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3. I played in a polka band once.
Tue Oct 6, 2020, 10:37 AM
Oct 2020

I knew the guys in the band, we were all music majors together and they had a polka band. All men. There is a big polka fest in our state every year and they were going to play on the big stage on the big night and their piano player got sick. I played for them, I had no idea what I was doing. I just tried my best, I was NOT a good piano player and polkas are hard and of course, we had been drinking all day long and dancing etc.

I fell in love with so many types of music from Mexico and I do not know when that happened but I got hooked hard. It might have been when I finally put satellite radio in my car. I really know nothing about it, I just listen when I can and it always just makes me feel like a million bucks, ya know?

So what could be better than a Mexicano polka? Not much I don't think.

I will check out that site and probably listen a lot. It always makes me feel good and these days we could all use that.

these guys are from my hometown. [View all] ihas2stinkyfeet Oct 2020 OP
Oh I LOVE it! MuseRider Oct 2020 #1
they have a great youtube page. ihas2stinkyfeet Oct 2020 #2
I played in a polka band once. MuseRider Oct 2020 #3
i need to learn some of the old folks songs. ihas2stinkyfeet Oct 2020 #4
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