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22. Absolute last time I'll respond to this
Sun Dec 20, 2015, 04:05 PM
Dec 2015

We do not allow trash talk about DU. Period. We do not alert stalk. We do not conspire. We have much better things to do with our time. Frankly, I think it's rather convenient that the post was put here so quickly. We'll be watching things like that and remove any member that doesn't adhere to the rules.

We just do not care enough about this kind of childish nonsense to waste time "alert stalking." More importantly, we do not want a board that has a purpose, great or small, to dis people.

Again, you all have a nice day

Trolling. yallerdawg Dec 2015 #1
Sounds like some people at Jackpine has some issues. leftofcool Dec 2015 #2
Oh the irony Sheepshank Dec 2015 #3
Appearently not. William769 Dec 2015 #4
They should have named it the Sandbox. Starry Messenger Dec 2015 #5
I'll bet it was once a decent site ... 1StrongBlackMan Dec 2015 #40
I got along really well with the now-departed namesake of the site Starry Messenger Dec 2015 #44
Yes, JR introduced me to 'safe haven' of 'Socialist Progressives Group.' yallerdawg Dec 2015 #89
I miss him. Starry Messenger Dec 2015 #100
Yes, I did get a Bogus hide.. I thought it was strange that the poster said I called them a Cha Dec 2015 #6
What we have long suspected brer cat Dec 2015 #62
i hope so too, brer cat! I hope Cha Dec 2015 #70
Flagged for review...... Historic NY Dec 2015 #108
Sounds like an excuse for a hide, Cha... MrMickeysMom Dec 2015 #109
AUTOMATED MESSAGE: Results of your Jury Service eggplant Dec 2015 #111
Yeah, I'll answer #1.. I didn't alert on this post so what makes them so damn sure they know who Cha Dec 2015 #124
Please ... BlueMTexpat Dec 2015 #115
HaHA! Cha Dec 2015 #117
It's getting to that point, isn't it? BlueMTexpat Dec 2015 #119
Way past for some of us.. Cha Dec 2015 #121
Ah, and there it is.. So typical.. comes to lay the blame elsewhere .. anywhere else but Cha Dec 2015 #116
Nasty comment mcar Dec 2015 #129
... Agschmid Dec 2015 #175
bummer. this jury riversedge Dec 2015 #112
I did appeal to Skinner.. got the proof right in the Screenshot.. the poster lied to the jury to Cha Dec 2015 #118
oh I like you. May the Force be with you. riversedge Dec 2015 #123
Yes, May The Force Be With YOU, Rivers! Cha Dec 2015 #126
Oh Dear We got a SOP Alert Violation from a BS Supporter that cannot Cha Dec 2015 #7
DU is crawling with moles, and the jury system is broken. Old news. Buzz Clik Dec 2015 #8
that screenshot isn't old news.. it's hot off the revenge stove and he lied to get me a hide.. Cha Dec 2015 #9
Not my point Buzz Clik Dec 2015 #24
Well it's my point. Cha Dec 2015 #42
I guess that's all that matters. Buzz Clik Dec 2015 #43
I've been through hell tonight so please forgive me. Cha Dec 2015 #49
I think lying on alerts or juries should revoke your jury/alert privileges Sancho Dec 2015 #10
It's not just your opinion. William769 Dec 2015 #11
I agree. okasha Dec 2015 #15
Agreed newfie11 Dec 2015 #35
Geeze, but it's Guerilla Warfare!!!11111 Dirty Tricks! It's unreal the mindset. When I alert on Cha Dec 2015 #127
This post was deleted from the site. I imagine it violated the TOS. DemocraticAlumnae Dec 2015 #12
That's not what it says, but nice try. William769 Dec 2015 #13
Really. "they don't want to encourage that sort of thing".. lol fat chance. Cha Dec 2015 #16
We al know what time it is there William769 Dec 2015 #17
Or they just don't want anyone else to know what they're up to. Anyway it's too late .. Cha Dec 2015 #14
You joined just to post that? zappaman Dec 2015 #21
You just arrived here were not knobs.... Historic NY Dec 2015 #106
Right. Oh, and welcome back. Tarheel_Dem Dec 2015 #162
The website actually encourages them to do it... Agschmid Dec 2015 #176
The post in question was deleted immediately upon it being reported. marym625 Dec 2015 #18
If thats true then you really should take a look at your member Call "refugee" William769 Dec 2015 #19
I am sure that they are just having some growing pains with new members. LiberalArkie Dec 2015 #28
Yeah, well I got a post hidden because of a member on that site that lied and couldn't Cha Dec 2015 #102
I have been on the receiving end of it also. I have been called racist, white trash the list goes on LiberalArkie Dec 2015 #104
yeah, fine.. but don't set out to get me a hide.. that's my problem. Cha Dec 2015 #105
Thanks Mary. nt awoke_in_2003 Dec 2015 #26
True MuseRider Dec 2015 #38
I'll take a serious look at this site... Eleanors38 Dec 2015 #60
It may develop into just that but at the moment the goal is jwirr Dec 2015 #148
IF it becomes what the high-minded want, I'll Hortensis Jan 2016 #239
Thank you, Mary. Blue_In_AK Dec 2015 #65
Not immediately BainsBane Dec 2015 #164
You don't allow "trash talk" unless it's by PM. Agschmid Dec 2015 #177
If you haven't already, I think Skinner should be made aware of this. The claim, for too long, has Tarheel_Dem Dec 2015 #20
Absolute last time I'll respond to this marym625 Dec 2015 #22
All of your members that responded to that post said all we need to know about that website. William769 Dec 2015 #23
Demeter Trashed Talk me.. and was just bursting to tell how he lied to get me a hide just this Cha Dec 2015 #25
Thank goodness this is your "absolute last time". Tarheel_Dem Dec 2015 #54
lol this thread is amazing.. the gift that keeps on giving.. Cha Dec 2015 #130
"We do not allow trash talk about DU." NuclearDem Dec 2015 #173
Well, if that is true you should take all that extra time and come up with a better website design snooper2 Feb 2016 #253
This is Hillary's Group. Cha Feb 2016 #254
It was my hide that he lied about and damn straight i abuse alerted Skinner Cha Dec 2015 #32
Good for you. Tarheel_Dem Dec 2015 #86
+1 2naSalit Dec 2015 #41
The hypocrisy is stunning. murielm99 Dec 2015 #27
We also dicuss How to keep Democrats in office and to get them elected to office. William769 Dec 2015 #30
I understand. murielm99 Dec 2015 #34
Nor has anyone said it's Clinton or a write-in campaign BainsBane Dec 2015 #166
I would never think like that.. the Planet for future generations is too Cha Dec 2015 #168
But wait. This can't be. Many of the names I see there are the very same people who were Squinch Dec 2015 #29
Exactly, the hypocrisy is galaxy sized. Nt stevenleser Dec 2015 #37
I would have to add "misogynistic" as well. n/t fleabiscuit Dec 2015 #75
Hey fleabiscuit! Cha Dec 2015 #161
Exactly! William769 Dec 2015 #45
Deliciously ironic. betsuni Dec 2015 #31
Considering the posts that have shown up from your other web site... ljm2002 Dec 2015 #33
I am very proud of my website that helps elect Democrats William769 Dec 2015 #36
You have no damn clue what you're talking about. The screenshot is of Demeter a member of Cha Dec 2015 #46
Well then quit complaining about hillaryclintonsupporters treestar Dec 2015 #63
3 of them were.. especially #7.. check out the Alerter's comment.. that's Demeter.. Cha Dec 2015 #120
Yeah, so that happened... hootinholler Dec 2015 #39
This survived? stevil Dec 2015 #55
Yes, I alerted on it, too.. so it will go to Skinner.. it needs to.. such filth. Cha Dec 2015 #58
Good. stevil Dec 2015 #67
thank you, stevil~ Cha Dec 2015 #76
Post removed Post removed Dec 2015 #73
Oh you poor thing.. aren't you getting any attention. Awww, you're acting out. aw, it's really Cha Dec 2015 #78
LOL okasha Dec 2015 #88
That's living on the edge! LOL Cha Dec 2015 #91
My comment? Treant Dec 2015 #125
Good one. okasha Dec 2015 #128
Gosh. You must be a real bad ass. Squinch Dec 2015 #83
Yup. Lol. Agschmid Dec 2015 #178
You're in the Bernie Underground, son. Where the men are men and the Squinch Dec 2015 #64
Yeah stevil Dec 2015 #68
Post removed Post removed Dec 2015 #72
Speaking of drama, Squinch.. Cha Dec 2015 #77
So, these guys all know that they are in the vast majority here, and they Squinch Dec 2015 #80
LOL.. you're cracking me up in this thread. OH that Johnny Cash one.. nah, I wouldn't alert Cha Dec 2015 #93
Ever since the data theft debacle, it seems the Bernie supporters have gone batshit. cwydro Dec 2015 #101
You know what.. I'm not a bit ashamed.. this is Hillary's Group and we're her supporters. I got Cha Dec 2015 #134
Sorry about that - I didn't see this was the Hillary group. cwydro Dec 2015 #140
That's okay.. I'm glad I responded to your post.. thank you. Cha Dec 2015 #142
Glad you did too. cwydro Dec 2015 #145
Good! Cha Dec 2015 #146
If your candidate had stalled out at nearly 30+ points behind, after three debates, you might act... Tarheel_Dem Dec 2015 #169
#72 was hidden and #39 left! treestar Jan 2016 #229
The juries are unfair.. "6-1" BS supporters.. The reason we get lucky sometimes Cha Jan 2016 #230
Posting the results of the stupid hide, Squinch.. I totally agree with juror #3 & #4.. Cha Dec 2015 #99
I was juror #4. UtahLib Dec 2015 #107
Mahalo UtahLib~ Cha Dec 2015 #113
It sank! Walk away Jan 2016 #231
This survived a jury? yallerdawg Dec 2015 #95
Seriously stevil Dec 2015 #131
I alerted before seeing this post. Nasty and homophobic. uppityperson Dec 2015 #139
1-6 Leave It Jury results: spooky3 Dec 2015 #150
Good grief. Thanks for posting the results uppityperson Dec 2015 #152
You seem to have lost all semblence of sanity, there, sparky. Over a discussion board. Seek help. Squinch Dec 2015 #66
Good point! Cha Dec 2015 #71
Very cogent observation. Probably the best explanation. Starry Messenger Dec 2015 #82
Wow, you have absolutely no clue what you're even talking about.. come in here and start Cha Dec 2015 #69
Lighting virtual sage okasha Dec 2015 #79
Sage idea, okaska~ Cha Dec 2015 #90
Not that we didn't already know okasha Dec 2015 #74
"As to refugee, I have no idea who that might be..." OilemFirchen Dec 2015 #87
Oh, snap! okasha Dec 2015 #92
Quite the subterfuge, huh? OilemFirchen Dec 2015 #94
Got himself a load of birdshot okasha Dec 2015 #96
Gosh, we're really going to miss you. Starry Messenger Dec 2015 #97
Wow, jesus christ... one_voice Dec 2015 #114
Thank you for exposing it more, one_voice.. I alerted on it, too.. so hopefully the more Cha Dec 2015 #135
So this the really ugly post gets a LEAVE and seabeyond calling it out gets a Hide.. yeah that makes Cha Dec 2015 #147
+ a million. ANY group on this web site that welcome anyone spouting such hate and ignorance Number23 Dec 2015 #172
Post removed Post removed Dec 2015 #136
The irony of your chastisizing Bill BainsBane Dec 2015 #167
Yeah, because the new site is peaches. joshcryer Dec 2015 #179
This is undoubtedly the filthiest and nastiest bit of Skidmore Dec 2015 #182
+1 Agschmid Dec 2015 #195
You kiss your mom with that mouth? wildeyed Dec 2015 #187
LOL! betsuni Dec 2015 #191
Oh Snap, Yo! Cha Dec 2015 #192
This is the most disgusting post I have ever seen on DU. Agschmid Dec 2015 #194
kick for exposure: "I wouldn't fuck you even with someone else's dog's cock" Rose Siding Dec 2015 #196
You're a real charmer! ronnykmarshall Dec 2015 #197
A ridiculous rant, but revealing of something typical of the attitude on DU now... Sancho Jan 2016 #218
I'm just now getting to this thread, and realizing that 2 people got hidden just for calling out... Hekate Jan 2016 #223
The Old Elm Tree lives again!!!1 Number23 Dec 2015 #47
+1. William769 Dec 2015 #48
^^^^ THIS ^^^^ n/t Tarheel_Dem Dec 2015 #56
Things are hopping in Hill's group today, 23! Did you read the screenshot? Cha Dec 2015 #59
Well said! mcar Dec 2015 #133
This message was self-deleted by its author WIProgressive88 Dec 2015 #50
Reprehensible. Why would anyone boast about this? lpbk2713 Dec 2015 #51
K & R SunSeeker Dec 2015 #52
Irrefutable evidence of stalking Agnosticsherbet Dec 2015 #53
That's what I was thinking.. I like the way you put that. Cha Dec 2015 #156
Aww, that's nothing. We see this "secret" in the Gungeon all the time. Eleanors38 Dec 2015 #57
This kind of post hints that one may have an odd sense of what is important in life Mojorabbit Dec 2015 #61
The screenshot does more than hint that they lied to get me a hide.. and I'm glad somebody Cha Dec 2015 #84
Jury results. Rex Dec 2015 #81
Thanks for the results Rex. William769 Dec 2015 #85
.. Cha Dec 2015 #98
NP. Have a great holiday William! Rex Dec 2015 #132
Thanks for posting Gothmog Dec 2015 #180
Good find Gothmog Dec 2015 #103
unbelievable still_one Dec 2015 #110
I went to jackpine radicals Memorial service. I knew he was a riversedge Dec 2015 #122
This is photoshopped. Why are you doing this? Matariki Dec 2015 #137
It was photoshopped? William769 Dec 2015 #138
Here, let me translate that site's administrator for you okasha Dec 2015 #141
Hmmm .. I hadn't seen that. Good to know. Thank you, okasha.. now if I can just get my bogus hide Cha Dec 2015 #144
You have no idea what you're talking about. Maybe you should study up on what's going on Cha Dec 2015 #143
It's wrong when they do it... joshcryer Dec 2015 #149
Demeter from their site manipulated a jury by lying and got me a hide.. so this isn't a case of Cha Dec 2015 #153
Um, intentionally riling up a poster is not defendable. joshcryer Dec 2015 #155
Just an FYI.... revmclaren Dec 2015 #151
Oh really? I wonder why? Cha Dec 2015 #154
You have a lot of support, Cha. Kath1 Dec 2015 #157
You're sweet, Kath.. that means so much and I do feel about a million times better Cha Dec 2015 #159
I love you, my sister. Kath1 Dec 2015 #163
Aw thank you, Kath.. I be hangin' Cha Dec 2015 #165
I love you, sister. Kath1 Dec 2015 #171
Hmmm. Now that's interesting. Thanks for the heads up! Tarheel_Dem Dec 2015 #184
Holy shit ismnotwasm Dec 2015 #158
Holy Karma! Cha Dec 2015 #160
Unlike some folks BainsBane Dec 2015 #170
ah, at long last a post I can recommend in this thread. librechik Dec 2015 #183
Yes, BB!.. excellent that they have their own site to discuss not voting and advocating others not Cha Dec 2015 #189
Big ole' kick. Agschmid Dec 2015 #174
In this thread horrible comment #39 is okay, betsuni Dec 2015 #181
Thanks for pointing that out, betsuni.. it's because those who are behind a post like that are Cha Dec 2015 #185
It IS a beautiful minority *sprinkles pure sea salt around computer machine* betsuni Dec 2015 #190
So people seriously don't understand the concept wildeyed Dec 2015 #186
Some people don't. Cha Dec 2015 #188
Another Thank you, William~ Cha Dec 2015 #193
You're welcome. William769 Jan 2016 #204
Hey Aloha William!~ Good to see you.. Cha Jan 2016 #205
'Refugee' is an intellectually honest, brilliant and respected poster who brings valuable info, polly7 Dec 2015 #198
That screenshot was not "immediately" deleted.. it was up for hours.. I know because the ugly Cha Dec 2015 #199
Good Post Cha Gothmog Dec 2015 #200
Now that's funny. Sheepshank Jan 2016 #201
Very good point mcar Jan 2016 #202
Yeah, and the poster only exposed himself.. it says absolutley nothing about his target. Cha Jan 2016 #203
Kicked!!!!! NanceGreggs Jan 2016 #206
Holy crap! Those people are "Democrats"? George II Jan 2016 #207
OMG! sheshe2 Jan 2016 #208
Another K&R mcar Jan 2016 #209
Wow, for a site that "doesn't allow trash talk" or dissing people.... Tanuki Jan 2016 #210
Well hate sites tend to stick together. William769 Jan 2016 #211
I saw that anti-Semitic photoshop,but didn't have the knowledge to find out where it was from.THANKS Hekate Jan 2016 #224
Your edit says it all. sheshe2 Jan 2016 #212
Wow, she! Cha Jan 2016 #213
My Voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sheshe2 Jan 2016 #214
Yes, We All Appreciate Our Voices, she! It's a terrible thing when they are silenced by those Cha Jan 2016 #215
Welcome back Gothmog Jan 2016 #220
This is still very relevant.. I cannot thank you enough, William. Cha Jan 2016 #216
Agreed Gothmog Jan 2016 #217
I agree that it's highly relevant. Maybe you should take it as a compliment that a website Tanuki Jan 2016 #219
Another kick for exposing the anti-Semitic photoshopping of DWS. SunSeeker Jan 2016 #221
Well, that is certainly a fine cluster......of friends gathered together. Explains a whole lot. Hekate Jan 2016 #222
Kick for Continued Relevancy.. unfortunately. Cha Jan 2016 #225
Kick and Rec revmclaren Jan 2016 #226
Kicking because someone just got a hide on another thread for exposing this. n/t Tanuki Jan 2016 #227
Oh bummer.. Cha Jan 2016 #228
They can "hide," but they can't run! Tanuki Jan 2016 #232
Exactly! Cha Jan 2016 #235
Good Lord..... Hotler Jan 2016 #233
Look who's talkin' Cha Jan 2016 #234
Maybe the people who keep alert stalking and hiding posts from anyone who references this thread Tanuki Jan 2016 #236
Where do the Jackpine radicals stand with their loyalty? Dawson Leery Jan 2016 #237
That is distressing. DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2016 #238
KICK for never not being relevant. Cha Jan 2016 #240
kicking .... revmclaren Jan 2016 #241
Bookmarked! Amazingly illuminating thread. SunSeeker Jan 2016 #242
Kicking Tanuki Jan 2016 #243
they do? yeah, I guess that makes perfect sense.. good to know. thank you, Tanuki Cha Jan 2016 #244
The most hilarious aspect of this is that these are the folks who are going to be the revolution... Walk away Jan 2016 #245
Something the BBC published today about the over-the-top online hostility of certain people Tanuki Jan 2016 #246
Kick. William769 Feb 2016 #247
Reading repeatedly that there is no such thing as a Bernie Bro and that it is all a media creation Tanuki Feb 2016 #248
That's quite the kicker, Tanuki! Cha Feb 2016 #249
The controversy over Bernie Bros is amusing Gothmog Feb 2016 #250
Oh no! Not this again! LuvLoogie Feb 2016 #251
Seriously! Just stop! LuvLoogie Feb 2016 #252
Kicking, because I keep reading that bad behavior from BSers is just a made-up internet meme, Tanuki Mar 2016 #255
Sauce for the goose... nt MADem Mar 2016 #257
Uh Oh UtahLib Mar 2016 #256
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