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Mc Mike

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4. Tony Norman writes a lot of great stuff.
Sat Oct 29, 2016, 11:19 AM
Oct 2016

Toomey is doing what the repugs always do, "nothing", and "toughing it out, stonewalling".

Their message always is, "We're not going to reply when we're called on the carpet. You can't make us. We're not going to do our jobs. You can't make us. We're not going to resign when we're caught in a scandal, or a bunch of scandals. You can't make us."

Nixon said "Stonewall the investigation. Tough it out." on Watergate tapes. To today's repug, the only thing he did wrong was stop stonewalling and toughing it out. All the Watergate felonies, they were just fine. His real sin was admitting guilt and resigning.

That makes their charges and cries, about all the fake ''scandals'' they bring up about their opponents, extra transparent, extra obviously double think. They're always screaming about how "this is worse than Watergate.", and the flip side is they're always saying Watergate was nothing, always scoffing and dismissive when it comes up.

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