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34. Third person walks into the toilet room.
Tue Jun 27, 2017, 07:03 AM
Jun 2017

50-50 chance you get blamed for the fragrance and musical seranade.

Larry Craig is next to you exboyfil Jun 2017 #1
Spewed my vodka. Thanks. kairos12 Jun 2017 #49
Umm, maybe just a touch paranoid? Laffy Kat Jun 2017 #2
No they don't look at several. alphafemale Jun 2017 #6
LOL! Maybe you should retaliate with: Coventina Jun 2017 #9
courtesy enid602 Jun 2017 #36
You never know when you might need to ask... yallerdawg Jun 2017 #3
My spouse says the same thing MontanaMama Jun 2017 #4
I always want to park back aways d_r Jun 2017 #8
Hahahahha! MontanaMama Jun 2017 #12
Lol. Hassin Bin Sober Jun 2017 #24
That's what pisses me off. A million effin spaces and someone pulls next to you. brush Jun 2017 #11
In the old days chrome trim protected the doors. delisen Jun 2017 #20
Speaking of parking...saw someone who had parked facing forward in a diagonal parking lane. alphafemale Jun 2017 #14
Yep, those backer-inners are a pain with all their space and time consuming machinations to back in. brush Jun 2017 #21
I'm pretty sure this person just pulled all the way though from the other lane. alphafemale Jun 2017 #25
I don't know where you live, TexasTowelie Jun 2017 #29
Nope. alphafemale Jun 2017 #37
My husband is the one who parks right next to a car - and then I can't open my door. patricia92243 Jun 2017 #31
Mine does the same thing, even at work. woodsprite Jun 2017 #35
That's one of my pet peeves nini Jun 2017 #5
I usually try to space myself, but like another said, Coventina Jun 2017 #7
Yes you are shenmue Jun 2017 #10
1st world problems! FSogol Jun 2017 #13
Not at all a diva alphafemale Jun 2017 #16
This thread gave me a much needed MontanaMama Jun 2017 #15
Jerry Seinfeld for a moment I guess. alphafemale Jun 2017 #17
I'll take it. MontanaMama Jun 2017 #19
Too damn funny... BlackCherokee Jun 2017 #18
People do this to me in my gym. They have to put their locker right next to mine. Yavin4 Jun 2017 #22
It's Not Just You Leith Jun 2017 #23
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2017 #26
Senator Craig? alphafemale Jun 2017 #27
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2017 #28
I believe there is a Quantum Theory of Stalls/Urinals. CincyDem Jun 2017 #30
Also works with bar stools and, to some extent, come-and-go parking. Iggo Jun 2017 #47
If a butterfly flaps his wings in the stall next to you...oh never mind. kairos12 Jun 2017 #50
There is an online test for this jberryhill Jun 2017 #52
Sometimes all the other stalls are epic disasters Voltaire2 Jun 2017 #32
womens public restrooms have NO empty stalls and a line out the door... samnsara Jun 2017 #33
I have only seen this happen at ball games alphafemale Jun 2017 #39
Third person walks into the toilet room. Throck Jun 2017 #34
I have the same problem with public transportation. smirkymonkey Jun 2017 #38
I would definitely get up and move in that case. alphafemale Jun 2017 #40
how about restrooms in gas stations etc that have not been well-cleaned in, oh..... steve2470 Jun 2017 #41
Yeah. Used to travel by auto quite a bit. alphafemale Jun 2017 #42
As long as they don't stick their foot in my stall, I'm fine. Initech Jun 2017 #43
maybe the other ones are dirty or don't have tissue JI7 Jun 2017 #44
It's not like they check. alphafemale Jun 2017 #45
Someone sits next to me while I'm taking a power-crap, more power to 'em. Iggo Jun 2017 #46
A power-crap...hehehe hibbing Jul 2017 #58
Between this and the transgender people in the bathroom GallopingGhost Jun 2017 #48
I tend to choose one radical noodle Jun 2017 #51
Sounds like lyrics to a country song jberryhill Jun 2017 #53
LMAO!! radical noodle Jun 2017 #54
Make noises like you are masturbating Kaleva Jun 2017 #55
I feel embarresed when I have the squirts.... Xolodno Jul 2017 #56
Was in one the other day that had 4 urinals and a line behind them. A guy came in behind me and retread Jul 2017 #57
Speaking as a guy... hay rick Jul 2017 #59
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