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16. He said he would appoint a African American woman, and would not appoint
Fri Sep 29, 2023, 12:43 PM
Sep 2023

anyone who is already in the race.

That would free him up to appoint Rep Maxine Waters; this seat would easily elect a Democrat, she would do a fine job, she would retire as a US Senator and she isn't running already.

Seriously, it would not surprise me one bit that this plan has been under the surface since Senator Feinstein became so ill. He has had a lot of time to work this out.

There will be a primary next spring and the voters will decide that outcome. I sincerely wish Katie Porter would change her mind and stay in the House since her seat is at risk now. If she were here in Texas, she could drop out of the Senate race and stay in the House race as long as she officially filed for the House race by December 1. Actually I wish Rep Lee would do so as well. We need her and her seniority in the House

He will appoint a Californian African American Woman for the interim appointment. Whether that JohnSJ Sep 2023 #1
Why is the only one in this poll fitting that criteria in last place, so far? MichMan Sep 2023 #10
She doesn't fit the criteria AZSkiffyGeek Sep 2023 #14
I meant she was the only AA woman on that list MichMan Sep 2023 #15
re: Poll - there are 21 candidates. I listed only the likely winners of the three most well known. TeamProg Sep 2023 #17
this is exactly the right move stopdiggin Sep 2023 #2
I agree it is sthe right move. ShazamIam Sep 2023 #20
A littel off topic, but we're losing three good reps so one of them can run for senator? CrispyQ Sep 2023 #3
why 3 seats ? NoRethugFriends Sep 2023 #4
Newsom is simply being impartial. The Reps are the ones to decide on the risks involved in running TeamProg Sep 2023 #6
I'd like to see him appoint Maxine Waters so that Republican heads would explode. dem4decades Sep 2023 #5
And she knows her stuff !! TeamProg Sep 2023 #7
No because Rebl2 Sep 2023 #8
You really think a Republican can win in Maxine's district? quaint Sep 2023 #9
To really explode heads, he could appoint Angela Davis. quaint Sep 2023 #21
What is the purpose of the poll if Newsom already said he won't appoint any of the ones listed? MichMan Sep 2023 #11
Getting a feel for the Gen. Election. nt TeamProg Sep 2023 #13
Getting a feel for the Gen. Election. nt TeamProg Sep 2023 #12
He said he would appoint a African American woman, and would not appoint yellowdogintexas Sep 2023 #16
I think Lee's Oakland seat is also safely Blue. quaint Sep 2023 #18
I have a preference. But because I'm not in California I won't publicize it. LiberalFighter Sep 2023 #19
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