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4. yeah, last lesson he started saying
Mon Oct 12, 2020, 11:00 PM
Oct 2020

when you perform. i cracked up. i said- dude, i'm paying you to listen to me sing. i just want to be able to sing to my grands, if i ever get them.
my kids wouldnt let me sing. they wouldnt even let me hum.

but i had lingering damage from a childhood brain injury that throttled my vocal chords. all better now.
i was a flat alto in freshman choir, and invited to not be in the soph choir.
one of the early things that happened was that my voice got louder. i had to remodulate my speaking voice cuz i was practically yelling. clearer too.
i had 12 yrs of catholic school, 9 included a lllottt of singing. thank the nuns for the neural networks all that built.

but it's about always learning. got a piano, too. never could play an instrument because it also left me confused about left and right.
keep learning and you never get old, right?

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