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6. My paraphrase of the radio-covered part of Cuomo's news conference
Fri Mar 20, 2020, 03:03 PM
Mar 2020

Tx to team. Must prevent overload of HC system. Ventilated #s key. Working on getting more beds. CXg all non-critical surgeries in a few days, free up 25-35% of beds. Will waive rules on bed #. Going to nursing/med schools, retees,, NEED PPE, will pay premium. Making a mask or gown is not difficult, will fund people going into it. Eg uniform makers can make masks. Contact Empire state devmt corps. GS donated 100K masks, if dental/med clinics closed, need those supplies. Talked to CoE, locations for large temporary facils, eg at univs. V,V,V is greatest need. If you are not needing to use it, make it available, lend or sell it. Supplies too. Vs are the = of WWII missiles. Essential.
#1 oppy is to flatten the curve, of hospg. Reducing density more, closing the valve. Exec order will pause NY. What you do affects ME. We need all tb safe or none will be. Only essential biz can have workers in person. Stay indoors as much as possible. All non-essential services must have NONE in person.
For those vulnerable; 70-80% will recover, but sr homes and facils and compromised vuln. Remain indoors, exercise alone, don’t go to big families, wear a mask IF must go out. YOU must protect them too.
For non-vuln, NO NE gatherings. Six foot distance, NO BB, NO sharing beers in park. NOT life as usual. Sick indivs should not go out. Hand sanitizer= alcohol strong can be used, over 60%. WE WILL ENFORCE THIS. MAND CLOSURES of non-compliant biz.
I spoke to PA and CT. We have been coordinating, mb have them go along, DE too. NJ drive into here, NYers go to CT open places, etc. X that.

2900 new, 7K total, due to more tests. Opened drivethrus, etc. If we find, we can isolate and track.
WA 1k, CA 1K. NY in VERY different position, NY testing a LOT, more per capita. 32K tests, 10K last night. Hospitalized 18% of cases. 80% can stay home and recover. 1918 St Louis vs Philly. Look at numbers. 16 days ago 0. This is why we’re taking actions, to not exceed possible beds.
I know biz will close, I understand that, understand objections BUT it’s a STATE-wide order, MY respy, blame ME.
I’ve managed dozens of emergs. I want to say “did everything we can do”.
The isolation people are feeling, they say that, my daughter was in isolation, had conversations with her, in depth.
I’ll stop res/comml evictions for 90 days. You can’t even have agents showing.

? Isn’t this “shelter in place”

NO. That language is during shootings. It panics people. BUT the numbers are increasing, had to take more action, close the valve, effective Sunday evening. Food delivery is essential, Mass transit to get crits to work essential, incl child carers.
? Will you police biz?
NOT KIDDING. We WILL MONITOR. We CANT get more Vs. MUST cut rate of spread. Enforce and penalize.
? What fine/etc?
Not for indivs at this point. Youth have WRONG info. “I can’t get/transfer it” IS LIUNACY. SD means NOT w/in 6 ft.
? What about Defense act?
I DON’T have that authy, We can encourage/fund maskmaking etc. All over globe want stuff.
? What about unused stockpiles.
Dipping into that.
((The fed tax deadline 15 Jul is new state tax deadline, no interest or penalties))
We’re making hand sanitizer. Sending it to prisons, transit, etc.
? Some centers out of tests?
(working it out)
? claims only frontline will be tested, sick people stay home..
((cut away to Thump's speech))

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