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Anybody else getting Berned out? [View all] redstateblues Oct 2015 OP
#bernout OhZone Oct 2015 #1
Berned out and sick of the racist posts. leftofcool Oct 2015 #2
desperate enid602 Oct 2015 #3
I keep asking for explanation as to how Sanders is viable Gothmog Oct 2015 #4
OK, lemmee' give this a try NJCher Oct 2015 #25
This is Hillary's Group. Sorry, no coming in here and trashing. We're here to support Cha Oct 2015 #28
You did not answer my question Gothmog Oct 2015 #46
Outside of Iowa and NH workinclasszero Oct 2015 #5
I think it will get even more ugly at this site murielm99 Oct 2015 #6
I agree workinclasszero Oct 2015 #10
I have always been generous to this place financially. murielm99 Oct 2015 #13
Good idea until you know workinclasszero Oct 2015 #14
Well, money given to DU helps keep the site operating. murielm99 Oct 2015 #16
It should be obvious after March 1st next year workinclasszero Oct 2015 #21
So many of you , so certain of her. V0ltairesGh0st Oct 2015 #7
This is the Hillary Clinton group. murielm99 Oct 2015 #11
When it comes out onto the front page V0ltairesGh0st Oct 2015 #15
Is that a threat? murielm99 Oct 2015 #18
Well at least were both Cub fans. V0ltairesGh0st Oct 2015 #23
That's their problem Pay Attention to where you are. You have the whole rest of the Cha Oct 2015 #30
Damn straight we're certain of Hillary. I don't go into the BS group and make an empty Cha Oct 2015 #29
Post removed Post removed Oct 2015 #8
This message was self-deleted by its author zentrum Oct 2015 #9
This is the Hillary Clinton group. murielm99 Oct 2015 #12
Yup, sick of that shit, but I'm more excited about Hillary than ever. SunSeeker Oct 2015 #17
Yeap, I'm starting to think its FUD... they even use Freep'd picks of Hillary uponit7771 Oct 2015 #19
Don't get me started. LOL. Cha Oct 2015 #20
People forget how rapidly Howard Dean collapsed in 2004 bluestateguy Oct 2015 #22
That's right.. we did and I became a big fan of John Kerry's. I worked for him for Prez and am Cha Oct 2015 #35
I was one of those Deaniacs. But I'm a Democrat first and foremost BlueCaliDem Oct 2015 #43
It is Bernie or oblivion for the democratic party Baadger Oct 2015 #24
He doesn't have the ground organization... Gloria Oct 2015 #26
NO, bernie will not win. Hillary will win beause she's the best candidate for President. Cha Oct 2015 #31
Funny how the Democratic Party got along fine for decades without Bernie nt 72DejaVu Oct 2015 #37
The Democratic Party wasn't good enough for him...until he decided he wanted to NYC Liberal Oct 2015 #63
That's right! Look how well it all worked out for President Palin! Walk away Oct 2015 #39
feel the burn is a porn Reference stonecutter357 Oct 2015 #42
::Sigh:: NastyRiffraff Oct 2015 #48
Geez, I hate this Left Behind shit. okasha Oct 2015 #49
Here we go again. Boomer Oct 2015 #27
Post removed Post removed Oct 2015 #32
How sad.. you have not one clue what you're talking about. Cha Oct 2015 #33
sorry Bernie supporter go back to your own room she will beat him again in next debate FloridaBlues Oct 2015 #34
Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat. nt Walk away Oct 2015 #40
This is a fact that many Sanders supporters don't understand, and it's the core reason they BlueCaliDem Oct 2015 #45
Not at all newfie11 Oct 2015 #36
Sorry, we're not talking to you.. this is Hillary's Group. you have the whole rest of the board to Cha Oct 2015 #38
K&R! stonecutter357 Oct 2015 #41
Berned out? yallerdawg Oct 2015 #44
From Day One! Tarheel_Dem Oct 2015 #47
I am Berned out. Kang Colby Oct 2015 #50
You bet katmille Oct 2015 #51
I got banned from the Bernie group redstateblues Oct 2015 #52
Me too! I didn't even know I was in it. Walk away Oct 2015 #54
Never really felt the fire GusBob Oct 2015 #53
This message was self-deleted by its author misterhighwasted Oct 2015 #55
Wow.. you really tried, GusBob. Good for you! Tried it and didn't like. I don't like it, either. Cha Oct 2015 #56
He often reminds me of Regis Philbin NurseJackie Oct 2015 #59
His supporters have soured me on him. They are a reflection on his leadership & candidacy. stevenleser Oct 2015 #57
Lol, Berniebro speaking at a Roman forum GusBob Oct 2015 #60
Not of Bernie Sanders... just the obnoxious supporters. NurseJackie Oct 2015 #58
Great post, welcome to DU GusBob Oct 2015 #61
Great post! workinclasszero Oct 2015 #62
makes sense. nt BootinUp Oct 2015 #64
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