle Mar 2014 #26
Junk scientist citing junk science Major Nikon Nov 2013 #18
if you are going to go, pleasuring yourself is as good as any way to go. loli phabay Nov 2013 #21
I admit, i have similar worries about people who push the button obsessively Warren DeMontague Mar 2014 #23
Yeah, but if they do it as their alter ego, they feel nothing! ProudToBeBlueInRhody Mar 2014 #24
But In_The_Wind Mar 2014 #25
It was still a brilliant piece of marketing that died way too soon! n/t the_working_poor Mar 2014 #27
Time to try some REAL science hifiguy Oct 2014 #31
Hayden looks a great deal like Judith Reisman. MicaelS Mar 2014 #28
like the Robin Cook book. eom marym625 Sep 2014 #29
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